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The 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles – Beginner, Intermediate & Professional 2023 Reviews

Best Ping Pong Paddle

Perhaps you’re a beginner who is just starting out with ping pong, and you’re in search of the best table tennis racket for newbies. Or maybe you’re a professional player looking for the paddle that will bring your game to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a multi-ply extra light blade with ITTF-approved rubber or a balsa wood paddle with enhanced speed and spin, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our menu.

It can be difficult to look through all of the products available and decide which one has the best value and quality. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, we’ve compiled the product descriptions and reviews of the top paddles on the market for both offensive and defensive players. The majority of the paddles below even come with a memory book that doubles as a storage case. Read on to figure out which one is the best ping pong paddle for you!

Table of Contents

Best Ping Pong Paddle Comparison Table

#1 Editor’s Choice

Killerspin RTG Diamond TC
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Killerspin Jet 200
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Joola Spinforce 900
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Killerspin Jet 800
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STIGA Evolution
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Killerspin JET 600
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Stiga Supreme
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Jet 400 Paddle
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Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Paddle
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1. Killerspin RTG Diamond TC-Best Overall Ping Pong Paddle

Diamond Ping Pong Paddle

Editor’s Choice #1:The Killerspin RTG Diamond TC is an International Table Tennis Federation-approved tournament-grade paddle that will exceed all of your expectations. With its wood and titanium carbon fiber blade, a straight handle and an included storage case, this Killerspin model is a great choice to level up your table tennis game!

7-Layer Blade

This table tennis bat from Killerspin features a 7-ply blade design with composite wood and titanium carbon fiber for ultimate playability. This construction lends itself to professional ping pong players with an aggressive playstyle, and it provides enhanced accuracy as well as a powerful spin and steady control. This tournament-level table tennis racket is approved by the ITTF as well.

Straight Handle

This high-quality model from Killerspin features a straight handle, which is especially nice for players who prefer to flip their blade during gameplay. Its shape makes it easy to rotate the blade within the hand. The paddle’s appearance is truly intimidating and will show competitors that you’re a serious player!

If you prefer a flared handle, you can choose that instead.

Gift-Worthy Storage Case

With your purchase of the Killerspin RTG Diamond TC table tennis racket, you’ll also receive a high-quality storage case that doubles as a keepsake box. While the case has everything your table tennis racket needs in terms of protection, it also features plenty of space for signatures, scores, and personalized messages.



2. Killerspin Jet 200-Best Budget Choice

Killerspin Jet 200 Ping Pong Paddle

Editor’s Choice #2: Looking for the top table tennis paddle that is also budget-friendly? This model from Killerspin has all of the features you would expect in a higher-end paddle, but it comes at a lower price point. Designed with a focus on beginners, the Killerspin Jet200 is perfect for those who want to work on their skills.

Comfortable Flare Grip

The Killerspin Jet200 features a comfortable flare grip which is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom. It’s best for players that maintain a looser grip on their paddles. In comparison to other types of grips, flare grips are considered the easiest to hold because of the way they sit comfortably in the hand.

Unique Color Scheme

Although the majority of table tennis rackets feature red rubber on one side and black rubber on the other side, Killerspin did something totally different with this racket. It features bright teal rubber on one side and black on the other for an eye-catching and unique look that sets you apart.

Designed For Beginners

The Killerspin Jet200 was designed with beginners in mind. It has a five-layer blade and truly balanced design. This racket is ideal for perfecting your table tennis abilities and finding your own playing style thanks to the control and power it provides. Out of 10, this model ranks at 8.5 for control, 7 for spin, and 6 for speed. It allows for slower gameplay that enables beginners to learn new skills.



3. Joola Spinforce 900-Best Inverted Rubber Paddle

Joola Spinforce 900 Ping Pong Paddle

If you’re more of an offensive tennis table player than a defensive player, you’ll definitely want to check out the Joola Spinforce 900. Of all the table tennis rackets on this list, this model is one of the most lightweight. It truly caters to more aggressive players and provides the speed and spin needed to attack.

Inverted Rubber

With inverted rubber, the rows of small pips or pimples face inward, creating a flat surface on the blade. This type of rubber improves ball control by increasing the racket’s grip on the ball. This results in accurate hits and increased spin, which make this paddle perfect for strong offensive shots. Best of all, this rubber is IITF-approved, so the Joola Spinforce 900 racket can be used in tournaments.

Ultra Lightweight

This 7-ply extra light table tennis racket weighs in at just .38 pounds, which makes it great for attacking. It’s one of the best when it comes to speed, spin and control. Advanced players will love the precision and accuracy this extra light blade provides with its plywood carbon blade. It’s the type of paddle that helps a player level up their game!



4. Killerspin Jet 800-Best Paddle for Aggressive Playstyles

Killerspin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, you’ll love the quality of this paddle from Killerspin. On a 10-point scale, this racket earns an 8 for control, a 9 for spin and a 9.5 for power. It’s easy to see why the Killerspin Jet 800 made our list of the best ping pong paddles on the market!

Wooden Side Tape

The wooden tape around the side of the paddle’s blade absorbs the energy from the ball and creates a catapult effect, which is great for those with an aggressive or offensive playstyle. The paddle features an extra light blade as well, weighing in at just .42 pounds. Plus, the flared handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold throughout multiple games.

Two Carbon Layers

With five layers of composite wood and two layers of carbon fiber, this paddle’s blade is made for enhanced accuracy and powerful shots. This composite blade is forgiving when it comes to hard-hitting shots, and it provides extra energy absorption for hard slams. Paired with the ITTF-approved 2mm rubbers, this paddle is truly powerful.



5. STIGA Evolution-Best SDT Technology

Stiga Evolution Ping Pong Paddle

The Stiga Evolution may not be the most lightweight paddle on our list, but it’s a great choice for advanced players who are in search of the ultimate power and speed. Out of 100, this paddle scores 96 for speed, 94 for spin, and 90 for control.

Innovative Technology

This table tennis racket was constructed using Shock Dispersion Tube (SDT) technology, which integrates a high-tech composite rod into the handle and blade of the paddle. This rod allows the vibrations and energy that come from ball contact to be transferred through the tube and out of the handle as sound energy. This improves the feel of the paddle, gives you enhanced control and increases speed.

Premium Rubber With 2mm Sponge

The sponge on this paddle is 2mm thick. Paired with pips-out rubber, which is great for an attacking game, the sponge and rubber work in conjunction to give you more power and increased spin. The Stiga Evolution also features an anatomic handle, which is often hard to find in pre-assembled paddles. The anatomic handle is meant to fit the curvature of your hand for elevated comfort.



6. Killerspin JET 600-Best Multi-Wood Blade

Killerspin Jet 600 Ping Pong Paddle

Get ready to improve your game with the Killerspin Jet 600! On a scale of 10, this paddle ranks at 9 for spin, 8 for power and 8.5 for control. It’s just over half a pound in weight and is a great choice for those who are at an intermediate or professional level. Just hit a few ping pong balls with this paddle, and you’ll see why it made our list of the top rackets available for purchase!

3-Wood Blade

The 5-ply wood blade features three different types of premium wood layered together to create one of the top offensive paddles available for purchase. Intended for intermediate and professional-level table tennis plays, this racket offers superior spin and control. You’ll notice the difference the first time you hit the ball!

Flared Handle

Considered the most balanced of the Killerspin line of paddles, the Jet 600 has a flared handle for comfort as well as a lightweight and dense base. This provides precision placement and increased power. The premium rubbers have a soft feel, yet they’re springy enough for hard-hitting players. A specially designed Memory Book that doubles as a storage case allows you to maintain the quality of your paddle.



7. Stiga Supreme-Best Lightweight Racket

Stiga Supreme Ping Pong Paddle

The Stiga Supreme is yet another International Table Tennis Federation-approved paddle that is on the menu as one of the best table tennis paddles! It’s one of the most lightweight rackets in our table of contents. You’ll love the 6-ply extra light blade construction and incorporation of two different kinds of technology as well. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll enjoy the quality this paddle provides.

Two Types Of Technology

The Stiga Supreme is a truly high-tech racket, featuring both tube technology and crystal technology. Shock Dispersion Tube technology involves a composite tube that goes through the blade and handle. It improves control and speed by releasing vibrations from ball contact as sound energy. Crystal technology works to harden the surface of the paddle’s blade, which increases speed.

6-Ply Extra Light Blade

Even with six layers of wood, this racket weighs in at just .35 pounds. It features an anatomic handle, ITTF-approved rubber and a 2mm sponge. This racket is a great choice for a professional player thanks to its power and speed! As one of the best table tennis paddles, this model from Stiga has lasting quality.



8. Jet 400 Paddle-Best Thin Sponge

Jet 400 Ping Pong Paddle

The Jet 400 is the best table tennis racket with a thin sponge in our table of contents. It provides both speed and spin, but especially spin! And it’s extremely comfortable in your hand thanks to the ergonomic flared handle design. Once you find your sweet spot, you’ll see that it’s even easier to hit the ball in ways your opponent doesn’t expect! The Jet 400 is recommended for those with an aggressive playing style, rather than those with a defensive playing style.

Thin Sponge

Rather than the standard 2mm sponge, the Jet 400 paddle features a 1.8mm sponge. This allows you to feel every ball strike and therefore master precision shots. Engineered with accuracy in mind, this paddle also has an ergonomic flared handle. Simply adjust your grip to find the sweet spot that will enable you to play comfortably.

Performance Blade

The Jet 400’s 5-layer blade is designed for ultimate performance. It’s created for you to hit powerful spin shots that will help you defeat your opponent. The ITTF-approved rubber is high-tension for increased power, amount of spin and speed. The rubbers also allow you to easily counter your opponent’s spin shots with your paddle.



9. STIGA Titan-Best Anatomic Handle

Stiga Titan Ping Pong Paddle

With the Stiga Titan, you’ll be amazed at the amount of spin that comes from the inverted rubber on the blade! Six layers of wood paired with tube technology and crystal technology make this model one of the top paddles for serious table tennis players. The tube technology provides increased speed and control, while the crystal technology improves the hardness of the blade to make the paddle even faster. Out of 100, the Stiga Titan scores 80 for speed, 77 for spin and 82 for control.

Anatomic Handle

You don’t often come across anatomic handles when shopping for pre-assembled paddles, let alone Italian anatomic composite handles like the one on the Stiga Titan! Anatomic handles are designed to sit comfortably in the curvature of your hand and are best for players that don’t often flip or rotate their paddles during gameplay. They are similar to flared handles but have an additional bump in the middle.

Inverted Rubber

Inverted rubber features rows of small pimples, also known as “pips,” which face inward. They create a flat surface on the blade which increases the paddle’s grip on the ball, thereby also improving ball control. Inverted rubber is great for players with an aggressive or attacking playstyle because it provides increased spin and accurate hits.



10. Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Paddle-Best Thick Rubber

Butterfly 401 Ping Pong Paddle

For a solid mix of control, speed and spin, be sure to check out the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Paddle! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, you’ll be able to appreciate the high quality of this model. This paddle is ITTF-approved and ready to go in any competition or tournament.

Thick Rubber

The majority of pre-assembled paddles have 2mm rubbers, but the Butterfly 401 has 2.1mm inverted rubbers. While you might think .1mm isn’t enough to make a difference, just wait until you test out this paddle! It provides great speed paired with tackiness to increase the amount of spin on your hits. As a general rule, more tackiness means more spin, while a smoother rubber decreases the amount of spin on the ball.

Rounded Flare Handle

The rounded flare handle is easy and comfortable to hold, and it gives you superior grip compared to other paddles on the market. Plus, it features a red, gray and blue design which makes it stand out. An included storage and transportation case adds convenience and portability to this paddle. You’ll be able to maintain its high quality for a longer period of time!



Buyer’s Guide

What Should I Look For When Buying A Ping Pong Paddle?

What Should I Look For When Buying A Ping Pong Paddle

Type Of Player


Nearly any pre-assembled racket will be sufficient for a beginner or intermediate-level player. For those who are completely new to the game, a racket with a thinner sponge is the best choice. This is because a thinner sponge means slower gameplay and therefore more time to react, which makes things easier on a player that has just begun to work on their game. The average sponge thickness is 2mm, so beginners should look for a racket with a 1.5mm sponge.


Professional table tennis players will need to invest in a competition-grade ping paddle that is ITTF-approved. Many professionals also assemble their own ping pong paddles by selecting the blade, handle, sponge and rubbers that they prefer. It’s possible to mix and match various parts to cater to your unique style of play.

Offensive Versus Defensive

Offensive rackets, or rackets for an attacking game, include inverted and pips-out. Inverted rackets provide plenty of control. Pips-out rackets don’t have as much spin, but they’re also great for making strong offensive shots. There are also two types of defensive rackets: antispin and long pips. Antispin rackets have a slick surface that don’t allow you to put a spin on the ball, while long pips rackets have a varying texture that creates unexpected shots for your opponent.

Construction Of The Paddle


The blade is the solid part of the paddle, and it determines how much power the paddle will have. While a heavier paddle with soft materials is great for defensive players, a lightweight and rigid paddle is great for offensive play. Carbon fiber and titanium carbon add rigidity to table tennis blades without making them bulky or heavy.

Meanwhile, an all-wood blade absorbs some of the ball’s energy and can slow down the game. Balsa wood is commonly used. For a fast-paced game, it’s recommended to choose a blade with at least five layers of material.

For tournament play, the racket’s blade must be constructed from at least 85% natural wood.


Table tennis racket handles can vary quite a bit. The most common handle shape is flared, which is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom. An anatomic handle has a bump in the middle to fit the shape of your hand, while round, square and flat handles are all available as well.

Rubber And Sponge

Rubber typically coats one or both sides of the blade, and it comes in two main variations: ordinary pimpled rubber and sandwich rubber. Pimpled rubber, also known as pip rubber, has raised bumps across its surface. Sandwich rubber has a sponge covered with a layer of regular pimpled rubber.

The thicker the sponge, the speedier the paddle; the thinner the sponge, the more control it has.

How To Look After Your Ping Pong Paddle

How To Look After Your Ping Pong Paddle

Keeping It In Good Condition

It’s important to clean your ping pong paddle regularly. After all, a high-quality table tennis racket is an investment, and even the best ping pong paddles will degrade with time if they aren’t maintained properly.

Caution: Avoid using bleach, vinegar, soap, detergent and abrasive scrubbers such as steel wool on your paddle. They can damage the rubber and degrade your paddle at an increased rate.

Opt for these items to clean your paddle instead:

  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Rubber cleaner
  • Specialty products

If you want to maintain the quality of your table tennis paddle for as long as possible, make sure to keep it from drying out, avoid the sun and UV light, and stay away from extreme temperatures. You’ll also want to clean your ping pong table on a regular basis, because any dust and dirt on the table will get onto the ball and transfer to your paddle. Read our review of the best ping pong table to find out more.

How To Make Your Ping Pong Paddle Sticky Again

There are a few methods to make your table tennis racket sticky again. First, you can replace the rubber. Second, use a painter’s brush to apply sunflower oil to the rubber. Third, clean the paddle. And finally, you can try applying a thin layer of glue to your paddle before games for enhanced stickiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ping pong paddle that professionals use is typically one of their own design. At a professional level, ping pong players have their own unique style that comes with specific needs as far as a paddle goes. Professionals will typically mix and match different types of blades, handles, sponges and rubbers to create a one-of-a-kind table tennis paddle.

Yes, there is a difference between the red and black side of a ping pong paddle. Typically, the red side of the paddle provides more speed, while the black side puts more spin on the ball. Most ping pong paddles have the classic red and black side, although some brands and designs may use different colors.

You hold a ping pong paddle with the Shakehand grip or the Penhold grip. The Shakehand grip involves loosely holding the racket using the web between your thumb and index finger. With the Penhold grip, the racket is held between the thumb and index finger, with the butt of the handle pointing upward.

The red side of a ping pong paddle is forehand since the red rubber is generally faster and provides less spin. Conversely, the black side of a table tennis racket is used for backhand since it gives much more spin but not as much speed. But this is not a hard and fast rule; it is simply a general guideline.

Sandpaper ping pong paddles are not legal because they do not meet the standards laid out by the International Table Tennis Federation. However, in some countries the rules may differ and sandpaper table tennis paddles may be allowed. For the most part, though, sandpaper paddles are not permitted for competitions and tournaments.


When it comes to the best ping pong paddle, our number one Editor’s Choice is the Killerspin RTG Diamond TC. It features a 7-ply design with composite wood construction, as well as precise and accurate shots. Our second Editor’s Choice, the Killerspin Jet 200, is more budget-friendly. It’s great for beginners with its comfortable flared grip and 5-layer construction. But regardless of which racket you choose, you’re sure to appreciate the way it elevates your game!

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