What is your school  district's web page policy? | What should an educational website include? | What factors should I take into consideration before I begin?
 What are principles of good web design? | How can a website support teacher-facilitated learning? | How can a website support student-centered learning?
 How can a website support inquiry-based learning? | Where can I find examples of teacher-created websites? | How can I create a storyboard for my website?
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How can a website support student-centered learning?

Student-centered learning has many characteristics.  For the purposes of designing a classroom website, focus on the following characteristics:

  • Students have a choice of topic when completing a project.

  • Students construct new knowledge and skills by building on their current knowledge and skills.

  • Students have access to multiple sources of information for the purpose of research.

  • Students have full understanding of expectations and are encouraged to engage in self-assessment.

  • Students work in collaboration with other learners.

  • Student work demonstrates authentic learning.

Explore the following classroom websites in search of features that support characteristics of student-centered learning.  Record your findings on a research organizer (PDF or RTF) to assist you in planning a high-quality website.

  • http://www.vp.k12.mo.us/eschool/es/dfenwick/index.htm

  • http://teachers.emints.org/FY03/eldridge/default.html

  • http://teachers.emints.org/westa/WebPageHome.htm

  • http://teachers.emints.org/fy05/deubels/

  • http://mrsstocker3rdgrade.homestead.com/Index.html

  • http://www.winfield.k12.mo.us/WebTracy/index.htm

  • http://teachers.emints.org/FY04/beckerj/

  • http://schoolweb.missouri.edu/nixa.k12.mo.us/sullivan/index.htm