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The 8 Best SUP Paddle Reviews for 2023

Best SUP Paddle

Searching through the best SUP paddles can be a very enjoyable experience, imagining all the fun you’re going to have. We don’t want to take away from that, but we do want to minimize the amount of work that goes into choosing the best SUP paddle for you. Our SUP paddles comparison takes into account many factors including length, shaft material, blade size, color, blade shape – the list goes on. Have a look below and select from the best SUP paddles we have gathered to suit your needs. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

#1 Editor’s Choice

SUP Carbon Elite Paddle
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Abahub Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
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WooWave Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
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BPS Alloy SUP Paddle
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Aqua-Bound Challenge 85 2-piece Stand-Up Paddle
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Werner Vibe 3-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle
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OceanBroad SUP Paddle
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1. SUP Carbon Elite Paddle

SUPCarbon Elite Paddle

Editor’s Choice #1: Crafted in a professional manner, these paddles caught our eye right away. It feels great in your hands and provides a great sense of security and power. Being a very popular paddle you may see others who already have it and that’s because it’s the best of the best SUP paddles. You’ll be sure to have this for a long time as it’s very versatile – treat yourself to this paddle and watch your enjoyment of paddle boarding skyrocket.

Rated as one of the best SUP paddles on the market it’s easy to see why. Constructed from the best material available, this carbon fiber paddle is lightweight and extremely durable. The shaft is assembled with a 3-piece design and weighs only 25 oz! That’s roughly the weight of 3 decks of cards.

Quality From Top To Bottom

This adjustable paddle is made to suit many different riders. The shaft can extend from 71” to 87” easily with its adjustable cranks. This provides maximum usage while not sacrificing weight and maneuverability of the paddles. It’s not just for your paddle board either, it can be converted to a kayak paddle by attaching a second blade to the top end (sold separately). The clip and buckle system that is used also makes it very easy for disassembly so you can take it any place there’s water.

The blade itself is a large 85 sq/in to provide maximum water displacement, coupled with a 10 degree offset to make paddling easy for the rider. The added rib down the center of the blade is there to prevent it from twisting in the water. With its sleek styling and design, this paddle was made for an experienced and fashionable paddle board rider and will add more enjoyment to an already fun activity.



2. Abahub Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Abahub SUP Paddle

Editor’s Choice #2: To please all paddle boarding enthusiasts, we recommend this all-rounder. Given its wide range of use you may think that it sacrifices other aspects, but it’s great for all levels of paddler so the whole family can enjoy it. By making paddle boarding easier and more enjoyable this paddle is a source of health improvement both physical and mental. We love this paddle and we’re sure you, your friends and family will too.

The Abahub Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle has one of the largest blades on the list measuring 102 sq/inches. This blade which is constructed out of polypropylene provides strength and durability that cuts through the water with ease, despite its size. Its concave blade design also assists the rider with powerful yet easy strokes through the water.

Paddles To Suit All

The is an adjustable paddle that has extensive range reaching all the way to 86” from its shortest at 67” meaning this paddle is fitted for anyone from 5’ tall to 6’7”. This is a  carbon fiber paddle which makes it very lightweight and also very strong when compared to an aluminum or fiberglass paddle.

As one of the best SUP paddles it also floats on the water in the event you lose your grip. It also comes with a handy travel bag which makes it easy to transport once the 3-pieces have been disassembled. Even if you’re not traveling, this bag provides a safe place to store your paddle to protect it from damage. If you are not happy with your product there is a “no questions asked” return policy – just in case.



3. ISLE SUP Paddle


The Isle SUP Paddle is one of the best sup paddles for all skill levels. Its telescopic shaft comes in 2 pieces and can be set to any length between 67” to 83”. It also has clear markings to identify which length it’s at. It is constructed from carbon fiber which is the lightest material on the market. This makes it perfect for those long days on the water.

Power Strokes

Its lightweight shaft and 2 piece construction make this a great paddle for riders who are looking to add some force to their stroke. A huge contributing factor is the nylon blade which will prevent it from scratching your paddle board should you come into contact with it. Measuring at 92.85” it also helps to displace the maximum amount of water while conserving energy.

By pairing a carbon fiber shaft with a nylon blade this paddle not only performs but is also very durable against wear and tear. Even if something does happen to your paddle it is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. So you are protected and free to paddle all you want.



4. WooWave Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

WooWave SUP Paddle

The adjustable shaft on these paddles makes it easy to use for anyone over 5’ tall. The 3-piece design makes putting it together a breeze and just as easy to take apart for easy travel. Using a handy easy clip cam lock, the shaft also comes with stamped measurements. The standard grip fits perfectly in your hand but should it get away from you, it floats.


If a tough paddle is what you’re looking for then the WooWave Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle is perfect for you. Constructed with strong carbon fiber these paddles are built to last. This is very popular with paddleboarding rental companies due to its durability in the shaft but also with the blade. This nylon blade protects your paddleboard from getting dinged and will last a long time. Its size is also perfect for all levels of paddlers as it provides ample force to displace the water without twisting. These SUP paddles also come with a lifetime quality warranty.



5. BPS Alloy SUP Paddle

BPS Alloy SUP Paddle

Started out of a Father’s garage, this company is dedicated to promoting healthy living through water activities – their passion shows with the BPS Alloy SUP Paddle. Constructed out of the lightest material possible this aluminum shaft is perfect for beginner paddlers looking to get started. Its 2-piece design easily allows you to adjust the length from 70.86” to 83.85” to fit most any rider over 5’ tall. In keeping with the company’s overall love of the sport, they have included an e-book with each purchase that provides valuable advice to all levels of paddlers.

Sturdy And Angled Paddles

This paddle was designed by paddlers, for paddlers, and the attention to detail is very noticeable. The blade itself is made from soft yet sturdy nylon to protect you and your board from scratches. It is also angled to emphasize each stroke for maximum pull through the water.  Each stroke will be easier than the next as the ergonomically T-shaped grip fits comfortably in your hand to promote safe paddling. The careful manufacturing and the extreme lightweight of aluminum paddles also means that it floats when fully assembled.



6. Aqua-Bound Challenge 85 2-Piece Stand-Up Paddle

Aqua-Bound Stand-Up Paddle

Each Aqua-Bound Challenge 85 2-Piece Stand-Up Paddle is hand-built by lovers of the sport in their Wisconsin facility. The dedication shows as soon as you grasp this all-carbon paddle. Assembled with 2-pieces and fully adjustable to suit many different riders. The high-quality carbon construction is continued into the handle as well to provide a strong and comfortable grip. This combination makes it very light and easy to pull through the water to get powerful and quick strokes.

Carbon Blade And Smooth Stroke

Created from years of experience, this blade is carbon reinforced and boasts 85 sq/in of surface area. What really separates this blade though is the aggressive dihedral. Located right down the spine, this feature offers an extra smooth forward stroke for high-cadence paddlers. This addition also adds stability and prevents twisting while in the water. Lastly, with its sleek black design, this will look great paddleboarding any place.



7. Werner Vibe 3-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle

Werner Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle

The first thing you will notice about the Werner Vibe 3-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle is its cool color scheme. Not just a pretty face though, this paddle is equipped with a long and slender blade. In order to provide more stability with such a large blade, the designers have added a sizable dihedral. This addition keeps the blade firm in the water to give you great control and lessens wobbly strokes.

Great Grip

The fiberglass shaft of this paddle is high-quality and can be adjusted to any length between 68” and 84”. The shaft is also offset from the blade by 10 degrees which can increase your speed by adding extra leverage for each stroke. At the top, you will find a palm t grip which is perfect for keeping a loose grip while not losing control. This paddle is hand-crafted and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.



8. OceanBroad SUP Paddle

OceanBroad SUP Paddle

Constructed from strong carbon fiber, the OceanBroad SUP Paddle is built with the serious paddler in mind. This shaft is also adjustable from 67” to 86” so it can be used by almost anyone. Weighing in at only 30 oz this paddle is very lightweight and therefore allows for easy swings and also longer usage time without tiring. The shaft also features an upgraded, patterned handle that is fastened by an extra clamp. This provides a very secure and sturdy grip for powerful strokes.

Strong And Sturdy Blade

The strength of this paddle can be experienced all throughout but especially in the blade. With a stiff, fiberglass reinforced nylon blade to give you exceptional strength during strokes, this paddle won’t quit. It also has a very large 98 sq/in of surface area which adds stability to each of your powerful strokes while its grooved contours keep the blade from fluttering. You can take this paddle to any beach easily as its 3 piece design easily disassembles and fits in the travel bag that is included with the paddle.



Buyer’s Guide

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Paddle For You

Buying the right paddle is as important as choosing between the best paddle boards. Since SUP is a relatively new activity to the sporting world, we have included a buying guide here to inform and educate riders of all skill levels to find the right paddles, with what you should look for when browsing paddles.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Paddle For You


Aluminum — As the lightest of the three this material will always have a place in the hands of paddlers everywhere. It makes it very easy to travel with. It does sacrifice strength though so if you are a powerful paddler then take a look at the other two options.

Fiberglass — As a happy medium, a fiberglass shaft combines strength and lightweight. Over time though and from excessive use, this material can splinter so be sure to act immediately if this ever happens.

Carbon Fiber — The top-of-the-line material that is the most common. Although carbon paddles are slightly heavier than aluminum, their strength is simply unmatched. If you plan on spending lots of time on the water then this is the best material for the serious paddler.


Each blade is very different and the best one for you and your paddles will present itself over time from using different types. Nylon is the most popular material used as it is strong but also protects you and your board from damage should any collisions occur.

The size or surface area of your blade will directly affect the amount of water you can displace with each stroke. Of course, the more water you displace the faster you will travel but it will also require more strength. Having some kind of dihedral will also be very beneficial. This is a “rib” that runs down the center of the blade and helps to keep it from wobbling or turning in the water.


It is suggested that the length of your paddle should be 6-8 inches longer than you are tall. This will give you an optimum feel for getting the most out of each stroke without causing you to lose your grip or tire you out. Most paddles are height adjustable so you can play with a few different lengths to get it dialed in.


Lighter is not always better in the world of paddling. While a lighter paddle will assist you in riding for longer with less exhaustion, it may be uncomfortable. Having a paddle that gives you the sensation of having a bit of weight in your hands can help with control and also with creating power. Since paddling happens out in the open water, the weather will also play a part. A lighter paddle may be more affected by wind and swells. Choosing one of the slightly heavier paddles may provide more control even though it sounds counter-intuitive.


Most paddles have the capability to adjust the length within a certain range. This is very useful if you plan on sharing your paddle with others or just like to experiment. For the serious riders, finding the optimal length and keeping it there will be your best course of action.

Features Of A SUP Paddle

The best SUP paddles will have the following features:


First deciding which material you want will be an important decision. Available in 3 different materials – aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber – each has its own advantages. Carbon fiber paddles are probably the most popular as they marry weight and strength together perfectly.  Most shafts are height adjustable so unless you are very tall or very short, the length of your shaft can be custom fit once you receive it.


Blades are a matter of personal preference and what you are looking to get out of your paddle. The most popular material used to make blades in nylon and it provides strength but also a soft touch. Choosing one with a mid-size dihedral will also add a befitting factor as this design feature helps keep your strokes efficient and on course. As you gain more experience you can play around with varying degrees of this.


The grip is very important as this will be your only point of contact. Ensure the grip fits comfortably in your hand as it will be there for a while. You don’t want to have to grip it too tightly as this will affect the efficiency of your stroke. Most grips are comfortable and ergonomically designed to achieve this.

Choosing The Right Paddle Length For You

It is recommended that your paddle should be 6 – 8 inches taller than you are. In most cases, this is easy to accomplish as all the paddles we have chosen are fully adjustable. So even if you want to share your paddle, it’s easy to adjust the height to suit any user. When standing on your board in the water, you will want your blade to be completely submerged so you can take advantage of the entire surface area of the blade.

Be careful not to go too deep when paddling, as this may affect your balance and stability of your stroke.  

Taking Care Of Your SUP Paddle

Most paddles disassemble with ease so storing your paddle in a safe and dry place is made easier. Whether you have a 3-piece or a 2-piece it is always a good idea to have a carrying case or some kind of bag to use when traveling to and from your location of choice. If you are planning on traveling on an airplane with your paddle then we suggest a bag that is specifically made for this type of travel. Any bag or case is important as you want to protect the blade especially. If it starts to get any cuts or gashes that will affect its performance in the water and may slow you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best sup paddle is the SUP Carbon Elite Paddle. With a shaft made from carbon fiber and the blade made from durable nylon this paddle checks all the boxes. It has a very cool look to it as well that represents its high quality. Its length is adjustable and the blade has a medium-sized dihedral so it can most riders. It also has a feature to attach another blade on the grip end to be used in kayaks as well.

The size SUP paddle blade to get will depend on preference. Getting the perfect size paddle blade for you will require some testing. It’s important to have your entire blade submerged in the water when you are comfortable standing on your board. As for the blade size, this will vary based on personal preference. The larger the blade, the more water displaced but the more energy exhausted.

The best SUP paddle for beginners is the BPS Alloy Sup Paddle. Due to its lightweight build, it makes it easy to handle while you’re learning the proper technique and building those paddling muscles. It is fully adjustable as well so you can play around with the length to find that perfect feel. When fully assembled, this paddle also floats so there is no fear of losing it if it’s dropped.

You should choose a SUP paddle based on personal preference and experience. If you do not have much experience yet then choose a paddle that falls in the middle. For example look for a shaft made from fiberglass, a blade that is ribbed with roughly 85 sq/in surface area and comes in two pieces. After using a paddle like this for a while you will be able to customize your next paddle to suit you perfectly.


The best SUP paddle for you may take some time to find and you may have to try a couple of different ones that are listed above. Just like so many other things in life, knowledge and experience are great educators, and landing one of these SUP paddles is no different. Enjoy the process and have fun every time you’re out there because, at the end of the day, it’s better than a day at work.

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