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The 6 Best Yardzee Games Sets for Outdoor Fun 2023

Yardzee Games

The best Yardzee game is one that has everything you need to go out and play — this generally includes at least five large wooden dice. You may also look for things such as reusable score cards, cases to store and carry the dice, and other little touches that make your game set special. We’ll even tell you how to DIY your own game set with fence posts and a little paint. You may not have known that you needed a Yardzee game in your life, but you do, and you’ll see why as you read on. This is something that’s great for friends and family of all ages and stages, so pick a game out and play on!

#1 Editor’s Choice

Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Dice Set
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Games Set
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Grown Man Games Yard Dice – Yardzee
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Oojami Giant Wooden Yard Dice
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GoSports Giant Dice Set with Carrying Case
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Spectra Games Giant Wooden Yard Dice Set for Lawn Games
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1. Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Dice Set

Splinter Woodworking Yardzee Yardkle

Editor’s Choice #1: This handcrafted solid-wood set has an authentic vintage look and feel, and it has everything you need to play 20+ yard games for your family and friends. The oak-stained blocks and wooden bucket with a rope handle looks great on any porch or patio. People of all ages and stages will love this set.

Classy and Classic

This handcrafted giant dice set is a great way to take some of your favorite games outside. You’ll get complete instructions for Yardzee (yard Yahtzee), Yardkle (yard Farkle) and almost 20 other games that you can enjoy with these giant yard dice. The set includes six giant dice, a matching wooden storage bucket with a rope handle, reusable scorecards for Yardzee and Yardkle, and a rulebook/instruction manual. The beautiful, antique-look dice and bucket are made from kiln-dried New Zealand pine wood with a light oak varnish. They are weather- and mildew-resistant so they can live on your porch or patio. The entire package weighs around five pounds so even the youngest and smallest family members can carry it with ease.



2. Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Games Set

Splinter Woodworking Giant Yardzee

Editor’s Choice #2: This is a thoughtfully designed set with a collapsible covered bucket so you can put your toys away when you’re done! The dice are great-quality solid wood and you also get reusable scorecards with a dry-erase marker. It’s everything you need for backyard fun or to hit the road for a barbecue or tailgate picnic.

Inside Or Outside

Enjoy a great game of giant yahtzee for the yard or in the house with these wooden dice. They come in a patented collapsible plastic bucket along with a rulebook/instruction manual, reusable scorecards for Yardzee and Yardkle, and a dry-erase marker. The set will be a huge hit at home or wherever you choose to take it — to the beach, a barbecue, a tailgate picnic, a family party or anywhere else with your friends and family. The dice are crafted from kiln-dried New Zealand pine so they will stay square and nicely balanced. They are finished to be weather-, water- and mildew-resistant. They fit nicely in the covered plastic bucket and the set weighs around six pounds so it is easy to store or transport. It makes a great gift for yourself or anyone else!



3. Grown Man Games Yard Dice – Yardzee

Grown Man Games Giant Dice

Yard Dice For The Young And Not-So-Young

This giant dice games set has an aesthetic that will appeal to grown men and women, but it’s still great fun for kids of all ages. The premium-quality wooden dice measure 3.5″ along each edge and feature a lacquered black finish with metallic die spots. They are precision-crafted and weather-resistant. You also get one black plastic and silicone collapsible bucket with a handle and a logo, perfect for storing the dice when they are not in use. To complete the set, you also get dry-erase boards for Yard Yahtzee and Yard Farkle. The boards feature pre-printed score sheets on one side and rules/instructions on the other. This set comes with everything you need for family fun, a tailgate picnic or whatever strikes your fancy.



4. Oojami Giant Wooden Yard Dice

Oojami Giant Wooden Dice

Super Starter Set

If you want to start building a collection of backyard games for fun with your family and friends, this is one to look at! The dice are crafted from solid New Zealand pine wood and measure 3.5″ on each side. They are emblazoned with heat-stamped die markers burned into the wood. The premium-quality dice set also comes with an attractive nylon carry case/storage bag with a zipper and handles. This giant dice set is great for family fun and outdoor games like the Yardzee game, Yard Farkle or any other version of dice or board games that can go outside with you! This set is an excellent value, so if you’re looking to start or add to your backyard game equipment, don’t hesitate to buy it today!



5. GoSports Giant Dice Set with Carrying Case

GoSports Giant Dice Set

Great Game Set

This GoSports family game giant dice set is great for yardzee games, yard farkle games or other outdoor games. It’s made to play, and you’ll want it for your own backyard. The dice are 3.5″ on each side and made from solid, hand-sanded pine that’s been finished to be weather-, water- and mildew-resistant. The number markers on each die are heat-stamped for life so they will never fade no matter what you put them through. Your backyard game dice set comes with a handsome canvas carry case/storage bag in coordinating colors with a logo. You also get a dry-erase board printed with Yahtzee and Farkle score blanks and a marker to keep score with.



6. Spectra Games Giant Wooden Yard Dice Set for Lawn Games

Spectra Games Giant Dice

When The Size Of The Scoreboard Matters

These yardzee game dice are 3.5″ on each side, like the rest of the dice in these reviews, but the dry-erase scoreboard that comes with this set is big enough for everyone in the family to read and use comfortably. It’s pre-printed with a Yardzee score sheet on one side and a Yardkle score sheet on the other. Complete instructions for both games are also included. The high-quality dice are made from solid pine and hand-sanded with rounded edges for good play and a great feel. The die spots are heat-stamped for clarity and durability. To complete the set, you also get a dry-erase marker and an attractive canvas carry bag with a drawstring and a logo. This is everything you need to set up a backyard game or hit the road for beach life, a tailgate picnic or a barbecue!



Buyer’s Guide

How To Play Yardzee

DIY Yardzee & Yardkle

We’ve shown you some of the best Yardzee and Yardkle products on the market, but you can make your own DIY Yardzee/Yard Farkle game with some fence posts and paint if you’re feeling clever and crafty! Start with a prefab 4″x4″ cedar post (which actually measures 3.5″x3.5″) and cut six perfect cubes. Then, sand them smooth and round the edges slightly. You can use a Forstner drill bit to drill out marker circles (if you have one!), use mod podge or paint the dots on at the end. Stain, varnish, lacquer or finish the dice cubes as you please. You can easily download DIY templates or a tutorial for the marker dots and/or game rules and scoresheets. You may also want to buy or DIY a sturdy storage bag so that your game can go with you to parties or playdates.

How To Play Yardzee

Yardzee is, as you may have guessed, an outsized, outdoor version of the classic dice game. Instead of sitting around a table inside your home, you can take your dice out for some sun and fun. The game remains the same, though: you get points for various sequences and combinations (three of a kind, four of a kind, large straight, small straight, full house or the ultimate five-of-a-kind Yardzee). Players get three throws to make their score, so sometimes it’s a tough choice between settling for something you already have or risking losing it all to chase the big one. Yardzee can be a lot like life that way!

Find out what other dice games you can play in your yard in our Yard Dice Games article! You can also find out more about other giant yard games here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yardzee is essentially the classic dice game of Yahtzee, but it’s played outdoors with big wooden dice blocks. You can play the regular way or incorporate “house rules” to change up the game a little. A Yardzee game is a great way to spend some time outside because it’s well suited for all ages and stages of life.

A Yardzee game uses five dice. The most common size is 3.5″ along each edge, but you can use anything that you find in the store or DIY. Many of the products we’ve shown you come with six dice so that you can also use them for a game of Yard Farkle, which requires six dice to play.

In Yardzee, scores are calculated based on the combination or sequence shown by the dice. You can get points for the number of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s shown, or for combinations such as large straight, small straight, full house, three of a kind, four of a kind or five of a kind (also known as the elusive Yardzee).


We think that the best Yardzee game is one of either the Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Dice Set or Splinter Woodworking Yardzee & Yardkle Giant Games Set, but all of the games we’ve shown you are great in their own way. Pick one out today and get outside with your friends and family!

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