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The 8 Best SUP Pumps Reviews 2023

Best SUP Pump

Finding the best SUP pump can be challenging as it can get a bit technical: PSI, nozzles and power sources are just a few considerations. We totally understand that it’s not much fun shopping for the best electric SUP pumps but with one of these, you will only have to shop once! Whether it’s an electric pump or a hand-operated one, we have reviewed them and saved only the best for this article. The Outdoor Master 20PSI/12V Electric iSUP pump is our top selection; we know that we would rather be spending more time on the water and less time inflating – so we have done the hard work for you.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Outdoor Master 20PSI/12V Electric iSUP Pump
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#2 Editor’s Choice

BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump With Battery
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Bluefin Electric SUP Air Pump For Inflatable Paddle Board
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iRocker 12V Electric Pump
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SereneLife Rechargeable Pump 12
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Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump
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Sevylor SUP And Water Sport Electric Pump
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Atoll iSUP Hand Pump
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1. Outdoor Master 20PSI / 12V Electric iSUP Pump

Outdoor Master Electric iSUP Pump

Editor’s Choice #1:  An electric pump for avid paddle boarders it has all the features you need at very high quality. If you’re a family of paddle boarders then this pump will please everyone – less time preparing and more time on the water. Compared to other pumps this is the “industrial” version while still looking very sharp.

When you need to inflate more than one paddle board then this is the electric pump you’re looking for. The Outdoor Master 20 psi/12v Electric ISUP Pump has the power to inflate an impressive 3 boards consecutively. Changing boards doesn’t mean you have to change pumps, as this fits many different boards.

Industrial Power Plus Style

Able to connect through your car’s 12-volt outlet, this Outdoor Master has the power and technology to inflate 3 paddle boards in a row without needing a cooling break. Its automated system delivers power at two different PSIs so it can inflate quickly and accurately. Set your pump to the desired PSI and it will do the rest, automatically stopping once it reaches the set PSI; it is also capable of deflating. It comes with a full set of nozzles so you can inflate almost any board and has a digital display to indicate current PSI levels. A stylistic shape and design also means you won’t have to worry about keeping it out of sight.



2. BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump With Battery

BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump

Editor’s Choice #2:  As an overall pump, this one is the most versatile. It’s quick to inflate your board or anyone else’s and it’s compact. We love that it can inflate boards of different manufacturers and that it has its own carrying case. Bravo to the Bravo BP12 for making our lives easier and letting us spend more time on the water.  

The BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump With Battery has a lot of features making it perfect for those looking to paddle in waters less traveled – and it won’t take up much room in your travel bag as it’s very lightweight.

Portability Is Key

If you’re the type to take your paddle board into less charted territories then you will be ecstatic with this electric pump, with battery and charger included. We were happy to find out that this pump is also compatible with many of the popular board brands and is fully equipped for life on the road. It’s constructed using very lightweight materials to counter the weight of the battery with an automated shut-off feature to prevent over inflation. Simply set the perfect PSI you want for whichever board you’re inflating and it will shut off when it’s done.



3. Bluefin Electric SUP Air Pump For Inflatable Paddle Board

Bluefin Electric SUP Pump

This cool-looking electric pump is the best looking out of all the tried and tested SUP electric pumps we reviewed. The Bluefin Electric SUP Air Pump is reliable – having been developed by one of the industry’s leading brands you can bet on this one being a top performer. Perfect for inflating and deflating not only your paddle boards but other inflatables as well.

Sporty And Sleek

Its design isn’t all for show – it features a modern LCD display so you can digitally control all the settings from one place. Settings such as exact PSI and auto shut-off functions are all easily managed and you can also use this to deflate your stand up paddle boards and other inflatables. Not just a great-looking product, this pump can contend with some of the best, inflating in less than 15 mins. Because of its automation, you can be preparing the rest of your gear while it does the work for you. It also includes an extra-long cord as well providing more mobility.



4. iRocker 12V Electric Pump

iRocker 12V Electric Pump

Although one of the smaller pumps on the list, the iRocker 12V Electric Pump delivers a huge helping hand – fully compatible with Nautical, iRocker and Blackfin boards this paddle board pump is outstanding.

Perfect For Travel

Small enough to fit in the top pocket of your travel bag, that’s not the only thing that makes this great for travel: it has a convenient, built-in handle, and a storage compartment for the cords. We found that it inflates in 12 mins or less, and this particular SUP electric pump can also deflate your stand up paddle board giving you even more time to enjoy your outing.

Automated For Your Safety

When inflating it’s important to get the right pressure to maximize capabilities – this features a PSI measuring device to ensure a perfect inflation level. Simply set it to your desired PSI and the iRocker 12V Electric Pump will stop as soon as it hits it. It connects easily to either a 12-volt battery or the interior cigarette lighter of your vehicle. If something is not working properly, this electric pump also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.



5. SereneLife Rechargeable SUP Pump 12V

SereneLife SUP Pump

The SereneLife Rechargeable SUP Pump 12V is a workhorse when it comes to dishing out the PSIs. As an air compressor, it’s ready to inflate not only your inflatable paddle boards but almost any backyard inflatable toy you have. With some added features that pleasantly surprised us, we had to include this one on our list.

Rechargeable And Completely Portable

Included with the SereneLife Rechargeable Pump is its own battery, easily rechargeable through your car’s cigarette lighter. A powerful battery, you can inflate at least 3 boards in a row without it overheating or losing power. It comes with a carrying case to easily store cords and the 3.3 ft long hose. The LCD display lets you easily set the perfect PSI for whatever you’re inflating with an automatic shut-off setting that instructs it to stop pumping once that PSI level is reached. Due to the power it possesses, it also comes with a handy LED flashlight if you’re inflating at night.



6. Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump

Seamax Electric Air Pump

As a versatile pump, the Seamax SUP20D 20 PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump is perfect for the recreational user. It’s powered by your car’s cigarette lighter so it can travel with you and features a 4-foot long air hose to allow easy access from your car to your stand up paddle board. We found this to be a great option for your inflatable SUP if you don’t want to commit to a heavy-duty pump.

Everything Is Included

This iSUP electric pump is made from a marine-grade nylon material, making it very durable. The handle on the top is perfectly positioned to make traveling a breeze, and weighing in at only 4lbs means this paddle board pump won’t be a burden in anyone’s bag. With a dual-stage inflation feature, the Seamax SUP20D can inflate to the desired PSI very efficiently and has a backlit LED display to manage your target PSI plus an automatic shut-off feature. Its overheating protection program means you can inflate more than one board in a timely manner. It has a built-in sand filter to extend its life and its outtake chamber is designed specifically to reduce the noise meaning early morning paddle boarding won’t wake the neighborhood.



7. Sevylor SUP And Water Sport Electric Pump

Sevylor SUP Electric Pump

For those paddlers seeking a reliable and fully functioning pump then we have found this iSUP electric SUP pump for you. The Sevylor SUP And Water Sport Electric Pump has been stripped of all the non-essential features that other electric pumps may have and leaves you with everything you need to just inflate.

Important Features

In order to use this pump, you must plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter. This provides all the power you need to get the correct amount of PSIs. Using the digital display to adjust your PSI is a snap which can be done by anyone and it features an auto shut-off function to prevent overfilling. The unit select buttons let you easily toggle between PSI, KPA or MBAR measurements. With a low-pressure extension hose and adaptors, you can use this pump to inflate pool toys or even an air mattress. In high-pressure mode, this pump can go up to 15 PSI for a rigid board. We found this to be one of the very successful yet simple paddle board pumps.



8. Atoll iSUP Hand Pump

Atoll iSUP Hand Pump

If electric pumps aren’t your thing then we have tracked down a great manual pump just for you – the iSUP Hand Pump was built to tackle larger jobs while reducing the amount of energy exerted. No car battery or cigarette lighter required to run this pump as good old elbow grease will get the job done just fine.

Double And Single Pump Options

The main feature here is its double pump capability. When engaged, your pump will get air into your board on both the downstroke and the upstroke. The double pump does require a bit more stamina on your part so they have made this optional. If you want to pump the old fashion way, remove the black pin and begin single-action pumping. Unlike its electric counterparts, there are no power cords or heavy batteries or chargers to contend with. That makes this pump one of the absolute best for traveling. Leave it in the car or even take it on the plane with you, it can literally go anywhere. And since it’s so light, you will barely notice you have it.



Buyer’s Guide

Key considerations when choosing the best iSUP electric pump for you.

What To Consider When Buying A SUP Pump

What To Consider When Buying A SUP Pump

While we recommend the best electric pumps over the hand pumps as both time and energy savers, a good manual pump is worth its weight in gold. We have narrowed it down to a few key aspects to consider before committing to any electric SUP pump.

Power Source — If you choose an electric pump then there needs to be some kind of power source. This can come from a car battery, the car’s cigarette lighter or straight from a local battery. If you don’t have a car then the local battery will be your best option but you’ll have to ensure it’s always fully charged.

Overall Usage — Determining how much you will use it will help with narrowing your choices as well. If you’re a family of 4 who all go paddling then one of the SUP electric pumps with high-pressure PSI capabilities will be great. This type of electric pump will be able to inflate multiple paddle boards consecutively, with accurate PSI, before needing to cool down. And don’t forget, you can also use your SUP pump for other equipment, like inflatable kayaks.

Storage — SUP electric pumps come in many different sizes; if you want one to keep in your house or garage then any size will do. However, if you’re looking to travel or keep it in your car then look for something a little more compact.

Traveling — If you plan to travel with your pump then choose one that does not have a battery – most airlines do not allow batteries of that size to fly and will confiscate them.

No matter which pump you choose, ensure that it’s fully compatible with the board you have. Most iSUPs have a standard H3 nozzle but it’s always best to confirm with your manufacturer.

Tips For Inflating Your SUP

  • Ensure you have a functioning power source if you’re using an electric pump. Also, check to make sure that the wires and hoses will reach where you’re going to inflate your paddle board.
  • Lay your board flat out on a soft surface. If you’re doing this on concrete like in a parking lot then first lay down a blanket of some kind to protect your board.
  • Securely tighten the nozzle to the paddle board’s valve. This will make for a quick inflating process as no air will be escaping and your pump will not overheat.
  • If your pump has it, make sure you set the auto shut-off feature to your desired PSI. Your board will be perfectly inflated every time and will be in great shape for a long time.

Taking Care Of Your SUP Pump

  • With electricity and wires and digital displays, you have to have a spot picked out for it when it’s not in use. Storing it in a cool dry place is essential.
  • Ensure the air hoses and nozzles are kept safely away from sharp objects – a lot of paddle board pumps include their own bag.
  • Lastly, if you do have to keep it stored for months at a time it’s recommended to run electric pumps every 6 weeks or so. This way if something were to happen you could report it to customer service right away and they will be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best SUP pump is the Outdoor Master 20PSI/12V Electric iSUP Pump. Largely due to its size and mobility this pump fits easily into your paddle board bag. The battery is still very powerful though and it includes alligator clips for a secure and efficient fit. It can inflate a board in under 12 minutes and it has an auto shut-off function.    

Yes, you can use any electric pump for a SUP provided it has the correct nozzle. Most electric pumps come equipped with an H3 nozzle which is the most common fitting among paddle board brands. Ensure which type of connection your inflatable SUP accepts before choosing a paddle board pump.

No, not all SUP pumps are the same – in fact, they can vary a lot. There are 3 main categories: hand pumps, external power source and local power source. A hand pump uses muscle to pump air. An external power source pump will require a wall socket or a car’s auxiliary outlet. Finally, a local power source has its own battery and as long as it’s charged, will pump air anywhere.

To pump up a SUP you will need between 8 and 15 minutes. A SUP electric pump may pump quicker if it has a high PSI setting. Having a high PSI level has to do with your power source as well. Is your SUP electric pump running off a battery or from a cigarette lighter? Always check the PSI output of the pump you’re considering and how quickly you want your paddle board to inflate.  

In order to pump up a SUP, you must first determine if a power source is needed. If you’re using electric SUP pumps then find out how they are powered: wall socket, car battery or car cigarette lighter. Ensure you have a secure seal between your hose and your inflatable SUP and if your SUP electric pump features an auto-shutoff setting set that first to avoid over-inflation.


Finding the best SUP pump to suit your needs doesn’t have to be a long process, and we have taken away the stress of it with our tried and tested reviews! If you find one better than the Outdoor Master 20PSI/12V Electric iSUP Pump then please let us know. Enjoy the best electric SUP pumps and a bonus hand pump for the more traditional of you out there. Happy paddling!

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