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About Us

Game Quarium is your online destination for toys, games, activities and fun learning resources. We believe that toys and games are a fundamental part of our development, and that they play a key part in bringing families and friends together.

Here, we provide you with detailed, impartial product reviews and discussions and instructions so that you can get the best experience from your games.

We launched Game Quarium with the aim of becoming the best online destination for toys, games and activities reviews, so if you have any questions or there is a product you’d like us to cover, please let us know!

Meet The Team

Julia Laurie

Growing up, I didn’t have a TV or much access to a computer, so most of my entertainment came from playing games outdoors. Continue Reading…

Clint McCormick

I have always had a passion for games, outdoor activities and hobbies since I was a little kid growing up in the country. Continue Reading…

Jason Walker

I have many fond memories of playing yard and board games with my friends growing up – before the days of playing on the internet! Continue Reading…

Our Mission

Toys and games develop problem solving abilities, teach independence and the value of compromise, nurture creativity and imagination and encourage activity in a fun and engaging way. These are skills and values that you will carry with your throughout your life.

Our mission at Game Quarium is to help direct you to toys, games, activities and resources that inspire learning, creativity and most importantly, fun!

How We Are Funded

GameQuarium does not charge a fee to our readers. We recieve money through various affiliate programs and adverts on our website. When you buy a product which is recommended from our website, we recieve a small commission. You are not charged more for this, but by doing this you are supporting our website and help us continue more content.