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Our Review Of The Best Beer Pong Tables of 2023

Best Beer Pong Table

With so many awesome beer pong games on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is the best beer pong table for you! While some table games have LED lights and dry erase playing surfaces, other beer pong tables feature powder-coated surfaces and accessories like pong balls, a bottle opener, or a ball rack.

Here we’ve collected the top six models that are currently available. Whether you’re in search of a beer pong game that doubles as a coffee table or even if you just want the basic game table with no extra frills, we’ve got the ideal product for you!

#1 Editor’s Choice

Tailgate Toss Beer Pong Table
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#2 Editor’s Choice

GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table
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Red Cup Pong Beer Pong Table
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Ktaxon Portable Floating Beer Pong Table
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Red Cup Pong Blank Customizable Beer Pong Table
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GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table & Tailgate Table
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1. Tailgate Toss Beer Pong Table-Best Overall Beer Pong Table

Tailgate Beer Pong Table

Editor’s Choice #1: If you’re in search of a high-quality regulation size beer pong table, this one from Tailgate is a great choice for you. This portable beer pong table provides awesome functionality paired with a classic look. With this table, you’ll enjoy hours of fun playing drinking games with friends both indoors or outdoors.

Easy To Store And Transport

This full-size table folds conveniently into a compact square with carrying handles, which is great for storage purposes. It also makes it easy to transport the table from one location to another, and setup is as easy as unfolding the table and its legs! This table for beer pong is made for both indoor and outdoor use, so it’s perfect for the tailgating experience or for an indoor get-together.

Water-Resistant Tabletop

Of course, some spills are inevitable when playing beer pong. But you don’t have to worry about damage to the table thanks to its water-resistant playing surface. Simply clean the synthetic laminate table with a wet cloth, dry it off, and you’re ready to continue the game! Plus, this table can easily double as a dining room table or an additional place to set food for a party.



2. GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table-Best Inflatable Floating Table

GoPong Floating Beer Pong

Editor’s Choice #2: Ready for a day of fun at the pool? This inflatable floating beer pong table makes a great addition to any pool party! It’s also the perfect budget-friendly choice if you’re in search of a table that won’t break the bank! Plus, each inflatable table is inflation tested and checked for quality before being shipped.

Easy To Inflate

No extra tools are required to inflate this floating beer pong table with 20 built-in cup holes. You can blow it up manually in a pinch, or you can also use a pump to make the process a little bit faster. Either way, this GoPong pro table will go from flat to ready to play in just a few short minutes! Or you can use it as a pool float to lay out and get some sun.

Lightweight And Portable

One of the best things about this inflatable floating table is that it’s ultra-lightweight. At only three pounds, it’s definitely easy to carry. When deflated and folded up, it’s also incredibly simple to store or to toss in the back of the car on the way to a pool party.



3. Red Cup Pong Beer Pong Table-Best Indoor/Outdoor Table

Red Cup Beer Pong Table

Get into the game and embrace the competitive spirit with this classic beer pong table, complete with a basketball court design. Of all the best beer pong tables available for purchase, this table is the best for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes it perfect for the game room or the driveway!

Works Indoors And Outdoors

Whether you want to set up this folding table indoors or outdoors, it’s ready to perform. Play the classic drinking game of beer pong in the living room, the garage, or the backyard–the choice is yours! The manufactured wood tabletop paired with the aluminum frame makes this table even more durable and long-lasting.

Included Accessories

While you still have to buy accessories like ping pong balls separately with many of the best beer pong tables, this model from Red Cup comes with some of the accessories included. While you’ll still need to purchase cups for the game, this table does come with 6 beer pong balls, a ball holder, and a bottle opener!



4. Ktaxon Portable Floating Beer Pong Table–Best Floating Table

Ktaxon Beer Pong Table

Not only does this floating beer pong table make the perfect game for a day at the pool, but it also serves as a heavy-duty pool float for those who want to take some time to relax and soak up the sun. This model is sure to provide hours of fun!

High-Quality XPE Construction

This Ktaxon table’s impressive construction features three layers of XPE foam with 20 built-in cup holes. These three foam sections make the table resistant to tears, abrasions and punctures. They also make for great durability and easy cleaning. The XPE foam is heavy-duty enough to support a sunbather or lots of snacks for family and friends!

Rolls Up For Storage

Storage is simple as can be with this table from Ktaxon. Roll up the table, secure it with the included straps, and you’re done! Keep the table in the car, the garage, or anywhere else you have a little bit of storage space. To use, just unroll the table and toss it into the water.



5. Red Cup Pong Blank Customizable Beer Pong Table-Best Waterproof Table

Customizable Beer Pong Table

With this customizable table from Red Cup, the design options are limitless! You can keep the table simple by choosing not to add decoration, or let your personality and creativity shine through. You could even decorate the table with friends and family for a fun activity before getting into the game!

Durable Aluminum Design

This table from Red Cup features a lightweight aluminum frame. The table weighs a total of 22 pounds, making it easy to carry when folded. The shiny white tabletop surface can be customized as you please for a completely one-of-a-kind table. Color it with Sharpies or add stickers and decals. It’s up to you!

Waterproof Tabletop

If you’re sick of cleaning sticky beer off your table the morning after a good game, you’re in luck with this model from Red Cup. The tabletop is actually liquid-repellent, making it easier than ever before to clean! Plus, the surface is scratch-proof as well, keeping the table looking brand new even in the event of intense gameplay.



6. GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table & Tailgate Table-Best Patriotic-Themed Table

GoPong Beer Pong Table

The eye-catching American flag graphics on this table’s surface make it ideal for Fourth of July get togethers, Labor Day barbecues or any other holidays celebrating the good old US of A! Not to mention, this is one of the best beer pong tables on the market due to its great quality as well.

Wood And Metal Construction

Made of durable manufactured wood for the tabletop and metal for the frame, this table was built to withstand game after game of beer pong. This GoPong pro table is resistant to water, rust, mildew, UV light and inclement weather, making it optimal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Folds Into Briefcase

This folding beer pong table is extremely portable. It conveniently folds into a square-shaped briefcase with convenient handles to make it as easy as possible to store and transport. To set up, simply unfold the table and legs, and you’re ready for some beer pong fun! Although the table is regulation size, when folded it features a compact size of only 2×2 feet.



Buyer’s Guide

Features To Consider When Choosing A Beer Pong Table

Consider When Choosing A Beer Pong Table

Size And Weight

When shopping for a beer pong table, the first thing to keep in mind is its size. Where do you want to set up the table? Measure the area and compare those measurements to product descriptions in order to make sure that your new table will be the perfect fit! In addition, how important is it to you that the table be lightweight? Or perhaps you don’t mind a few extra pounds. Either way, keep your preferences in mind while shopping for your new beer pong table.


Many of the best beer pong tables are made from aluminum or MDF, which is also known as manufactured wood. In addition, a wax finish on the tabletop makes an improvement on the quality as well. Floating tables are typically made from foam or rubber. Generally, a plastic construction indicates that a table isn’t as heavy-duty as other models.


Typically, beer pong games fold up into a briefcase with carrying handles for easy portability. Inflatable beer pong tables can be deflated and folded into a compact shape, while floating tables made of foam can be rolled up for storage and transportation. Portability is a very important aspect of beer pong tables since they’re often transported to parties and tailgates. You’ll also want to consider whether you’d like built-in storage for accessories like ping pong balls.

Warning: Always exercise caution when folding and unfolding tables in order to avoid pinching fingers in between the table legs and hinges.

Stability And Durability

If you’re purchasing a beer pong table that you only intend to use for the summer, perhaps durability isn’t your main priority. But if you want your table beer pong to last a while, or to be used for more functions such as holding food, then you should keep stability and durability in mind.

Extra Features

Many beer pong tables have extra features such as powder-coated surfaces to repel liquid, LED lights or glow lights for fun in the dark, dry erase surfaces for customization and even attached bottle openers. Sometimes beer pong cups and ping pong balls are included as well.

What Other Equipment Do You Need To Play Beer Pong?

Aside from your beer pong table, of course, there are a few more essentials needed to play the game:

  • 20 plastic cups (Red Solo cups are commonly used)
  • Two or more ping pong balls
  • Two teams of two people
  • Beer or another beverage
  • A bottle opener
  • A ball rack

To prepare for the game, you’ll want to set up 10 cups on each side of the table in pyramid formations. Start with a row of four cups closest to the edge of the table, followed by three more cups, then two cups, then one cup. Fill each cup with your desired amount of beer (or your beverage of choice), and you’re ready to play!

How To Play Beer Pong

How To Play Beer Pong

Beer Pong Rules

The rules of beer pong have a lot of variation depending on who you’re playing with! Here, we’ll list some general guidelines for the game:

  1. Two teams take turns attempting to throw ping pong balls into the other team’s cups.
  2. To decide who goes first, one player from each team must shoot the ball while maintaining eye contact with their opponent until one person makes it and the other does not. The team of the person who made the shot goes first.
  3. When a ball lands in a cup, it is removed from the table and the opponent must drink its contents.
  4. If both teammates hit cups, they get to shoot again.
  5. The team that successfully hits all of their opponent’s cups wins the game.

Tips & Tricks For Beer Pong

Looking to win next time you play beer pong? Keep these tips and tricks in mind!

  • Choose the right partner. Taller players and former athletes are good choices, but anyone with good hand-eye coordination and muscle memory will do well during the game.
  • Put in more practice time. If you only play at parties, it makes sense that you won’t live up to your full beer pong potential. Those who are interested in playing at their best should look into local beer pong tournaments.
  • Don’t forget to eat! Throughout the game, you might end up drinking quite a bit, so be sure to eat enough. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your hand-eye coordination or even feeling a bit sick!

Warning: When consuming alcohol, be sure to drink in moderation, and never drink and drive!

  • Find your own technique. There are so many methods to throwing the pong ball, but the best way is the one that works for you. Take the time to figure out your signature move!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our research, the best floating beer pong table is the Ktaxon Portable Floating Beer Pong Table. It’s a full-size portable beer pong table that’s perfect for the pool. This number one floating table features three layers of durable XPE foam. Plus, it rolls up for easy storage and great portability.

A regulation size beer pong table is eight feet long, or 96 inches in length. However, beer pong tables are available in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to be able to find one that fits your space. There are even mini beer pong tables available for purchase!

The official height of a regulation size beer pong table is 27.5 inches, or a little more than two feet tall. Beer pong tables are typically eight feet long and two feet wide, although they come in many different sizes and models.

You can get good at ping pong by finding a practice partner and spending more time practicing than competing. In addition, make sure to keep your returns low over the net, train your strokes until they come naturally and automatically to you, and always maintain a good ready position behind the ping pong table.


Based on our research, the number one best beer pong table is the Tailgate Toss Beer Pong Table. This folding beer pong table is perfect for drinking games with its water-resistant surface, which means you won’t have to deal with cleaning up sticky beer. Our second recommendation is a budget-friendly option that’s ideal for a day of fun and games at the pool. The GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table features easy inflation and deflation. It also doubles as a pool float for added entertainment and convenience.

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