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Top 8 Best STEM Toys For 5 Year Olds

STEM Toys For 5 Year Olds

Kids love toys; this has been a fact since the dawn of time. But what if STEM learning toys could give them a head start on school and life in general at the same time? That is precisely what the best STEM toys for 5 year olds are for.

The best part is your child won’t feel like they are learning any STEM skills. To them, this is just another fun toy that they will love to play with. Some teach basic math skills, while some teach more complex science reactions. Some even teach kids about computer coding, like the Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll be helping your child to learn faster than kids who don’t play with the best STEM toys.

Here you can find out more about the benefits of STEM toys.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Light-Up Terrarium Kit For Kids
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ALEX Toys Explorer Magic Science For Wizards Only
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Kinetic Sand
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Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit
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Snap Circuits Beginner
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WITKA 350 Pieces Magnetic Building Sticks
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K’NEX Education – Intro To Simple Machines
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1. Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot

Botley The Coding Robot

Editor’s Choice #1: This game caught our eye because of its real-life practicality, teaching kids ages 5+ a skill that will be extremely useful in their adult lives. Older generations are paying thousands of dollars to learn what this toy can teach your 5 year old. And the best part is there is no screen to stare at for hours on end.

As adults, we learned essential STEM skills in school such as reading, writing and simple math skills. Times are changing and while those things are just as important today, there is another skill that needs to be added: coding.

Kids learn the basic concepts of coding robots – the skill of being able to program a computer to do what you want it to do. This little robot comes with 40 different coding cards that are so much fun to practice with.

Your child can teach the cool robot how to navigate obstacle courses and perform looping tasks. There are even a few hidden features included that can be unlocked in a short amount of time.

A Healthy Toy That Promotes Learning Without The Use Of A Screen

The robot is controlled by a simple remote control.  With no tablet or phone connection, your child will be preparing for their future without looking at a bright screen for hours at a time.


  • 2 sets of detachable arms
  • 40 coding cards
  • 6 double-sided tiles
  • 27 obstacle-building pieces
  • Starter guide with coding challenges.

Coding robots is a great way to get introduced to the critical thinking skills required to succeed in school. It’s a fun STEM toy whose educational value is just as high as its entertainment level.



2. Light-Up Terrarium Kit For Kids

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Editor’s Choice #2: With so much attention on sustainable lifestyles these days it’s important that our children know what that means. The educational insights of how to grow plant life will stay with your children for their entire lives and hopefully with this knowledge they can contribute to keeping our planet healthy and safe for generations to come.

This toy is a great introduction to the world of plant life and the significance on our everyday lives, giving them the chance to see the miracle of plant growth all the way through.

The terrarium itself is one of the best STEM toys to spark an interest in biology and the ecosystem in general. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet so you can work with your child to develop a healthy plant.

See The Lifecycle Of A Plant From Start To Finish

The kit comes with everything you need including seeds and a special wooden hoe to help with planting. Even at night this terrarium still looks amazing, with an LED light on the bottom side of the lid. Simply hit the small button when the sun goes down and your terrarium becomes a beautiful conversation piece.

Your child will have to tend to it in order to keep it healthy. Use the spray bottle to water your plants so they grow big and strong, a skill often overlooked due to our lifestyles of shopping at stores and online. Teach your child early on about how to produce healthy plants that give us the air we breathe and the food we eat.



3. ALEX Toys Explorer Magic Science For Wizards Only

Magic Science For Wizards

It can be tough to find STEM toys for 5 year olds that also encourage the creative side of the brain. Thankfully, we found one that does just that. Kids who have trouble getting into science will love this STEM toy.

It teaches kids how to perform simple and safe chemical reactions through your child’s love for magic. The instructions are easy to follow and will teach your child how to perform each trick in a safe and entertaining manner.

Encourage Learning Through The Magic Of Magic

The building kit comes equipped with all the tools and products they need so you don’t have to purchase anything extra, including a wizard hat and wand so your child can get fully into character as a wizard instead of a “boring” scientist.

Included in the set is:

  • Citric acid
  • Baking soda
  • Vegetable oil
  • Cross-linked polyacrylate copolymer
  • Red cabbage powder
  • Color tablets
  • Zinc sulfide

The tools they will be using are:

  • Four test tubes with stand
  • One clear tube wand with two caps
  • Two measuring scoops
  • Purple paper
  • Star stickers
  • Activity guide



4. Kinetic Sand

Bag Of Kinetic Sand

Not all STEM toys need to be about school subjects; it’s important for kids to learn fine motor skills as well and Kinetic Sand is one of the best STEM toys for that.

It’s squeezable sand that’s perfect for open ended building and can be shaped into anything your kids can think of. It develops building skills in a fun and carefree manner. No instructions or rules to abide by, just uninhibited creativity and fun: how kids learn best.

No Mess

The kinetic sand itself sticks together easily but can be cut, pulled, stretched and shaped into anything. When the kids are done, it can be stored in the resealable bag it came in and doesn’t stick to your child’s hands, making it super easy to clean up.

It’s made from natural sand and doesn’t use wheat, gluten or casein so it’s 100% safe. It never dries out and is available in a variety of colors to mix and match with. This makes for a perfect gift for younger kids as the replayability value is through the roof. You may even find yourself having a go – once you pick it up, it’s very hard to put down!



5. Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit

Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit

When it’s time to explore, the Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit is your best STEM learning option. For kids who like venturing into the unknown and don’t leave any stone unturned you can now direct that energy positively and in an educational manner, without them knowing it.

This science kit has everything you need to simulate a gem finding expedition. You and your kids can enjoy the wonders of geology by carefully discovering and excavating rare gems one at a time.

Real-World Application

Although the gems are not real, the techniques used are. So the skills acquired with this toy will be useful and practical for years to come. It teaches patience and fine motor skills as one of the best STEM toys should.

The kit includes crystals in a multitude of shapes and colors, providing a variety of eye-catching results. There’s a plaster rock with eight individual crystals, a digging tool, drawstring pouch for storing crystals and more. It also comes with a handy magnifying glass for close-up examinations of your findings.

Once the crystals have been excavated, they can be displayed proudly in an attractive display case included with the kit.



6. Snap Circuits Beginner

Snap Circuits Beginner

Engineering plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Those who take an interest in it usually do so from a very young age. This Snap Circuits Beginner Science Kit is the perfect way to introduce your child to engineering.

Helping develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills from a very young age, these skills will help kids throughout many endeavors in life, not just engineering.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions With Pictures

These science kits come with more than 20 projects. The instructions are designed with colorful illustrations to make it easy for 5 year olds to follow, unlike other toys. STEM toys will teach you the theory about a subject but this one is hands-on and will also develop fine motor skills.

This fun stem toy will keep their attention with different lights, sounds and motions. It creates a sense of pride when they see something they worked on come to life and operate correctly. There is even a fan that lights up when connected properly.

The makers have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of everyone playing it, requiring three AA batteries to keep the electrical current low.



7. WITKA 350 Pieces Magnetic Building Sticks

WITKA Magnetic Building Sticks

To encourage imagination amongst educational toys is no easy feat. It seems most STEM toys for 5 year olds only focus on the educational part and overlook the importance of imagination and creativity.

To get both aspects in one STEM toy, try the WITKA 350 Magnetic Building Sticks. The possibilities are limitless as your child is free to explore any idea that pops in their head.

Large Kit For Big Imaginations

This building kit comes with 186 pieces of magnetic plastic bars, 86 pieces of non-magnetic steel balls and 70 pieces of window accessories. They all fit together so if you want to get another set and add to your current projects, they are all compatible.

Unlike other STEM toys for 5 year olds, this one does not come with instructions. Its open ended building style is meant to push the limits of your child’s imagination, allowing them to build in 2D or 3D designs and can be placed on display for all to enjoy.

This is one of the largest building kits you can get and will keep your 5 year olds attention for years to come. All WITKA products are made of safe and top-quality materials.

Enjoy hours of open-ended play with this new version of building blocks.



8. K’NEX Education – Intro To Simple Machines

K’NEX Education Intro To Simple Machines

Take your child’s block building to the next level by creating real-world replicas. While other building kits encourage imagination, this one teaches kids how to follow directions in order to achieve a goal.

This STEM toy is a little more advanced than others on this list, coming with a comprehensive 39-page teacher’s manual. It can be used at home or at school, and adults can enjoy this just as much as kids.

Learn How To Build Real-World Items

There are multiple things to build, including seven different models such as hand drill, paddleboat and steep ramp. It identifies how inclined planes, screws and wedges make work easier, and discusses the proper uses of wheels and their relationship with axles.

It will test math skills and encourage kids to do more so they can get more out of this toy, and is a fun way to develop problem-solving skills whilst learning about technology engineering and math. The color-coded system also allows kids to work independently, so they can explore on their own in between lesson concepts.

If your child has already mastered their current building block set then this is the next step up.



Buyer’s Guide

Here are some tips on what to look for before buying any STEM toys for 5 year olds.

How To Choose The Best STEM Toy For You

Choosing one of the best STEM toys for a youngster should be based on the kids ages and their STEM skills. Knowing what a child is already interested in will help you choose from the many STEM toys available.

How To Choose The Best STEM Toy For You

Most STEM toys contribute to developing a range of skills, though there are a few different categories to choose from:

Building Toys

This genre encourages kids to use their imagination. They can build whatever they want and as they get better their designs will become more elaborate. You can start them with a simple building kit and let them work their way up to more advanced sets.

Science Toys

Toys that teach them about chemistry or biology will be a huge advantage when they reach high school age, giving them educational insights about the subject in a fun and relaxed manner, giving them an educational head start.

Math Toys

Following a set of rules is paramount for the growth of any child. Teaching them the proper way to do something can be frustrating. However, once they have overcome a problem and learned it the correct way, they will get a sense of accomplishment and confidence that can’t be faked. Math skills toys are the ultimate in STEM skills and form the foundation for many school subjects and future career opportunities.

The Benefits Of STEM Toys For Kids

Kids are most receptive to new information when they are young. This time in their life is crucial to get them on the right path early so they can progress and evolve effortlessly.

The Benefits Of STEM Toys

The benefits of STEM toys prepare that child for their upcoming years in school and eventually their careers.

Hone Problem Solving Skills

Kids are encouraged to think independently and use their intelligence to overcome hurdles. STEM toys encourage original thought and improve cognitive learning at a fast pace. These educational toys present kids with unique challenges and encourage them to find solutions.

Not only will your child approach problems independently, but they’re also open to facing struggles confidently.

Cultivate Creativity From A Young Age

STEM Toys encourage kids to think of original ideas and get creative in the decision-making process. Every professional field requires creative thinking in the long run, be it scientists, engineers or painters. STEM toys for kids present them with multiple options, each bringing a different outcome. These abilities will nurture critical thinking skills and get them to approach each activity without bias.

Learning Becomes Fun And Interactive

It’s imperative to make education and learning a fun and interesting activity for kids which is exactly what STEM toys do, associating complex learning concepts from technology, math and science into simple ideas that can be easily understood by children. They’re able to identify problems as a learning opportunity, and carry this learning with them for their lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

A STEM educational toy is one that has a purpose of teaching your child something as well as entertaining them. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These core principles are what your child will face in school so getting them a STEM toy first will help them excel in school and later on in their careers.

Yes, STEM toys are good for kids. In fact, they are best for kids because at that age their brains are wired to absorb information. If you can get them to enjoy learning early on, it will set them on the right course throughout life. They’re a fun way to introduce real-world topics and give them a head start on other students.

STEM skills are mainly cognitive and help with problem-solving, reasoning and teamwork. These are the core values that schools focus on so having an early understanding of these principles will assist your child immensely. They will be able to integrate into school and different classes much easier with this kind of learning foundation.

STEM toys are good for kids to learn cognitive skills early on in their lives. It’s a great way to educate them before school starts in a fun, accessible and relaxed manner. Learning how to learn is the first skill we all learn and STEM toys can expedite this process.

The best STEM toy is the Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot. This is a one-of-a-kind toy that teaches kids how to code. This skill is rapidly being acknowledged as a critical skill to have in the future. Very few schools have adopted it so far and this is one of very few toys to tackle the subject – the perfect way to introduce your child to how computers work.


STEM toys for 5 year olds are the perfect gift for that age, at the time their brains are at their most absorbent. Toy makers are finding new and innovative ways to entertain and educate our youth. The Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot is a perfect example of that as it teaches kids how to code. Whatever your child is into already, there is a STEM toy to match so give them a head start on school and on life with one of the best STEM toys available.

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