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How can a website support teacher-facilitated learning?

Teacher-facilitated learning has many characteristics.  For the purposes of designing a classroom website,  focus on the following characteristics:

  • The teacher acts as a facilitator and mentor, providing resources and advice to students as they engage in the process of inquiry.

  • As the instructional leader, the teacher is responsible for curriculum, instruction, and assessment, however, student input in these areas is respected and valued.

  • The teacher acts as a "guide on the side" rather than as a "sage on the stage."  Students, therefore, become self-reliant as they learn to seek help from each other and to solve problems for themselves.

  • The teacher provides opportunities for students to share the results of their learning.

  • The teacher establishes learning goals based on standards and addresses these goals in broad-based, interdisciplinary units of instructions that allow students to make cross-curricular connections.

  • The teacher models life-long learning.

Explore the following classroom websites in search of features that support characteristics of teacher-facilitated learning.  Record your findings on a research organizer (PDF or RTF) to assist you in planning a high-quality website.

  • http://www.vp.k12.mo.us/eschool/es/agrundstad/index.htm

  • http://teachers.emints.org/evanss/

  • http://www.vp.k12.mo.us/eschool/es/acollier/index.htm

  • http://crestviewscience.tripod.com/

  • http://teachers.emints.org/fy05/danield/index.htm

  • http://www.vp.k12.mo.us/eschool/es/gsneed/index.htm

  • http://teachers.emints.org/gannw/index.htm