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Best Hockey Helmet On The Ice

Best Hockey Helmet

To play your best, you have to feel confident. You can’t feel confident if you’re worried about your safety all the time. A great hockey helmet will not only put your worries to rest but will also keep your head cool and ensure you can focus on the game itself. We have selected the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey helmet as the best hockey helmet overall to save you some time and effort. It provides the most protection while also offering plenty of customization options to get the best fit. Any of these helmets will keep you safe so you can concentrate on scoring goals and winning games.

#1 Editor’s Choice

CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet
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#2 Editor’s Choice

BAUER RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet
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CCM FL500 Hockey Helmet
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BAUER RE-AKT 150 Hockey Helmet
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BAUER RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet
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TRUE Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet
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BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet Combo
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WARRIOR Covert PX+ Helmet
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CCM Fit Lite 3DS Hockey Helmet Combo
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WARRIOR Alpha One Hockey Helmet
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1. CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet

CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet

Editor’s Choice #1: Due to its popularity amongst professionals, we selected this helmet as number one. The CCM Tacks 910 is made with the focus on protecting your brain. The most significant part of this helmet includes the Fluid Inside Pod Technology. An excellent combination of protection and comfort, it looks great as well; a subtle styling that will please even the most traditional hockey players.

The helmet technology works by placing fluid-filled pods along the inner liner, allowing more cushioning to your head-on impact. The pods will dissipate the strength of all kinds of impact. The design also includes an outer shell that is approved in professional leagues around the world. It will help absorb any blunt strikes no matter how rough your league is.

Get The Safest Fit Possible

The helmet features a personalized fit system that makes it easy to get the perfect size. This is achieved with a tool-free adjustment system that will easily allow you to manipulate the helmet to fit your head comfortably and properly. The occipital support cushion and a front and back adjustment will widen the helmet or shrink it down as needed, making sure that you are getting a safe and secure fit.

We saved the best for last: it has a Shion Memory Foam liner that is a CCM premium feature. The foams are dual-density that will mold easily around your head, giving you a pleasing contour. As a result, you will find that the helmet is decidedly comfortable but still has all of the structural stiffness that you would need to really keep your head protected during a game.



2. BAUER RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet

Bauer 95 Hockey Helmet

Editor’s Choice #2: As a leader in hockey equipment, you can trust your head to be protected in this helmet. Bauer has stepped up and used science and technology so you can be confident on the ice knowing you’re protected. This helmet is nothing short of miraculous and allows you to have more fun without fear of getting injured.

Bauer use a variable thickness HDPE Pro shell in the RE-AKT 95 helmet to make this helmet lighter. Even though it’s a lightweight helmet, it’s still one of the safest hockey helmets, offering the same level of protection as a heavier shell does. This variable thickness also allows for multiple vents to provide exceptional airflow to keep your head cool.

To adjust this helmet, simply use the tool-free lock on the top rear of the helmet. The top lock offers more protection than dual side adjustments on other hockey helmets because it gives the player more consistent coverage above either ear. The single lock is a breeze to use and allows the helmet to expand and contract for a customized fit for anyone.

Protection And Comfort Coming Together Perfectly

As one of the best hockey helmets, the liner features advanced technology. The Poron XRD foam at the temples—Bauer’s most advanced and protective foam—is designed to withstand repeated impacts at all energy levels.

Using two layers of foam, the interior base foam is Bauer’s VTX that is light and protects the player better against high impacts. On top of the VTX, players will find a layer of IX-Foam. This molded foam fills interior gaps and is designed for low to medium impact. Working together, the foams provide excellent protection at all impact levels. Those looking for elite performance and protection will like what they find in Bauer’s Re-Akt 95.



3. CCM FL500 Hockey Helmet

CCM FL500 Hockey Helmet

The CCM FL 500 shell may look similar to the rest of the helmets in the FL line, but this shell has been designed specifically for this hockey helmet. The high-density PE shell comes in a two-piece design that’s adjustable with dual tool-less side adjustments. These side adjustments provide a personalized fit from front to back. The helmet also includes front and rear vents to keep your hockey hair nice and dry.

The helmet interior is the most protective amongst any of the best hockey helmets CCM has released, featuring a multi-density VN foam liner. The major difference is this VN is 25% thicker than the VN you’re used to. The helmet can now absorb a lot more direct impact energy.

Special Foam Makes This Extremely Comfortable

The FL500 features CCM’s I.Q.Shion liner, a memory foam material that’s comfortable and soft, a combination which helps to wick away moisture to keep your brow dry. The FL500 also features CCM’s D3O Smart Foam at both temples and at the back of the head, where many direct impacts occur. D3O Smart Foam is pliable and soft to the touch but grows stiff as impact intensity increases.

CCM is stepping up with products designed to perform better than ever in this day and age of concussion prevention and head injury awareness.



4. BAUER RE-AKT 150 Hockey Helmet

Bauer 150 Hockey Helmet

When purchasing a protective helmet, it’s crucial to get the right fit. Without the proper fit, even the most advanced hockey helmet will not be effective. To improve the fitting of the RE-AKT 150, Bauer includes their Freeform Adjustment System. This technology provides three tool-free adjustments to independently customize the length and width of the helmet for a personalized fit. With over 18mm of available width adjustment, this model provides an excellent range of dimensions to satisfy any head size or shape.

The interior of the Bauer RE-AKT 150 includes many features to enhance comfort and protection. The first is the Comfort Pod liner. This hinged pod design consists of a layered construction of both XRD and IX foams for added comfort and increased protection. XRD technology is a reactive foam that protects against both high-velocity and low-velocity impacts, while the IX foam is a low-density material that offers more lightweight protection.

Comfort Is Just As Important As Protection

Bauer also includes their tried and true VTX technology in this new hockey helmet. Its proprietary foam liner system is used all around the helmet to increase protection and comfort in vital impact areas.

With a sleek design and lightweight construction, the Bauer RE-AKT 150 offers you the look and feel that experienced hockey players are looking for. Bauer has focused on creating an optimal fit, high-level comfort, and excellent protection. While this model is designed for the elite player who skates 4-5 times per week, any player can benefit from the top-level features it offers.



5. BAUER RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet

Bauer 200 Hockey Helmet

This helmet’s interior is where Bauer focused most of its attention on upgrades. The Bauer RE-AKT 200 liner now includes Bauer’s Fit Plate technology. This is the same technology they use in its premium Speed Plate footbed in their flagship hockey skates.

When baked, the Speed Plate provides a custom occipital lock at the back of the helmet for a near-perfect fit. The new RE-AKT 200 hockey helmet also includes additional adjustment pieces designed to eliminate any protection gaps at either temple, whether the helmet is expanded or contracted.

One Of The Best Hockey Helmets For Superior Protection

The liner features a base layer of VN foam, a high-density material with a layer of dual-density foam on top of that. A bonus feature is the moisture channels that will help direct sweat away from your eyes. The Suspend-Tech liner has also been upgraded – mounted in multiple locations, it helps manage the energy of both linear and rotational impacts. The baseliner is an updated version of Bauer’s VTX material which is similar to EPP foam but more lightweight and protective.

It’s great to see that top companies pay attention to all the evidence of concussions and head-related injuries. It makes sense that Bauer would invest time and energy into its hockey helmets.



6. TRUE Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet

True Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet

The TRUE Hockey Dynamic 9 Pro hockey helmet is special because it comes with a MIPS Brain Protection System. MIPS is a Swedish brain protection company with its elite brain protection system in bicycle, ski, and motorcycle helmets. MIPS has taken their patented technology and partnered with TRUE Hockey to bring you the highest level of head protection.

TRUE’s patented MIPS System utilizes a layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. It’s developed to protect not only the skull but the brain as well.

A Perfect Combination Of Protection And Lightweight

The ultra-lightweight construction of the helmet is made possible by a one-piece polypropylene shell. TRUE has constructed the Dynamic 9 Pro to be the lightest helmet in its class without sacrificing any protective elements. TRUE has also designed the Dynamic 9 Pro to have a truly personalized fit. The helmet comes standard with interchangeable side and rear occipital fitpads. These fitpads are available in three different thicknesses and allow for complete adjustability and customized fit.

The hockey helmet is arguably the most critical piece of equipment in terms of safety. While helmets may not entirely prevent concussions, they are crucial to limiting injuries of all kinds on the ice. Because of this, TRUE, along with MIPS Brain Protection System, will help keep you comfortable and protected while you play.



7. BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet Combo

Bauer 75 Hockey Helmet Combo

If you’re looking for the best youth hockey helmet that provides as much protection as comfort, then check out the Bauer RE-AKT 75 Combo. This is one of few Bauer helmets that includes a protective face mask to keep your teeth where they belong. Outfitted with the comprehensive package of Bauer’s best impact management systems, the 75 is ready to manage impacts of all types, directions and velocities.

The majority of the shell is lined with multi-density impact management foam. This is important because not all hits in hockey are bone rattlers, but they all send shock waves through your head and cause impacts inside the skull. Having a foam capable of compressing under a variety of impact speeds is essential.

Get The Most Protection For Your Child's Head

Bauer has also included their Poron XRD foam in the temples of the helmet to help protect the most sensitive part of the skull from even the most subtle shocks. Poron is capable of compressing with very little pressure. The back of the helmet is loaded with Seven+ Tech, meaning it’s composed of plastic cylinders that absorb shock and return to rest much quicker than other foams. The location of these is key; in the back of the helmet. They’ll be able to manage the shock of hitting the ice or boards after the initial check much more efficiently than that of a simple foam design.

Lastly, Bauer’s tool-less two-piece slide adjustment system combines with their new molded occipital support system to provide players with ample latitude to adjust their helmets to achieve that perfect fit.



8. WARRIOR Covert PX+ Helmet

Warrior Covert PX+ Helmet

The Warrior Covert PX+ Helmet has focused on the three most important aspects of any hockey helmet; overall protection, lightweight comfort and an unmatched fit. The PX+ is a fantastic upgrade from the Krown PX3. Its redesigned shell has improved internal foams, and the newly designed shell offers an authentic NHL look.

The two-piece shell construction makes tool-free adjustability as simple as possible. This assures you have the right fit for your game at all times. This is an excellent feature to have for older kids who may not be fully grown yet.

Stay Protected And Refreshed For The Entire Game

Strategically placed vents maximize airflow through the helmet and help keep your head, and body temperature cool for the whole game. Multi-layer design is responsible for protection and also comfort. The EPP liner provides the first layer of defense and can withstand multiple impacts from various types of force. Vinyl nitrate foam padding is a softer foam located between the EPP liner and your head. It provides a comfortable feel and is a more forgiving layer of protection, returning to its original shape after compression.

Warrior has impressed before but not at the level of this hockey helmet. The sharp new look and better protection make it a fantastic choice for any level of player.



9. CCM Fitlite 3DS Hockey Helmet Combo

CCM Fitlite Hockey Helmet

For one of the most comfortable fits amongst all hockey helmets, we found the CCM Fitlite 3DS Helmet Combo. This helmet features a two-piece shell construction with a tool-less fit-adjustment system. The dual side locks release easily for a personalized front-to-back fit.

The included cage also boasts two adjustments that change how it fits with the helmet. This is useful for younger players because as they grow, this helmet grows with them. The helmet strap also features a clip lock rather than the traditional snap—more manageable for both parents and kids to use. All these adjustment features give everyone a lot more control over how it protects them both now and in the future.

The Interior Is Even More Impressive

A massive advantage to note is the thick EVA foams throughout the whole interior. EVA is dual density, with the yellow base foam being the denser of the two. The top layer is also thick, but it’s softer and designed to provide maximum comfort.

The 3DS also features CCM’s D3O Smart Foam technology. D3O foam is one of the most protective materials CCM uses. It’s rate sensitive which means its stiffness increases with the intensity of an impact. With the D3O foam’s rear positioning, this helmet is perfect for young players still prone to falling backward and smacking the back of their head on the ice. Parents can feel better knowing their kid’s helmet provides superior back-of-the-head protection.



10. WARRIOR Alpha One Hockey Helmet

Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

This unyielding, one-piece shell is made with high-density plastic that’s firm but still lightweight. The shell is specifically designed to distribute the effects of impacts, giving players advanced head protection. Not to mention it looks super sleek.

The Alpha One design integrates shell and liner compositions. It protects all areas of the head with a lightweight Viconic diffusion plate inside the helmet. The Viconic plate design allows the helmet to absorb single or simultaneous head-on, side, and rear impacts. The Viconic diffusion plate distributes impact and collision, which helps to reduce intensity.

An Elite-Level Helmet To Protect During Intense Play

In addition to the Alpha One’s one-piece design, rigid plastic, and diffusion plate, Warrior includes additional impact protection with its EPP foam. The foam creates a lightweight, protective barrier against catastrophic injury. On top of that, the Impax soft-touch foam shield and Viconic pods are specially designed for impacts of various intensities. All this protection technology will perform as it’s intended as long as the helmet fits correctly.

To take advantage of all these safety features, you must ensure that the helmet fits properly. BOA’s AdaptFit 360 system gives players control and a customized fit around the entire head. The BOA dial at the back of the helmet allows players to physically dial in the precise fit they need. Along with all this protection and comfort, it includes some cool decals so you can customize your Alpha One senior hockey helmet to match your team colors.



Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best hockey helmet for you.

Parts Of A Hockey Helmet

There are two main aspects to consider when choosing a great helmet. The exterior shell acts as your first line of defense against blunt force trauma. Its job is to protect your skull against high impact and any sharp objects like the butt end of a stick or hard falls on the ice.

Parts Of A Hockey Helmet

Exterior — The exterior shell acts as your first line of defense against blunt force trauma. Its job is to protect your skull against high impact and any sharp objects like the butt end of a stick or hard falls on the ice.

Interior — This area of the helmet focuses on comfort. There are many different options here to suit all different types of preferences. The other focus of the interior is to protect your brain from concussions. Lots of research has gone into this aspect of the helmet over the past decade to reduce the chance of concussion. We now know that keeping your brain stable is a key factor in preventing concussions and other brain damage symptoms.

How To Get The Right Size Helmet

To take full advantage of the protection and comfort that helmets these days offer, you must get the correct fit. Thankfully, helmets are outfitted with custom-fit systems to accommodate a wide range of head shapes. For the perfect fit, the more options, the better. Some helmets have three adjustment sections, while others are limited to one. You can optimize your fit with more options, so it feels like the helmet was made just for you. The flip side of that coin is that having too many options will leave you never feeling quite right. A helmet with one adjustment feature makes it easy to find the best fit for that helmet.

Gauging the different styles of foams will also contribute to your fit. Foam and padding technology is far advanced from even ten years ago. Knowing whether you like a soft fit or a more rigid feel will help you narrow down your search.

Hockey Helmet Ratings

Hockey Helmet Ratings

The Virginia Tech Helmet Rating Organization has developed a universal hockey helmet ratings system. They put each helmet through rigorous testing to determine the level of protection they provide.

The test results are then translated to a 5-star system. 5 stars being the best you can get while 0 stars indicate a sub-par helmet. All brand-name helmets will have been put through these tests and assigned a corresponding score through the star system.

   ★★★★★ : Best Available

   ★★★★☆ : Very Good

   ★★★☆☆ : Good

   ★★☆☆☆ : Adequate

   ★☆☆☆☆ : Marginal

   ☆☆☆☆☆ : Not Recommended

Hockey Helmets And Concussion Prevention

Hockey helmets these days are nothing short of modern marvels of protection. A massive effort has been made to protect players, especially young players, from concussions and other head-related trauma. The results have been spectacular. By using special foams with different densities, these helmets are made to cradle a player’s head to absorb all types of shock. This is crucial to prevent concussions since they can develop from hits that may not seem severe on the surface.

Different layers and thicknesses of foam around the helmet are meant to cradle the brain and keep it from rattling around during high-impact episodes. Research has shown that this measure of protection prevents the most concussions.

Buying The Best Hockey Helmet For You

Choosing the right comfort – and more importantly, protection – for you.

Parts Of A Hockey Helmet


All of the helmets listed above have excellent fitting systems that require no tools. They can be adjusted in small increments so you can get the precise fit you’re looking for. Some helmets have a single lock adjustment system and some have more points of adjustment. You may find these helpful or redundant depending on your level of comfort. Some may find having so many options to be confusing and unnecessary.

It’s always better to have too many options than not enough. If it seems like you can’t get a comfortable fit at first, try adjusting only one area at a time. Learning what each adjuster does will allow you to pinpoint the area that you need the most attention.

Remember, the fit is not only about comfort but protection as well. Never sacrifice the integrity of the helmet for comfort.

Head Shape

With so many hockey helmets available, you are sure to find one that suits your head shape perfectly. In general, players with round heads will find comfort easily. Oblong heads will benefit more from having multiple adjustment points, especially if you can find a helmet with adjusters on the temple and can affect the height.

No matter your head shape, there is a helmet out there for you, and there’s a high chance that it’s on the list above.

Face Protection

For youths: face protection is not an option, so you will have to find something you like that won’t affect your gameplay. Wire cages are the most popular as they allow for maximum airflow from front to back. If the wire cage is impeding your vision, then you can get full-face visors. This is made from strong, clear plastic that provides unobstructed vision from left to right.

For adults: if a full mask is not your style, then you can get a half-visor. This will protect the nose and eyes. By only being half the size, it still allows a lot of airflow to keep you cool. A clear visor also makes it very easy to see while you’re on the ice.

Few players do not use any kind of face protection, but for adult leagues and professional ranks, this is also an option.

Chin Strap

The chin strap is relatively the same from helmet to helmet. All hockey helmets have one, and they are crucial to keeping them in place, providing the best protection.

The strap should sit on your chin as the name suggests and away from your neck and throat. Some straps come with a chin cup as well to help with security and comfort. The strap doesn’t have to be super tight, but it should be a snug fit that keeps your helmet securely on your brow.


To get the safest hockey helmet, you can use the Virginia hockey helmet rating system. This ranks all the best hockey helmets utilizing a star rating. Five stars indicate the top-of-the-line and will provide maximum safety.

Other helmets may provide adequate safety and choose to focus more on comfort and performance. With added protection usually comes added weight. The safest helmets may be too heavy for some players. In that case, you may want to sacrifice a small amount of safety to get the most comfortable helmet.

To be one of the safest hockey helmets, you’ll also want a face mask. Whether it be a wire cage or clear visor, either will protect your face so you can play without fear of injury. 


The design of the hockey helmet shell hasn’t changed much over the years. The look has remained understated and traditional. However, the design “under the hood” has changed dramatically. If you haven’t bought a great helmet in a while, then the first thing you will notice is how breathable they are now. The design has allowed manufacturers to add more vents or increase the size of the current ones. To learn about positioning in hockey, click here.

As we understand airflow more and more, we can channel the air through the helmet more to reduce drag and provide a cooling effect. Don’t worry about the style of any helmet; look for the advantageous features, and you’ll be playing your best in no time. Interested in other activities on ice? Find out more by clicking on Figure Skate Vs Hockey Skate, Best Figure Skates, Best Ice Skates For Beginners, Best Snow Tubes For Adults And Kids plus What To Wear Ice Skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hockey helmet you should buy depends on a lot of factors, but we would recommend the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet. This is the best hockey helmet for all types of players. It provides excellent protection while also offering extreme comfort and adjustability features. If you’re having trouble deciding, then stop debating and pick this one up right away. 

The three main types of hockey helmets provide different levels of facial protection and are: complete face protection with a cage or visor; half face protection with a visor; and no face protection for maximum visibility. Which one you choose is up to you, and may depend on how often – and how seriously – you play.

To know what size hockey helmet to buy, you must know your head size. This can be done in two ways, and the major manufacturers use both commonly. First is using your hat size. If you wear fitted caps, they always have a size printed on the inside tag. The second is by measuring the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure or regular string. You can match that number with a corresponding size on the manufacturer’s website with whichever method you choose.

Most NHL players wear a variation of the Bauer RE-AKT line of helmets. With these different features available, it’s easy to find precisely what you’re looking for. You can customize the size and choose between different weights. All of these helmets provide maximum protection and look great as well.

The safest hockey helmet is Bauer RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet. This hockey helmet provides multiple layers of foam that are used to absorb all levels of impact during play. They have worked to identify the most vulnerable points of impact during a game and protected the player from all types of trauma.


While not the most glamorous piece of equipment, it’s undoubtedly the most important. The best weapon every player has is their ability to anticipate the game, and for that skill to flourish, you need your confidence to be high. Save yourself some trouble and get the CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet for a great combination of safety and style. It checks all the boxes that experienced players look for, and it looks great as well. Choose the best hockey helmet for you so you can start focusing on practicing and improving. Most importantly, have fun!

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