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Julia Laurie

Growing up, I didn’t have a TV or much access to a computer, so most of my entertainment came from playing games outdoors. For that reason, I still have a soft spot for games you can play out in the sun, and that even your grandma and little cousin can join. Games like that get everyone laughing and always improve a family holiday or event. Not that they aren’t super fun with a bunch of friends over drinks as well!

I have also always loved adventure and spending time in nature. After finishing college, my wanderlust took me to a remote tropical island in Japan called Amami Oshima, where I taught English for three years.

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, there was always incredibly rich nature nearby, but it was something else entirely to live inside of it. In Amami, I developed a love for outdoor activities that I had only dabbled in before, and spent many hours snorkeling, kayaking, and SUP boarding around the gorgeous coral-filled bays and mangrove forests. Now, I am determined to apply the same sense of wonder and adventure I had in Japan to local waters, and discover all the treasures that are right under my nose.