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The 8 Best Multi Game Tables Reviewed For 2023 – Sports Combination For Children & Adults

Best Multi Game Tables

If you only have space for a single game table but can’t decide on only one game, a multi game table is the perfect solution! Multi game tables, also known as combo game tables, feature a variety of games that you can switch between as you please. Enjoy an air hockey game, and then convert the playing surface into a table tennis table! In this article, we’ll share game table reviews for the top multi game tables on the market so that you can easily decide which is the best multi game table for you! We’ve also included a handy buying guide in case you’re struggling to choose between tables.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Fat Cat Original Pockey 3 in 1 87 Inch Multi Game Table
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Triumph 13 in 1 Combo Game Table
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Hathaway Games Maverick 7ft Pool Table
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Fat Cat Flip 3 in 1 72 Inch Multi Game Table
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Best Choice Products 10 Games 48 Inch Multi Game Table
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MD Sports 12 in 1 48 Inch Multi-Game Table
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Lancaster Gaming 3 Game 48.5 Inch Multi Game Table
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Best Choice Products Children Arcade 4 Games 32 Inch Multi Game Table
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1. Fat Cat Original Pockey 3 in 1 87 Inch Multi Game Table

Pockey 3-in-1 Multi Game Table

Editor’s Choice #1: This amazingly high quality game table from Fat Cat features three games in one! You’ll be able to save space and enjoy your favorite games with added convenience. Each game table is optimized to function at the highest level, providing hours of fun for the entire family. Easily switch between a billiards table, an air hockey table and a table tennis table with innovative tri-fold tabletop technology.


You’ll love the Pockey Table’s smooth and durable billiards playing surface. It features a sleek built-in pocket design, along with real rubber bumpers covered in heavy-duty cloth to provide authentic bounce.

Also included:

  • Set of billiard balls
  • Resin triangle
  • Two cue sticks
  • Two pieces of chalk
  • A billiard brush

Air Hockey Table

While many of our best multi game tables feature a push hockey tabletop rather than an air hockey table, this model from Fat Cat has a real air blower motor so you can enjoy classic air hockey! This full-powered electric motor puts out 80 cubic feet of air each minute, allowing the puck to move quickly and smoothly across the extra glossy playing surface. You’ll love the added detail of classic hockey rink graphics, along with the manual scoring system to keep track of the game.

Table Tennis

While you can easily flip between air hockey and billiards, the table tennis playing surface uses an exclusive latch system to securely lock the tabletop into place. Everything you need to play the game is included, from two table tennis paddles and balls, to the net and post set. Accessories for all three games easily fit into the versatile frame, along with the table tennis surface. The table can even be locked upright for easy storage!



2. Triumph 13 in 1 Combo Game Table

Triumph 13 in 1 Combo Game Table

Editor’s Choice #2: This multi game table from Triumph is one of the best combo tables for those who want to stick to a tighter budget. But the lower price doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features and games–quite the opposite! In fact, this table allows you to play archery, backgammon, basketball, bean bag toss, checkers, chess, darts, pool, push hockey, table tennis and tic tac toe.

Conversion Top Table

Easily switch from one game to the next with this convenient conversion top 13 in 1 multi game table. Let’s say you’ve just finished up a great game of chess, and now you want to play table tennis. Simply remove the ping pong tabletop from the built-in storage area and place it on top of the sturdy wood frame. Set up the net and post set, and you’re ready to play. It’s as easy as that!

Included Accessories

Everything you need to play table tennis, billiards and tons of other games is included in this model’s impressive list of accessories. This table comes with two hockey pucks and pushers as well as a set of billiard balls with a racking triangle, two cue sticks and two pieces of chalk. Also included are two table tennis balls and rackets, a baseball, eight beanbags, three arrows and a bow! But that’s not all–you also get dice with a convenient storage box, six darts, a basketball and a football. This Triumph table provides true value when you look at just how much you’re getting for the budget-friendly price. It’s clear to see why this product is one of the best multi game tables available!



3. Hathaway Games Maverick 7ft Pool Table

Maverick 7’ Pool Table

You’ll love this 2 in 1 game table from Maverick! It features high quality pool as well as table tennis, and its sleek design makes it a great addition to any room in the house. Plus, the seven-foot size, although larger than the average dining table, won’t take up your entire game room. Easily convert the table from one game to another with the table tennis conversion top, and you’re ready for hours of fun!

Top Quality Pool Table

The pool table playing surface is made of wool and nylon, and all the accessories you need to play billiards are included: a set of pool balls, two pool cues, chalk and a racking triangle. The table features a silver laminate top rail with white inlay and modern chrome-plated corner caps, which go perfectly with the red felt and black wood frame. Leg levelers are also included so you can have ultimate playability, even on slightly uneven ground.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

One of the reasons this model from Maverick is one of the best multi game tables is because of its high quality ping pong playing surface made of manufactured wood. Simply place the two halves of the ping pong table on top of the pool table, set up the net, and you’re ready to play! However, the ping pong paddles and balls do not come with the table, so you’ll need to remember to purchase them separately.



4. Fat Cat Flip 3 in 1 72 Inch Multi Game Table

3-in-1 6’ Multi Game Table

With three games to choose from, including real motor-powered air hockey, you’re in for hours of fun with family and friends with this conveniently-sized combo that will fit perfectly in your rec room or game room! Out of all the multi game tables on the market, this item from Fat Cat is definitely one of the best.

Compact Size

One of the reasons you may have chosen to purchase a multi game table is because you don’t have the space for multiple game tables. Well, this model from Fat Cat really allows you to maximize your space with its compact dimensions! At only 72” by 32”, this table can fit into tighter spaces with room to spare. Plus, if you ever need to store it away, you don’t have to worry about it taking up all of your storage space.

Pool, Table Tennis And Air Hockey Table

You’re in for endless entertainment with this 3 in 1 multi game table with air hockey, billiards and table tennis! You can easily rotate between the air hockey and billiards tables, while the table tennis tabletop is stored underneath the table. Simply place it on top and you’re ready to play ping pong!

This table comes with all the accessories you’ll need for each game, including:

  • Two pool cues
  • A set of billiard balls
  • Racking triangle and chalk
  • Two hockey pucks and pushers
  • Two ping pong balls and paddles



5. Best Choice Products 10 Games 48 Inch Multi Game Table

10 Games 48” Multi Game Table

The fun never ends with this amazing multi game table from Best Choice Products! With 10 different games ranging from classic board games such as checkers and chess to more active ones like foosball and table tennis, you’ve always got plenty of options. Enjoy entertainment for the entire family with different games for every preference. This table really stands out from the other best multi game tables on the market!

10 Different Games

There’s a reason that this table comes from the brand Best Choice Products! With 10 different games to choose from, the kids will never complain about being bored again. You can choose between table tennis, billiards, slide hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, chess, cards, checkers, bowling and backgammon. The interchangeable conversion table top allows you to switch easily between game tables. Plus, all the game boards stack up between the foosball table and billiard base for easy storage.

Stable Construction

This multi game table from Best Choice Products is definitely one of the best products on the market thanks to its built-to-last construction! Made of durable, high-quality wood, the frame consists of four strong legs. Each one is topped with non-slip footing to ensure great stability. The natural wood exterior meshes well with nearly any color or design scheme. And thanks to the table’s compact four foot by two foot design, it’s a great fit for small spaces or even kids’ bedrooms.



6. MD Sports 12 in 1 48 Inch Multi-Game Table

12 in 1 48” Multi-Game Table

With a dozen different gaming options including air hockey, billiards, table tennis, foosball, chess, checkers and more, you’ll have all of your favorite games available in one convenient table setup! This table from MD Sports features a conversion tabletop so that you can quickly swap between different playing surfaces. Plus, no additional purchases are needed; this combination table comes with accessories for each game.

Quality Materials And Construction

This table is built from manufactured wood, metal and plastic. The foosball table and foosball handles in particular truly stand out with their high quality construction. They feature half-inch steel rods with rubber handles that give players the ultimate grip during gameplay. Plus, a manual scorer is built in so you’ll always be able to keep track of who’s ahead. If you’d like, you could even use the board game surface as an extra dining table!

Accessories Included

Some of the best multi game tables require you to make an extra trip to the store in order to get all the necessary accessories before you can even play the game! But that’s not the case with this combination table from MD Sports. Included with the table itself are a basketball, soccer ball, two hockey pucks and pushers, two table tennis balls and paddles, a chess set and checkers/backgammon set, five dice, three bean bags, and a bow and three arrows. You’ll love that the table has plenty of built-in storage so you can keep accessories handy without worrying about misplacing them!



7. Lancaster Gaming 3 Game 48.5 Inch Multi Game Table

Lancaster 3 Game Multi Game Table

Lancaster Gaming has created one of the best products on the market with this 3 in 1 multi game table! It functions as a foosball table, billiard table and slide hockey table. The 17-inch height makes it a great choice for younger kids, and since it’s only four feet long, it can fit into small spaces with ease. At only 45 pounds, this model is one of the lightest in our buying guide, so it’s much more portable than many of the best multi game tables.

3 In 1 Conversion Tabletop

This awesome combo table can be used for foosball, slide hockey and pool. The pool table functions as the base, with the foosball and slide hockey on either side of the removable tabletop. Sturdy side locks keep your game of choice securely in place during gameplay. Manual scorekeepers located on either side of the table allow you to keep track of the game with ease. And you’ll definitely appreciate the built-in storage for accessories as well.

Wood Construction

This table’s frame is constructed from solid, durable wood. The frame features non-slip tips on each of the four legs to ensure that the table doesn’t move, even if gameplay gets a little aggressive! In addition, the table comes with all the accessories you’ll need to play each game. A hockey puck and two pushers as well as a set of billiard balls with a racking triangle and two cue sticks are included.



8. Best Choice Products Children Arcade 4 Games 32 Inch Multi Game Table

4 Games 32” Multi Game Table

The kids are sure to have a blast playing foosball, table tennis, push hockey and pool! This awesome combo game table from Best Choice Products is a wonderful choice, especially for families in search of gaming tables for younger children. The small size and easy conversion top make this game table convenient as well as fun. You’re sure to be a fan of this 17 x 32 inch 4 in 1 game table!

Perfect Size For Kids

Weighing in at a very lightweight 31 pounds, this gaming table is perfect for a kid’s bedroom or game room. It’s also light enough to be portable and simple to move in and out of storage as needed. The kids will love the spacious 32 inches of gaming space, and the table is 17 inches wide, which allows it to fit into tighter spaces without any trouble. Considering the average dining room table is about 36 by 48 inches, you can see how compact and kid-friendly this small 4 in 1 game table is!

Easy Setup And Stackable Surfaces

The play surfaces are stackable, and you can store them in the built-in 7.5 inches of storage located inside the table frame. Quickly and easily swap between foosball, table tennis, push hockey and pool. The table comes fully equipped with everything you need to play each of the four included games, such as two ping-pong paddles and two pool cues. Of course, you also get a set of billiard balls, a racking triangle and chalk, as well as two ping pong balls, two hockey pucks and two pushers. You also get two soccer balls for foosball.



Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For When Buying A Multi Game Table

What To Look For When Buying A Multi Game Table


Of course, size is always one of the most important factors when selecting a new game table to add to your home! Wherever you’re planning to keep your new game table, you’ll definitely want to measure the space you have available. Don’t forget to account for extra room for players to move around the table comfortably! In addition, if you want to store the table when it’s not in use, be sure to measure the space where you plan to store it. Check your measurements against the product description to be sure that your new multi game table will be the perfect fit.


The best multi game tables can be a big investment, so it’s wise to look at your budget and determine a price range that you’re comfortable with before coming to a final decision. Combo game tables range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and there are many different models on the market that fit nearly every price point. Oftentimes, the most expensive models are the larger ones that include real air hockey tables and high-quality pool tables.


Make sure to pay attention to the materials that your new combo game table is made from. Typically, you’ll want to look for strong materials such as wood and steel. Plastic can be durable as well, but it may not be able to withstand hours of gameplay as well as other materials can.

Included Games And Accessories

You may not want to play every game on your table’s menu, but you don’t want the problem of missing out on games that you do want! Try making a list of the games you’re looking for so you can see if any products check all the boxes on your list. You’ll also want to check product descriptions to see if accessories for each game, like cue sticks and ping pong paddles, are included.

Types Of Games

Common games included in multi game tables include air or push hockey, billiards, table tennis, chess, checkers, backgammon, and more. Some tables include foosball, backgammon, darts, basketball, bowling, tic tac toe and beanbag toss as well.

Different Types Of Multi Game Table

Flip Top

Flip top gaming tables can be flipped, swiveled, and rotated from one game to another. This type of combination table tends to be on the more expensive side, but it also boasts high quality and provides great value.

Caution: Always be careful when switching between games! Fingers can get caught in gears, causing injury.

Conversion Top

Conversion top tables are oftentimes more budget-friendly than flip top combination game tables. Typically, these types of tables have a surface that folds out and fits on top of your regular game table. Conversion top multi game tables tend to require more effort in order to switch between games, but they provide a way to completely transform your game room and enjoy tons of different games.


Hybrid multi game tables combine flip top and conversion top setups to provide you with even more gaming options. To switch from between game tables, you may just need to flip or swivel the table over, or you may need to remove one gaming surface to unfold another one in its place.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our research, the Fat Cat Original Pockey® 3-in-1 87″ Multi Game Table is the best multi game table! It features three games: pool, air hockey and table tennis. Also included are four pushers and pucks, a set of billiard balls, a resin triangle, two cue sticks, two pieces of chalk, a billiard brush, two table tennis paddles and balls, and a net with a post set.

You can play over a dozen games on a multi game table! Some tables feature only two games (typically pool and table tennis), while other combination tables feature long lists of games. For example, the Triumph 13 in 1 Combo Game Table has pool, table tennis, chess, checkers, backgammon, darts, push hockey, tic tac toe, bean bag toss and basketball.

Multi game tables vary in size, but you’ll typically need a space of at least four feet by two feet to fit the table, along with extra space for players to move around the area and play with ease. If you’re lacking in space, select a smaller table design to maximize the area you have available.


When it comes to the best multi game table, we highly recommend the Fat Cat Original Pockey® 3-in-1 87″ Multi Game Table. It allows you to efficiently switch between pool, air hockey, and table tennis. You’ll love its pro-quality gaming surface! But if you’re in search of a more budget-friendly model, you’re in luck. The Triumph 13 in 1 Combo Game Table promises endless entertainment with its 13 included games and high-quality construction!

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