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The 8 Best Air Hockey Tables Reviewed For Your Games Room 2023

Best Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey can be played recreationally or competitively, and it’s suitable for players of almost all ages, sizes and skill levels. Air hockey tables provide a lot of fun and your house just might become the place where all your family and friends love to gather and play. Read on to learn more about the best air hockey tables on the market and how to pick the best one for your own home. The best air hockey tables come in different sizes and with different features, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best air hockey table for you.

#1 Editor’s Choice

MD Sports Titan 7.5′ Four Player Air Hockey Table
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Hathaway Games Midtown 6’ Air Hockey Table
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Brunswick 7′ Air Hockey Table
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GLD Products Mainstreet Classics 35″ Table Top Hockey
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ESPN 84″ 4-Player Air Hockey Table
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GLD Products Fat Cat 7′ Two Player Air Hockey Table
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Triumph Sports 72″ Air Hockey Table
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Hathaway Games Face Off 60″ Two Player Air Hockey Table
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1. MD Sports Titan 7.5' Four Player Air Hockey Table

MD Sports Titan Air Hockey Table

Editor’s Choice #1: Sturdy metal legs support a sturdy wooden cabinet and playing surface — this table is weighty and made to stand up to whatever you dish out. It exudes strength and it’s sizable enough that four people can play comfortably. There’s nothing wrong and everything right with our top choice among the best air hockey tables.

Big And Strong

This air hockey game table is large enough for four adults to play at the same time and it’s super-sturdy to stand up to even the most vigorous gameplay. It’s built to last and you’ll be glad of it because this is one piece of equipment that you’ll want to use all the time! It’s made with  metal legs for strength, and each leg has its own leveler to keep the table straight and true at all times. The surface is sleek, smooth manufactured wood with a high-gloss, scratch-resistant, UV-coated surface that looks and plays great. Other features include an illuminated play area, an overhead automatic scoring system and sound effects that let you feel like you’re at a real stadium. You get four black/red pushers and four pucks.

Need To Know

The air-powered hockey game table measures 90″ x 48″ x 32″, with a playing surface of 82″ x 40.9″, and it weighs 223 pounds. The air flow is powered by a 120V motor which needs to be plugged into the wall. You will need (at least) two adults, a wrench and screwdrivers to assemble the table. The table ships in one box, so you may also need two adults to carry the box where it needs to go. This is truly a high-end air hockey table and it will make your house the most popular place to be!



2. Hathaway Games Midtown 6’ Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Games Midtown Air Hockey Table

Editor’s Choice #2: This top air hockey table is made from environmentally safe materials and features a classy cherry wood-grain finish. This six-foot air hockey table looks and feels like fine furniture with its pedestal legs and imposing presence. Both the surface and the air flow are smooth and strong for the best gameplay and one of the best air hockey tables you could imagine.

Midtown Style

This handsome, high-quality air hockey table brings high style to your den, basement, rec room or game room. It’s made from heavy manufactured wood with a rich cherry wood-grain finish with silver accents so that it looks like a piece of fine furniture. You can feel especially good about your purchase knowing that the MDF materials are certified to be environmentally safe as well as strikingly attractive. The pedestal-style legs feature individual 3″ levelers so that the table feels sturdy and straight; there are also felt foot pads to protect your flooring. You’ll also appreciate the playing surface crafted from scratch-free brilliant white polycarbonate with streamlined corners and black graphics. It comes with four pucks and two red pushers that look great on the table and feel great in your hands.

More To Love

The air-powered hockey table operates on a 110V motor and puts out a steady, strong stream of air so that the pucks glide across the surface effortlessly. The LED display with a built-in timer means you can easily keep track of the score — it is programmed for standard hockey games as well as plenty of variations to make sure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The goal boxes offer automatic puck return to keep your game going. The table measures 72″ x 36″ x 31″ and weighs 117 pounds. The playing surface is 64″ x 30″.



3. Brunswick 7' Air Hockey Table

Brunswick 7’ Air Hockey Table

Brilliant From Brunswick

We all know Brunswick as the manufacturer of high-end billiards tables but they’ve outdone themselves with this elite air hockey table. It’s made from high-quality, heavy plastic material in a sleek pedestal design. The solid legs feature individual levelers so that the table always feels straight and sturdy no matter where you put it. You’ll love the black and white color scheme that manages to look modern and monochromatic as well as timeless and classic. Scorekeepers are embedded into each side of the table for easy access. You get four black pucks and two pushers with this table so you’ll be ready to set up and start playing right away.

Vital Statistics

This full-size air hockey table measures 84″ x 41.1″ x 32.5″ and it weighs 139 pounds. The air flow is powered by a motor that needs to be plugged into the wall. It is a heavy, solid, no-nonsense table that’s definitely built to last. The black plastic is easy to wipe down and it will always stay looking nice. Another bonus with this table is that it’s compatible with the CT7 table tennis top so you can convert it quickly and easily. It’s an excellent choice for any den, game room, basement or covered porch and you’ll love having it in your home to play with family and friends.



4. GLD Products Mainstreet Classics 35" Table Top Hockey

GLD Products Mainstreet Classics Table Top Hockey

Table Top Treasure

Set up and play air hockey anywhere from the dining room table to your office desk with this sweet little set. This table top air hockey table is also featured in our mini air hockey table reviews. It’s made from composite wood for a solid feel and an attractive look with its glossy black finish and red and white graphics. The playing surface is smooth and white with red and black graphics. You will enjoy features such as manual scorekeepers at each end, to help you keep track, and automatic puck returns in the goal boxes. The tabletop air hockey set comes with two red pucks and two red pushers, which coordinate nicely with the colors of the table. The pushers are a nice size for younger and smaller hands but adults may find them too fiddly.

Measurements And More

The hockey game table top is 35″ long and 8.25″ high, and it weighs just 11 pounds, which means that you can place it on nearly any table or desk to get started with your game. The tabletop air flow is powered by an electric motor, so you’ll also need a place to plug in the adapter. Most adults should find this easy to assemble. The table is small enough to store easily or even to take with you to share with family and friends. It’s a great little set with everything you need.



5. ESPN 84" 4-Player Air Hockey Table

ESPN 4-Player Air Hockey Table

Arcade Style For Four

This deluxe air hockey table is large enough for four adults to play at the same time, which is great fun for the whole family or a double date. The table is loaded with high-end features such as an overhead bar with LED lights, an automatic scorer, a timer, sound effects, projection lights, two cupholders and storage for pucks and pushers. The table itself is constructed with full panel leg supports, individual heavy-duty leg levelers and reinforced corner caps, playfield apron and top rail. You’ll also appreciate the high-gloss finish on the manufactured wood playing surface so the puck glides swiftly and smoothly. The set comes with four pucks and four pushers.

What Matters Most

The extra-large table measures 84″ x 51.9″ x 38″ fully assembled with a playing surface of 76.9″ x 40.9″. It weighs in at 172.5 pounds so not as easy to assemble as others — you’ll need two adults (and screwdrivers and Allen wrenches) to unload and assemble it. The air flow is powered by a 120V motor that needs to be plugged into the wall. The table, legs and playing surface are made from manufactured wood and the pucks and pushers are plastic. The manufacturer, MD Sports, has collaborated with ESPN to create a line of indoor and outdoor games — and no one knows sports better than ESPN!



6. GLD Products Fat Cat 7' Two Player Air Hockey Table

GLD Products Fat Cat Air Hockey Table

Black And White

This handsome air hockey table features clean lines and a sleek black and white design that looks great in any basement, game room or wherever else you choose to place it. The table is constructed from manufactured wood/MDF with a glossy black finish that stands the test of time and play. The playing surface is white polycarbonate with a center logo and graphics that resemble an ice hockey rink. It also has 5″ chrome leg levelers on each leg so that the air-powered hockey table is perfectly balanced and stable for the best game play. The legs are removable in case you need to relocate or store the table. You get four pucks and two pushers to start off with.

Smooth And Powerful

The 110-volt motor on this air table hockey game is capable of outputting 80 cubic feet of air per minute, so your pucks will feel like they’re flying across the surface. The automated electronic scoring LED display has an adjustable announcer voice and a timer that you can set for either 10-minute, 15-minute or unlimited games. There is also a manual bead scorekeeper to help keep track if you prefer. The table measures 84″ x 42″ x 30.5″ and it weighs 139 pounds fully assembled. It must be plugged into the wall to operate.



7. Triumph Sports 72" Air Hockey Table

Triumph Sports Air Hockey Table

Lights… Action!

You’ll love the look of this high-tech, arcade-style quality air hockey table with its LED lights, lighted pushers, lighted pucks, electronic scoring system and graphic design. It’s like playing air hockey in a discotheque! The black and grey table is made from high-quality manufactured wood with sleek, silvery accents. The solid legs have individual levelers so the table feels solid, sturdy and level for great gameplay. This is an excellent table to use anywhere in your home. The quality build and manufactured wood play surface makes it feel like furniture so you’ll enjoy giving it a place of pride. It can be the centerpiece of a basement, den or game room.

Important Information

Your arcade-style lighted air hockey table measures 72″ x 40″ x 31″ with a playing surface of 65.3″ x 33″. It weighs 91.5 pounds so you know that it won’t move at all during even the most vigorous game play. The airflow is powered by a motor that must be plugged into the wall, and the automatic scoreboard is battery-operated. The LED strikers and pucks recharge via USB and you also get two standard red pucks. Two adults are required to assemble the hockey table game, and it may be too heavy for one adult to move on their own.



8. Hathaway Games Face Off 60" Two Player Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Games Face Off Air Hockey Table

Ice Ice Baby

This air-powered hockey table celebrates the best of ice hockey with ice-blue “Ice Hockey” graphics on a deep black table. The table itself is made from certified environmentally safe manufactured wood so you can feel good about your purchase, and there are side supports for extra strength. The L-shaped legs are reinforced for strength and have independent levelers to ensure stability and evenness. The set features an automatic scoreboard and automatic puck returns in the goal boxes. You get two red pucks and two red pushers that look great on the table and feel great in your hands.

Ready, Set, Go!

There are over 1500 holes in the playing surface for continuous, powerful, even air flow. The pucks glide smoothly and evenly, and your shots will be straight and true. The air is powered by a 110V motor and a five-blade fan. The table measures 60″ x 29.6″ x 31″ and it weighs 49.5 pounds, which means that most adults can move the table by themselves. The playing surface is 54.6″ x 27.1″. It’s large enough for most adults but still usable by many younger and smaller players. You will need batteries for the scoreboard display. The table requires assembly (you’ll need both a Phillips head and a standard screwdriver) and it is highly recommended that two adults work together.



Buyer’s Guide

Features To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Air Hockey Table

Features To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Air Hockey Table

A full-size air hockey table is an investment in every way — it’s pricey and it takes up a lot of real estate in your home, but the dividends are paid out in fun, family and friends. You’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing the best air hockey table for you, so read on to learn more.


Air hockey tables range from ones large enough that four grown adults can play in comfort to tabletop air hockey games that can be stored in a closet and come out when anyone wants to play. You know your house best: pick what you’re going to use the most, what you have room for and what you can afford. Keep in mind that almost all air hockey tables need to be plugged into an outlet to work (some of the motors are powerful and extension cords may be contraindicated), so that’s something else to keep in mind when deciding what tables will fit where.


Consider the construction of both the table itself and the playing surface. Most air hockey tables are made of composite, manufactured or laminate wood. This means that the tables resemble a piece of furniture, and many people prefer this look for their homes. There are advantages to plastic construction air hockey tables, though, namely that it’s less likely to show wear and tear, scratches or dents from being bumped or kicked.

The playing surface of air hockey tables can be either polycarbonate or manufactured/laminate wood. Either way, it should be polished to a high gloss and finished to protect against dents and scratches. The finish should also be applied over any graphics so that tables stay looking new as long as possible.

Air Flow And Source

Perhaps the most crucial part of an air hockey table is the air! Without powerful, even air flow, the puck won’t glide smoothly or straightly. Pick a table that has a high density of air holes, and make sure that it’s powered by a strong motor that won’t overheat during longer games. Almost all full-sized air hockey tables and most of the best table hockey games plug into the wall, which is preferable because you’ll always have a strong current.


A six- or seven-foot air hockey table is likely going to be the centerpiece of whatever room it’s in, so you will naturally want to choose tables that you like the look of. You can select from wood-grain air hockey tables with furniture-like details and finishes, high-tech arcade-style tables with lights, contemporary black and white air hockey tables, or tables with graphics and logos that celebrate hockey and sports. Whatever your style, there’s an air hockey table that will match it!

Features And Extras

A big part of picking the right table for you is getting one that has exactly what you want. Some of the options available on the best air hockey tables include automatic scoreboards (some are even pre-programmed for variations on the standard game scoring), lighted play areas, sound effects and automatic puck return. You may also want to look for air hockey tables that have storage areas for the pucks and pushers so they’re always right where you left them. Another excellent feature is the ability to convert the table for ping-pong or another indoor sport.


For as much as we all may wish otherwise, most of us have to consider our budgets when we are buying toys. It may be tempting to spend as little as possible, but that’s not always the wisest choice. Higher-end air hockey tables have more features and frills; more than that, though, the tables tend to be sturdier and better made, which means that they will last longer and end up being a better investment in the end.

The higher-end tables also tend to come as a complete kit with everything you need to set up and start playing instead of nickel-and-diming you into spending more than you had planned to get accessories or even important playing pieces. These air hockey tables may also come with better warranties, which is always a plus and which can save you money on repairs or replacement pieces as well. It’s well worth looking at every aspect of the best air hockey tables and not just the price tag when you are shopping for tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air hockey tables work by forcing a steady flow of air through small holes in the playing surface. This air cushion allows pucks to glide easily and smoothly, which makes the game fast-paced and lots of fun. Pucks can ricochet off corners and bumpers to keep the players guessing and moving at all times.

Good air hockey tables can cost anywhere from under $100 for a small tabletop model up to nearly $1000 for a full-size solid table with plenty of bells and whistles and extras. Factors that influence the price of tables include the size of the table, what it’s made out of, how powerful the blower motor is, and features such as automatic scoring, sound effects and puck returns.

A “full-size” air hockey table is generally considered to be anywhere from 84″ to 96″ long, and 48″ to 52″ wide. There are even a few tables larger than that; they are usually designed for four players at the same time because that’s just too much area for one player on each side to cover. Regulation/tournament air hockey tables are 84″ x 48″ x 32″.

Air hockey tables should be cleaned with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Turn the blower motor on to make sure that none of the dirt or debris gets lodged in the air holes and then wipe down the table with a clean, dry cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for your particular tables, but it’s usually okay to use an alcohol-based cleanser, diluted dish detergent or an ammonia-free window cleaning spray if you think that the table needs more than a wiping down. Click here for more information on how to clean an air hockey table.

Air hockey pucks can range from around 2″ to 3.5″ in diameter and weigh up to 1.5 ounces. A regulation/tournament air hockey puck is 3.25″ in diameter. Larger and heavier pucks can make for better game play as long as the blower motor in your table can handle them, as lighter pucks are prone to flying off tables during a vigorous rally.


We think that the best air hockey table is either the MD Sports Titan 7.5′ Four Player Air Hockey Table or the Hathaway Games Midtown 6’ Air Hockey Table, but there are lots of excellent tables available. We’ve highlighted eight of the best air hockey tables and shown you why each one might be the right choice for you, so have fun with whichever one of the best you pick!

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