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Best Electronic Dart Board Of 2020 [Expert Review]

Best Electronic Dart Board

Have you tried playing dartboard with your friends? It can be an exciting game if you are trying to play it in groups. You will need to focus and compete with your friends to win the game. You may also like our review on the best air hockey tables if you like bar games.

Keeping the dartboard at home is always a good idea. Especially, if you are a person who likes to hang out in groups a lot. Anyhow, when you will check out dartboards you will get confused about which one to buy, regular ones or electronic ones.

You should pick them according to your preference, but I personally feel electronic ones are better. I mean they are added with technological advances, so they should be more convenient.

You will have a hard time finding the board that is within your budget and also contains the features you like. So, I am sharing this information with you, so, it can help you find the right dartboard game in your budget.

However, here are the top three dartboard games, you can skip the article and go for any of the three games;

Viper 77

Viper 777 View Price in Amazon

Arachnid Cricket pro

Arachnid Cricket pro 900 View Price in Amazon

Gran board 2

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth electronic dartboard​ View Price in Amazon

Buying guide: How to select the best dartboard?

Before you get your hands on a dartboard, you need to determine what you need first. If you are getting a dartboard to practice for competition, then it is a completely different story. Here are some tips on how to release the dart correctly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a dartboard for leisure then you should look for something else. Ask yourself how often do you play darts?

If you are new to the game, it is best to get a budget dartboard and practice your skills. Once your darting skills are developed a bit, you can use your preference to get a new better darting board.

After the type and purpose of the board, you need to pick a size for the dartboard. Yes, they come in various sizes. If you are a pro player, then 15.5" regulation size board is a good choice. However, if you are getting the board for children, then extra-large dartboards will be better.

How many players are playing dart?

How many players are playing dart

Dartboards vary depending on the number of players. You can get an 8 players dart board as well as 16 players dartboard. If you have a small group of friends and there are only 8 players, then there is no need to get a 16 players board. This has recently become popular in the news.

You may get a 16 player game if it comes with additional features. Other than that, it is not necessary.

Power source and sound effects

Here is another point that will get you confused. Among the electronic dartboards, there are two power types, one with a battery and others with power supply. Once again you need to choose one of the two types according to your taste and need.

There are many variations among electronic dartboards. Some have displays that show your turn it is while others call out the names of the players. They are different and function differently.

The ones with the display can also show scores and other features. With this convenience, the price of dartboard games also rises. Hence if you think that you don't need these feature you can ask for a simpler one.

Type of Dartboards

Type of Dartboards

Let us make it easier for you to select a type of electronic dartboard. There are five types of electronic dartboard games. You need to select one of them. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and you need to know about them before you get your hands on one.

  • Bristle dartboard - It is one of the common types of dartboard that is made out of sisal fiber. Comparing to the other dartboards it will last longer. It is said to be a standard board. The sisal fibers close the gaps formed from darts while playing.

  • Coiled paper dartboards - These are popular for kids. The material is soft and is not long-lasting. However, you will get one at a cheaper price than the others.

  • Cork dartboards - If you play dart regularly these are recommended to you. It can withstand heavy use and are made out of corks.

  • Wooden dartboards - It is made out of grain basswood. Both sides of the dartboard can be used for a game.

  • Electronic dartboard - These come with soft tip darts so they don't damage the board. Sensors are installed inside the dartboard that helps to keep scores of the game. It is similar to bristle dartboard, but with added features. It is these features that set electronic dartboards apart from the rest of the types.

Best Electric Dart Board

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth electronic dartboard

If you are a technology fan, then this is the smart dartboard for you. The electronic dartboard comes with a smartphone application. You can connect the phone with Bluetooth and the app saves all the game data on your phone.

Whenever you need to see the game score record, open the app and you will enter the huge game database. This app can be used both in androids and IOS. The set up for the game and the app is very easy. The board game runs on battery.


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Both IOS and android can be used
  • Battery driven board
  • All details are saved on the app
  • Stylish design
Gran Board 2 Bluetooth electronic dartboard​ View Price in Amazon

Arachnid Cricket pro 900

So we have looked at a dartboard that is good for home use, but if you need one for both home and business this dartboard serves the purpose.

The design is strong and can last up to 7 years. It announces the game statues with a voice and has 8 different playing games included. The audio responses from the dartboard are exciting.

You will get everything forms the board from applauds to a sigh. It is made out of durable materials that make it long-lasting and suitable for heavy play. 8 players can play together using this dartboard.


  • 8 new games which mean a total of 48 games
  • 15.5" board target face
  • Can be used in bars and game room
  • 3 level heckler to applaud dart player
  • Nylon tough durable board
  • Audio announces the score and turns
Arachnid Cricket pro 900 View Price in Amazon

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

If you are a beginner dart player than this is one of the best choices. It can withstand the start shots as well as the heavy pro shots. You can take your time practicing your skills with this dartboard.

The dartboard is installed with a throw evaluation feature. So, when you are playing you will get a reading of how you are going. It will help you to understand if you are doing better at games.

There is also a 3 level hackler feature on the board. It will applaud when you throw a great shot. You can turn this on or off it is up to you. This board is also for 8 players, and consist of LCD vivid screen.

It keeps track of your score and will automatically go to sleep, if not used for a while.


  • 39 games with 179 options
  • Dart evaluation feature
  • Regulation size board
  • Includes 3 level hackler
  • Durable, made out of nylon
  • Reset and sleep modes available
  • Game for 8 players
  • 4 player score clear display
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard View Price in Amazon

Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Board

After checking out dartboards for beginner and home playing, here is one that is for heavy playing and meant for serious business. It consists of 43 games with 187 options. The board games set for 16 players.

The board comes in a highly durable regulation size. It can last for several years. You can power it with a battery or a power supply, it is up to you. It also comes with an ultra-thin spider as well as a catch ring.


  • 15.5" size
  • For intense play
  • Nylon Segments make it efficient
  • 16 players board
  • 43 players with 187 options
  • Consists of ultra-thin spider
  • Comes with a catch ring
  • Can hold 12 darts at a time
Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Board​ View Price in Amazon

Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip board

This is a 16 players dartboard game. It provides 57 games with 307 options. The dartboard game is specially designed for a tournament with heavy features. It consists of a crystal clear LCD display with few color schemes to choose from.

The target face is 15.5" and it has a laser beam that makes it easy to throw in a line. It comes with a catch ring. The board runs with an adapter, power supply, and batteries as well. Pick your choice for power supply.

You will be notified about the players, a single or a double hit with the voice installation of the dartboard game. The board is of good quality and has many features.


  • 57 games with 307 variations
  • 16 players board
  • 4 color schemes
  • Laser beam throw line
  • has a battery, power supply as well as adapter
  • The target face is 15.5"
Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip board View Price in Amazon

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Board

It is one of the dartboards in our list that is made up of high-quality materials. The built-in sensors are quite receptive as well. It has high accuracy.

Apart from that, it has a handicap feature which makes the game fair in between pro players with a beginner. It has 24 games with 132 variations, 8 players can play is 4 teams with scores displayed on an LCD screen.

It also has a name-calling feature with regulation board size. There is a space to keep all the darts on the board on one side.


  • 8 player with 4 player score display
  • 15.5" target face
  • 24 games with 32 options
  • Handicap feature
  • Strong sensors
  • Consists of nylon tough segment
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Board View Price in Amazon

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip board

The dartboard is good for a friendly game session. It has 18 games with 96 variations. You will need to run it on batteries as there is no port for AC supply. It comes with a plastic bag that can be used as a catch ring.

The dartboard is good for kids and beginners, as it comes with basic game instruction and free darts. The price of the dartboard is low compared to the other dartboards there is.


  • 18 games with 96 option
  • 13" target face
  • 6 free soft darts
  • Has a plastic bag to serve as catch ring
Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip board View Price in Amazon

Viper 777

If you are planning to have a dart game tournament, then look no further. Viper 777 have you covered. It is a 15.5" dartboard with an LCD display to keep your scores.

The board is installed with an ultra-thin spider feature. The feature automatically raises your chance of getting the best shots while playing the game.

Apart from that fact, did you think what will happen to your beautiful wall if you miss a shot? Don't worry Viper 777 have you covered. The game comes with a catch ring that will protect your facade from getting damaged during a game.

However, that is not all that the viper 777 has to offer. You will find it installed with 43 games with 320 different options. If you have a friend who is Spanish, don't forget to invite him to your place for a game.

The dartboard comes in Spanish and the English language. All these features make it one of the best electronic dartboard there is in the market.


  • Target face of 15.5"
  • LCD display
  • Ultra-thin spider feature
  • Comes with catch ring
  • 43 games with 320 options
  • Bilingual benefits
Viper 777 View Price in Amazon

Best choice products electronic dartboard system

One of the best dartboard games that are affordable. You will get to play 27 games with 216 options to play. It is an 8 player board game that shows the score of all the players in an LCD display.

Apart from that, you can use both battery or AC connection for power supply to the board. If you are looking for a dartboard at home for fun, this is one of the best options there is among the electronic dartboards. You can keep it for yourself to gift it to one of your friends. If you are on a short budget, then this is one dartboard you must try.


  • 27 games with 216 options
  • 8 players dartboard
  • Saves energy by enabling sleep mode
  • Darts come in 2 different colors
  • Clear LDC display
Gran Board 2 Bluetooth electronic dartboard​ View Price in Amazon

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