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The Top 10 Best Ping Pong Table Tennis Tables Reviewed 2023

Best Ping Pong Table

Are you a table tennis enthusiast looking for a quality table to improve your game? In this guide, we’ll provide you with the ping pong table reviews that you need to make your choice between the best table tennis tables on the market. Whether you’re in search of a professional grade table tennis table or a convenient indoor/outdoor table tennis setup, we’ve got you covered! You’re sure to find the best ping pong table for your preferences below. 

Table of Contents

Best Ping Pong Table Comparison Chart

#1 Editor’s Choice

Stiga Vapor Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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#2 Editor’s Choice

JOOLA Inside 15 Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table
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Butterfly Europa 25 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table
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Butterfly Indoor/Outdoor Playback Rollaway Foldable Table Tennis Table
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Stiga STS 385 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table
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JOOLA Tour Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table
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JOOLA Rally Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table
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Contender Regulation Size Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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Butterfly Compact Foldable Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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Extera Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
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1. Stiga Vapor Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga Vapor Foldable Table Tennis Table

Editor’s Choice #1: Learn about the Stiga advantage for yourself with this Stiga model, the best choice for ping pong players who don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience. Not only is it well-engineered and simple to put together, this table also delivers ultimate playability for your favorite sport. This great competition table from Stiga is sure to impress even the pickiest ping pong player with its amazing list of features.

Easy Storage And Transportation

The Stiga Vapor table tennis table is ready to use almost instantly, coming 95% pre-assembled right out of the box. A short 10 minutes later, you’ll be finished with the easy setup process and ready to play your first game! And don’t worry about having to make space for this ping pong table–each half folds and locks into place to make storing your new table easy and convenient. The halves of the table actually nest together, saving space and making transportation a breeze! Another upside of the table’s ability to fold in half? Part of the Stiga advantage is that the Stiga Vapor table folds into playback mode, giving you the chance to get some practice in by yourself. So if you want to play or need to work on your serve but don’t have any other players around, don’t worry!

Use Indoors Or Outdoors

As one of the best indoor and outdoor ping pong tables, the high-quality construction of the Stiga Vapor table is hard to compete with! Whether you prefer to play on an indoor ping pong table or an outdoor ping pong table, this is one of the best options available. Made of durable aluminum and galvanized steel with warp-resistant coating, the Stiga advantage competition level table is designed to weather any storm. And if you’re looking for indoor ping pong tables that can be stored away, remember that this Stiga model can be broken down into halves. The table top can be used for playing cards or for dining as well, making it an even more valuable addition to your home!



2. JOOLA Inside 15 Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

Inside Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

Editor’s Choice #2: This bestselling ping pong table from Joola is a great budget-friendly option for those who wish to stick to a lower price range! It comes pre-assembled, eliminating any stressful construction work. It also has additional safety features that make it a great choice for families in search of top-tier indoor ping pong tables for their home.

High-Quality Fiberboard Table Top

One of the best features of this Joola table is the professional grade 15mm medium density fiberboard surface. It’s been approved by the USA Table Tennis Association, validating its great playability. Medium density fiberboard is a type of wood composite, which provides a consistent bounce sure to please everyone–from people new to the sport to competition level players! It’s also an extremely durable surface, guaranteeing years of high quality play. And when it’s time to disassemble and store the table, Joola makes it easy for you. The two halves of the table come apart and nest together to save space, and the sleek frame folds up and out of the way.

Extra Safety Features

This ping pong table is enhanced with additional safety features, such as a dual set of anti-tilting locking devices that keep your table steady. Plus, the locking system prevents unintentional opening and closing of the table, so you’ll also avoid getting your fingers pinched. Paired with the sturdy steel legs, this Joola table is strong and stable! In addition, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself while putting the table together–this Joola inside table arrives 95% pre-assembled, allowing you to say goodbye to complicated instructions manuals and get straight to the game! You’ll only need about 15 minutes to attach the tournament grade net with the simple clamping system.



3. Butterfly Europa 25 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Europa 25 Table Tennis Table

There’s a reason why the Butterfly Europa 25 ping pong table has been chosen over other indoor ping pong tables for the European championships and other table tennis competitions over the past couple of decades! From its high-quality table top to its durable construction, this table from Butterfly is at the top of its class. Read on to learn exactly why this table is a favorite among table tennis competitors.

Ultimate Playability

While this table requires a bit more of an investment than some of the other options, the quality speaks for itself. The wood top is an impressive 25mm thick and surrounded by a two-inch steel rim to reduce wear and tear. And along with the competition level wood table top comes ultimate playability–this table from Butterfly is International Table Tennis Federation approved! The table provides a consistent ball bounce, thanks in part to its anti-skid coating. Paired with the tournament quality National League net set, it’s nearly unbeatable!

Easy To Build, And Built To Last

Plus, the frame is sturdy and durable, featuring 2-inch square steel legs in its construction. You won’t have to worry about this table wearing out over the years–it’s built to last! And attaching the wheels is actually the only installation you’ll have to do with this table–it comes pre-assembled aside from connecting the net to the table.

Simple To Store

You might think a table this large and sturdy would be difficult to transport and store, but that’s not the case with this model from Butterfly! In order to store the table, simply tip over each half and fold in the legs. Easy installation of the four included wheels allows you to roll the table halves into storage, where the table takes up a width of only six inches. Talk about maximizing space!



4. Butterfly Indoor/Outdoor Playback Rollaway Foldable Table Tennis Table

Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table

This indoor or outdoor ping pong table model by Butterfly is approved by the USA Table Tennis Association, with tons of features that will make it a great investment for years to come. It’s rare to come by an outdoor ping pong table that has warranties included, but this model has an impressive 10-year warranty on the table top and three-year warranty on the frame.

Three Different Modes

The Butterfly Indoor/Outdoor Playback Rollaway Foldable Table Tennis Table can be used in three different modes: classic play, playback position, and storage mode. During classic play, you’ll love the convenience of the included racket and ball holder. This built-in storage set can hold up to four paddles and eight balls, keeping them handy for whenever you need them! Playback position mode allows you to play or practice on your own by folding one half of the table upright. And of course both halves of the table can be folded up and rolled away in storage mode.

Synthetic Laminate Playing Surface

This ping pong table features a 6mm synthetic laminate table top surface that’s created to withstand more than your typical amount of wear and tear, making it a great outdoor table. Edge banding along the sides of the table prevents damage, and extra bracing on the table legs makes for a sturdy table and steady playing surface. There’s no worry about quality and durability with this professional grade table!

Includes All Weather Net Set

Included with this professional grade table tennis table is an all weather net set. This net is waterproof, which makes it a great choice for outdoor use. You don’t have to worry about occasional rain ruining your net and table. The waterproof net is also simple and quick to assemble, and you don’t have to remove it in order to fold or store the table! Overall, this feature adds another level of convenience to the Butterfly model.



5. Stiga STS 385 Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga STS Table Tennis Table

You’ll notice this table because of its striking navy blue and white coloring. It makes a great-looking addition to your at-home game room–or any room, for that matter! But what you’ll love the most about this Stiga indoor table is the long list of high quality features it provides, thanks to the Stiga advantage.

19mm Wood Playing Surface

The Stiga advantage competition grade wood playing surface’s quality is hard to match! At 19mm thick, you know the ball bounce will be consistent and even. Plus, this Stiga table features a rarely-seen color in ping pong table surfaces: powder-coated navy blue with white silk-screened striping. If you’re looking for a table with a more sleek, upscale appearance, this one is a great choice!

Ideal For Indoor Play

The Stiga advantage is what makes this quality table perfect for indoor play! While it’s not recommended for use as an outdoor ping pong table because it’s not formulated to withstand various weather conditions, it’s a wonderful choice for those who want a quality table to keep indoors. It features built-in ping pong ball storage across the entire width of the table for ultimate convenience, as well as a two-inch powder-coated steel apron around the entire table to prevent damage from bumping against other surfaces. And you’ll also love the convenience of the included clipper net and post system, which is simple to attach and detach as needed. Plus, the leg levelers are perfect to employ if you ever have to deal with an uneven surface.

Foldable For Ultimate Convenience

The four steel legs fold up easily into the halves of the table, and the table halves fold together to minimize the amount of storage space needed. Or you can simply fold up the table when not in use to free up some space in your living area; the four included wheels have attached locking mechanisms that will keep the table from rolling away.



6. JOOLA Tour Regulation Size Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table

This Joola Tour table has great safety features that provide peace of mind while also keeping your table perfectly steady for the game. This model is a wonderful choice for safety-conscious families with young children! And with your choice of table top thickness for ultimate playability, it’s hard to go wrong with this table from Joola.

Quick Setup

If you don’t consider yourself a handyman, don’t worry! The Joola Tour table comes 95% pre-assembled–just set aside 10 minutes for some easy construction. The included wrench and eight bolts make it simple for you to attach the table legs, and then all you need to do is clamp on the net! In the future when you need to move or store your table, it’s simple to undo the clamps and take off the net if needed. Plus, the table folds and the halves of the table nest together to store compactly. This makes the table easy to fit into even the tightest of storage spaces!

Additional Safety Features

Joola provides customers with peace of mind by adding a number of additional safety features to this ping pong table. First, the table halves are mounted on two separate rolling trolley systems. They feature locking devices that prevent the table from tipping, as well as additional locking mechanisms on each of the eight included caster wheels. The wheels in particular add stability and safety during regular gameplay as well as playback mode and storage.

Sturdy Frame And Playing Surface

With the Joola Tour table, you actually get to choose between a 15mm, 18mm, or 25mm surface. Regardless of thickness, the table top surface is made of a blue painted medium density fiberboard, which produces a reliable ball bounce during gameplay. Additionally, the frame is constructed from steel, with eight wheels as well as adjustable rubber feet. You can always count on having a level indoor ping pong table with this one from Joola!



7. JOOLA Rally Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Rally Table Tennis Table

Some table designs are focused entirely on gameplay, while others are all about the extra features. But this model from Joola has both, combining functionality with fun! Including unique features like built-in ping pong ball storage and an abacus-style scoring system, you’re sure to fall in love with this Joola inside table!

Game-Enhancing Features

One of the coolest features of the Joola Rally TL is the attached abacus scorers. They attach to the sides of the table with magnets and are simple to use. The scorers provide a fun and easy way to keep track of the game while you play! Plus, each one of the table’s four corners has built-in storage for up to three balls. You’ll love the convenience of not having to look for balls around the room and instead having them right at your fingertips.

Medium Density Fiberboard Table Top

Not only is the Joola Rally TL an attractive and sleek shade of charcoal that would mesh with nearly any color scheme, but it’s not lacking in quality in the slightest! The table top of the Joola Rally TL is made of a wood composite called medium density fiberboard, and you have a choice between 15mm, 18mm, or 25mm table thickness. Plus, a 1.2 inch apron protects the edges of the table, while the durable steel frame provides steady support that will last for years.

Easy Assembly

Quick and easy assembly is always a plus, and the Joola Rally TL only takes about 10 minutes to construct and be ready for your first game. Attach the tournament grade net set with the included clamp system, and you’re ready to go! And as far as storage goes, the table legs fold up into each half of the table, and the two halves fold together. The four attached wheels make it a breeze to roll into its storage destination.



8. Contender Regulation Size Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Contender Table Tennis Table

Created with advanced durability in mind, this Contender ping pong table is one of the best for use as an outdoor ping pong table. Of course, you can use it indoors too–just know that this versatile table was built to last and withstand more than just your normal wear and tear.

Highly Durable Design

This professional grade ping pong table features a highly durable design made to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, from fluctuations in temperature to high levels of moisture. It has an aluminum composite playing surface, and it’s warp-proof! Plus, you’ll love the silk screened lines on the table top surface. The corner protectors along with the steel frame and reinforcing beams provide you with a perfectly steady surface to play on with a consistent ball bounce, even on uneven ground–just employ the adjustable levelers. The extreme durability of this Contender model makes it a great outdoor table.

Perfect For Any Environment

Made for great performance as an indoor and outdoor ping pong table, this table isn’t just great to have at home–it’s also perfect for schools, gyms, clubs, and recreation centers! Wherever you want to play, this ping pong table is the perfect fit. And with eight high quality solid rubber wheels and a foldable design, it’s simple and easy to transport this table wherever you want to go. Or just fold it up and store it away if you’re looking to save space in between games!

Accessories Included

With the purchase of this quality ping pong table, you don’t just get a table. You also get a full set of ping pong accessories: two table tennis paddles, three ping pong balls, and a polyester net that’s resistant to the elements of the great outdoors. You’ll be ready to play with no additional purchases!



9. Butterfly Compact Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Compact Table Tennis Table

If you’re looking to avoid assembly and purchase a ping pong table that’s simple to store and transport, look no further–the Butterfly Compact Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a great selection. For those who don’t have a lot of extra storage space and need something that’s compact and convenient, this table delivers all that and more.

Able To Fold For Storage And Transportation

Perhaps the best feature of this great ping pong table is that it’s foldable and extremely compact. The table breaks down into two halves, each with folding legs and wheels so it’s easy to move. The table is only three inches wide when the halves are folded and stored! So if you’re in search of a ping pong table that you can easily hide away when not in use, this Butterfly table is a wonderful choice.

No Assembly Required

If you tend to shy away from products that require assembly, you’re sure to love this table! There is absolutely no assembly required with the Butterfly Compact Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Instead, the table is delivered completely assembled and ready for play. Just remove the packaging, unfold the legs, and attach the included net and post set! In just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to play on your new table.

Resin-Treated Plywood Surface

This quality ping pong table has a table top made of resin-treated plywood, with the strength of steel and feel of wood. It’s created for both indoor and outdoor use. While the table is only 12mm thick, it’s made up of 11 layers of plywood, which together make for great ball bounce and playability that competes with a standard 19mm table. Plus, the top of this quality ping pong table is coated in DuPont polyurethane paint, which works as a protective agent against rain, snow, and other weather conditions.



10. Extera Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Extera Table Tennis Table

If you’re in search of a ping pong table that will function just as well outside as it does inside, this model from Extera is one of the best on the market. Created with ultimate resistance to the elements of the great outdoors in mind, this Extera table is sure to remain stable and reliable for years to come.

Playback Position

Want to work on your serve, but don’t have anyone around to practice with? That’s no problem with this Extera indoor/outdoor ping pong table, which features playback position. All you have to do is fold one half of the table up, and you’re ready for practice anytime! The sturdy steel frame will keep the table firmly in place as you play, whether alone or with a partner. Lockable caster wheels help to keep the table steady as well, and they also allow you to easily move the table to a different location or into storage as needed.

Great For Indoor And Outdoor Use

This table is one of the best for both indoor and outdoor use. It has an aluminum table top construction that’s perfect for resisting the negative effects that inclement weather conditions can have on wooden table tennis tables, like bubbling and warping. In addition, the 6mm top has an anti-glare coating and is also UV resistant to protect against the strong rays of the sun! The steel frame is powder-coated to resist rusting, even if stored outdoors in occasional rain.

Removable Net Included

With this table from Extera, you won’t need to purchase any additional accessories. It comes with a net as well as an equipment set with two paddles and three balls. The net attaches with a simple clamp system and the tension can be adjusted as needed. Right out of the box, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a game of table tennis!



Buyer’s Guide

Things To Consider When Choosing A Ping Pong Table

Things To Consider When Choosing A Ping Pong Table

We’ve added this handy buyer’s guide to our table of contents to talk about some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing from all of the ping pong tables on the market! Ideally, your new table will last for years to come, so it’s essential to think about all of the features that are important to you.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

First, where do you want to put your table tennis table? Do you have a room with plenty of extra space, or an area outdoors where you’d like to keep the ping pong table?

Keep in mind that you don’t just need space equal to the table’s dimensions–you need an additional five feet of space from each end of the table as well as three feet to each side of the table. This allows for the usual amount of movement that goes on during a table tennis game.

Also think about the weather where you live–if it’s particularly wet or rainy, it might not be the best idea to choose an outdoor ping pong table. Generally, if you are planning to use your table indoors the majority of the time, a table meant for indoor use is the best choicechoice – unless you’ll be using it as a beer pong table too!. This is because indoor tables usually have better quality playing surfaces than outdoor tables.


Are you looking for a standard sized table, or do you want something slightly smaller to fit the space you have available? Before investing in a ping pong table, it’s essential to measure the area where you’re planning to put it. There’s nothing worse than buying a table, only to assemble it and find that it doesn’t fit! In addition, think about whether you’ll have children playing on the table. If so, you might want to choose a table tennis table with adjustable legs so that everyone can easily join in on the fun!

Playing Surface

There are tons of options when it comes to your ping pong table’s playing surface. Oftentimes tables meant for indoor use have a particle board or wood table top, while outdoor tables feature aluminum, concrete, plywood resin, and other hardier types of playing surfaces. Some outdoor tables even have an anti-glare or UV-resistant coating perfect for avoiding the negative effects of the sun!

Short on space? You might choose to purchase a conversion top ping pong table that fits on top of a pool table rather than buying a full table tennis setup. Check out our reviews of the best multi game tables to find out more!


If you want to keep your ping pong table outdoors, you’ll definitely want to look into tables that are weather-resistant–or even better, weatherproof! While wood is a great option for an indoor playing surface, it’s not the best if you’re looking to keep your ping pong table outdoors. Wood can warp with humidity and extreme temperatures, while aluminum is a more weatherproof option. Concrete is another weatherproof choice. Most outdoor tables have water- and rust-proofing features so that they can withstand anything nature throws at them.


The best ping pong tables range in thickness from 22-25mm. While this table thickness provides great playability, it also comes with a higher price tag. You’ll be able to find more affordable tables with a thickness from 16-19mm. Ping pong tables of this thickness typically have good playability and will last you a few years. The cheapest tables are usually 15mm or thinner, and don’t provide the same kind of bounce you’ll find in a sport grade table tennis table.


The strength of a ping pong table lies in its frame! Heavy steel tubing is usually the frame type of choice, followed by aluminum or galvanized tubing, which doesn’t have the same kind of longevity as steel. You can also choose between a rollaway or wheelaway frame setup, a “butterfly table” or table with separate halves, or even a more unique and aesthetically appealing design.

Ease Of Storage

Consider whether you need a table that’s easy to store away when not in use. If so, it’d be wise to select a foldable table or one with wheels. Many ping pong tables are advertised as “fold and store” varieties, which are perfect if you don’t have much storage space to work with. However, some of these folding ping pong tables have legs that simply fold in, while others actually retract into the frame. In addition, multiple large wheels with locks provide the best support and keep the table from rolling away.

Before buying a ping pong table, don’t just measure the area where you want to put the table–also take time to measure the area where you plan to store the table when it’s not in use!


Oftentimes, portability goes hand in hand with ease of storage. The features that make a ping pong table easy to store, such as wheels or being able to fold the table, are also helpful when it comes to transportation. But if you have a set place where you want your table to sit permanently, portability might not be one of your priorities. On the other hand, maybe the table will need to move in and out of the room to fit a certain schedule. In that case, you’ll definitely want to check out tables with high quality wheels that are easy to transport from one place to another!

Post And Net System

Aside from the playing surface, the post and net system has a big impact on playability. The best ping pong tables have an integrated post system that’s attached to the frame.


Maybe you’re a natural with tools and don’t mind putting a few hours into the construction of your table, or perhaps it’s important to you to find a table with very limited assembly. Either way, ease of assembly is an important factor to keep in mind!

Safety Features

One common safety feature that’s especially great for families with young children is a locking mechanism. A locking mechanism keeps the table open when it’s set up for play, and closed when the table is folded up for storage or in playback position. It keeps players’ fingers from getting caught in between surfaces or getting smashed due to the table closing suddenly.

Warning: Always use caution when folding and transporting your ping pong table, even if it has safety features.

Additional Features

One fun feature you might want to look for is a paddle holder or other type of built-in storage for your ping pong accessories. Players always appreciate having extra ping pong balls handy! Or maybe you’d like a table with an abacus or other type of scoring system included. Lots of ping pong tables have additional features that add to the fun of the game, so keep your eye out!

How To Set Up A Ping Pong Table

How To Set Up A Ping Pong Table

So your ping pong table has arrived, and now it’s time to put it together and get in a few games!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

The first thing you should do? Gather your tools. The most common tools needed for ping pong table assembly are:

  • Box cutter
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Warning: Always use caution when working with tools.

Step 2: Clear the Area

Next, clear the area where you’re going to be placing the ping pong table. It’s best to assemble the table in or at least around the area where you’re going to keep it–this way, you avoid having to take the table apart to transport it and then putting it back together again.

Step 3: Measure

Before you take your table out of the packaging, measure one more time. Is the space big enough to fit the table, plus allow players to move about during gameplay? A standard table is nine feet long by five feet wide, and normal gameplay requires an additional five feet on each side and three feet on each side. This means that you’ll need a space that’s at least 14 feet by eight feet in order for the players to have enough space!

Step 4: Unbox

Once you’ve ensured you have plenty of space, it’s time to unbox your ping pong table! A box cutter or pair of scissors will be extremely helpful for this step. You’ll probably want to have a friend around to help you as well, because the table parts can be heavy and hard to handle on your own. When everything has been taken out of the box, open up the instructions manual to make sure all the parts are accounted for. You don’t want to get through the majority of assembly just to realize you’re missing a screw!

Step 5: Assemble

Now it’s time for the fun part: putting all of the pieces together. Of course it’s always recommended to follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturer, but most ping pong tables are pretty self-explanatory. You’ll need to securely attach the legs to the bottom of the table, flip the table over (this is where a helpful friend comes in handy!), and then attach the net and any included accessories.

If you run into problems, you can contact the manufacturer for help. Their number should be listed on the instructions manual for your ping pong table.

Once it’s set up you are ready to play! Don’t forget to check out our best ping pong paddle reviews to complete your set!

Ping Pong Rules

Now that you’ve gotten your ping pong table set up, it’s time for all players to get a refresher on the rules of the game! Here are the basics:

  • Games are played to 11 points. If the game is tied 10-10, players must win by two points.
  • Each player serves twice before the serve switches to the other player.
  • Games are played best of five or best of seven in competition, but it’s also common to play best of three in social settings.
  • For a legal serve, players must throw the ball straight up at least six inches into the air with a flat palm.
  • If the ball hits the net while serving, it’s considered a let and the players must replay the point.
  • When serving, players’ toss and service contact must be behind, not over, the table surface.
  • When playing singles, the serve can land anywhere on the table. But when playing doubles, the serve must bounce in the server’s right court and the receiver’s right court.
  • When playing doubles, partners have to alternate hitting the ball in a rally, regardless of where the ball lands.
  • Players must let the ball bounce before hitting it; no volleys are allowed.
  • Players can’t touch the ping pong table with their non-paddle hand.

As of 2011, ping pong and table tennis are classified as two different sports, which have different sets of rules! You can check them out here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard dimensions of a regulation size ping pong table are 9’ by 5’, or nine feet long by five feet wide. As far as height goes, regulation size ping pong tables are 2’6”, or two feet and six inches tall.

The best surface thickness for a ping pong table is 22mm to 25mm. This surface thickness produces great bounce and ideal playability. Although you can often find thinner ping pong tables at a lower price, they typically are of lower quality.

We think the best ping pong table to buy is the Stiga Vapor Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Not only does it feature both playback and classic play modes, but it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use! You can also easily fold the table up for storage or transportation. It’s a versatile model that’s one of the very best table tennis tables on the market!

Up until the year 2011, there was no real difference between the sports of table tennis and ping pong. While casual hobbyists usually called the game ping pong and more serious players and competitors referred to it as table tennis, there was no official difference between the two terms. In 2011, the two became separate sports with different equipment and different rules for gameplay.

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong tables is the material the playing surface is made of. Usually, ping pong tables intended for indoor play feature a wooden table top (often preferred by competitive players), while outdoor tables use materials such as aluminum because they’re resistant to different weather conditions. In addition, outdoor ping pong tables typically have sturdier frames that lead to a higher price point.


Now that you’ve gotten the chance to read our top ten ping pong table reviews, you’re sure to be able to choose the table that’s right for you! Out of all the best ping pong tables, our top choice is the Stiga Vapor Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table. It’s a quality table great for indoor and outdoor use that allows you to play alone or with a partner. The JOOLA Inside 15 Foldable Indoor Table Tennis Table follows closely behind as a more budget-friendly option that retains maximum playability. Whether you’re looking for a lower-priced table or prefer to pay extra for impressive additional features, we hope that this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make the best ping pong table selection so that you’ll want to play on it for years to come.

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