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What Is A Bristle Dartboard: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Bristle Dartboard

The dartboard is one of the most important pieces of darts equipment. Various materials and techniques have been used to make dartboards over the years, but the bristle dartboard has emerged as one of the most popular. You may well be wondering, “What is a bristle dartboard and why is the material so popular among dart lovers?”

In this article, we will delve into the world of bristle dartboards, exploring their distinct features, advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this article will give you valuable information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a dartboard.

A bristle dartboard is a type of dart board made from tightly packed bristles. Bristle is used as a playing surface in the game of darts and many players consider it an improvement over traditional dartboards made from sisal fibers. Their tough fibers keep the darts firmly embedded in the board, resulting in a consistent and high-quality playing experience.

Note: Cheaper dart boards tend not to pack the bristles as tightly as quality boards.

History of Bristle Dartboards

Bristle Dartboard

Nodor, a dartboard manufacturing company, invented the dartboard in the 1930s. However, these dartboards didn’t become popular until the 1970s, when they were adopted for use in tournaments after Dutch elm disease cut down Britain’s supply of wood. Before then, most traditional elm dartboards were made out of wood.

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The Benefits Of A Bristle Dartboard

Bristle dart boards are among the most popular types of dartboards for good reason. Some of the perks of using them include:


Bristle boards are made from compact fibers, which allow the darts to enter the dartboard with ease. The soft fiber also makes it easy to remove darts from the board surface without leaving marks. The design of the bristle board prevents annoying bounces when you throw the darts, while the self-healing fibers allow the surface to recover quickly after each hit.

Although these features can be found in most modern boards, including electronic dart boards, the main difference is that bristle boards are more sturdy and durable. For example, electronic dart boards can easily get damaged if you accidentally drop them or if they come in contact with liquids.

Darts with sharp tips may damage the fiber components of the board, so it’s better to select darts with well-rounded tips.


Bristle dartboards are also affordable when you take their quality and durability into account. They’re far cheaper than electronic dartboards, which usually cost over $100. If you’re a beginner or have only recently begun to take an interest in darts, you may not want to invest that much money in a dartboard.

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Easy To Handle And Maintain

Another great thing about buying a bristle board is that it requires minimal maintenance. They are more resistant than electronic and wooden dartboards. An electronic dart board is more prone to getting damaged, especially if it comes in contact with water. While we do not advise you to pour water on a bristle board, it is more resistant to damage from moisture.

Furthermore, bristle dartboards come with removable rings, which can further increase their longevity. The removable number ring allows you to move the dart board around to avoid hitting the same segment repeatedly.

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How To Choose The Right Bristle Dartboard?

To choose the right bristle dartboard, you must pay attention to the following details.

Darts On Dartboard

Proper Density And Depth

Bristle dartboards are made from sisal hemp and other synthetic materials and their quality depends on the depth and density of these materials. A dartboard with greater depth allows for fewer bounce-outs, which makes the game more enjoyable and reduces frustration. Similarly, a dartboard with high density helps prevent darts from penetrating too deeply and becoming stuck, which can also disrupt the game.

By paying attention to these factors, you can ensure that you purchase a dartboard that provides an optimal playing experience. It’s also important to choose a bristle dart board that has been sanded in multiple directions. This gives the board a finer playing surface that allows the bristles to heal better from each dart point.

Tip: Check the dartboard package or setup documents to know how many players can use your dartboard at a time.

The Wiring

The wiring of a dartboard refers to the thin metal dividers that separate the different sections of the board. These dividers are essential to the game of darts, as they determine the scoring zones and the areas where darts can land. It is important to pay attention to the wiring of a dartboard because the thickness and placement of the metal dividers can greatly affect gameplay.

Select quality boards with blades that are super fine as this helps deflect darts into scoring areas and reduces bounce outs. Bristle boards with razor blade wire around the inner and outer bull are the best for gameplay.

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Deep-Enough Ink

The ink used on a dartboard is an important factor to consider when purchasing one, as it can greatly affect visibility and longevity. The ink on the numbers and other markings on the dartboard should be clear and easy to read from a distance, as this makes it easier for players to keep score and determine their accuracy. Furthermore, the ink should be long-lasting and resistant to fading or smudging, as this will ensure that the board remains legible over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bristle is better for a dartboard because it is great for professional and competitive games. Bristle dartboards provide a high level of durability and consistency due to the quality of the material. They are made from sisal fibers, which allow steel tip darts to easily penetrate the surface and stay in place.

The difference between a sisal dartboard and a bristle dartboard is the type of fiber that they are made from. Sisal boards are made from compressed sisal fibers glued to a backing board, which allows them to withstand the impacts of darts over time. Bristle dart boards, on the other hand, are made from compressed fibers made from a mixture of sisal and other synthetic materials.

The kind of dartboards in bars are usually traditional sisal fiber dartboards. Sisal dartboards have been used for many years and are known for their durability, affordability and ease of use. However, in recent years, some bars and other establishments have started to switch to bristle dartboards due to their improved accuracy and longevity.


We hope we have been able to provide a comprehensive answer to your question, “What is a bristle dart board?” Bristle dart board are made from tightly bonded bristles, which ensure durability and improved accuracy when playing with hard and soft tip darts. Overall, a bristle dart board offers numerous benefits over sisal and the recently popular electronic dartboard.

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