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Can You Put A Pool Table Outside?

Pool Table Outside

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a pool table is whether you have enough space for it. If you don’t have enough room inside, the next best option is to put the pool table outdoors. This begs the question of whether it is safe to place a pool table outside.

Although some pool tables can be used outside, others are meant to be kept indoors. This article will cover everything you need to know about keeping your pool table outside. We’ll also provide details on how you can make your pool table suitable for outdoor use.

Can You Put A Pool Table Outside

Yes, you can put a pool table outside, but manufacturers do not recommend it. Leaving pool tables outside exposes them to unfavorable weather conditions, which reduces their lifespan. Most pool tables are made of oak wood and have a felt playing surface. Humidity damages the felt and makes it difficult, if not impossible, to play. Moisture, extreme heat, sunlight and cold can all cause damage to various parts of the pool table.

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Can You Keep A Pool Table On Your Patio?

Can You Keep A Pool Table On Your Patio

Yes, you can keep a pool table on your patio, but it will be at risk of damage. The over-the-top awning on the patio cannot fully protect the table from moisture. Temperature is also a major issue because the table is exposed to extreme heat and cold on the patio.

Tip: If you want some fresh air while playing pool without risking damage to the game table, consider putting it in a garage.

How To Put A Pool Table Outside

How To Put A Pool Table Outside

Traditional pool tables are usually designed as indoor furniture. Therefore, moving them outside isn’t a great idea. If you must move the game table outside, follow these safety precautions:

  • Place the table in a safe area where it is free from exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight.
  • Only play outdoors when the weather is ideal.
  • Utilize protective covers over the table’s surface to keep it safe and to shield the billiard cloth from direct sunlight and moisture.

Tip: Ensure the table cover is made of waterproof and UV-resistant fabric.

After all, a pool table is an expensive investment and taking all these measures may not be enough. If you intend to use the table outside permanently, the best idea is to convert it into an outdoor unit or purchase a table specifically designed for outdoor use.

Different Types Of Pool Tables For Outdoor Use

Different Types Of Pool Tables For Outdoor Use

Now we’ll look at different types of pool tables and how well they’re suited for outdoor use.

Outdoor Pool Tables

Outdoor pool tables are typically made of rust-proof aluminum or stainless steel. The billiard cloth on an outdoor table is waterproof and UV-resistant to protect it from damage in inclement weather.

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MDF Pool Tables

MDF tables are made of medium-density fiberboard, which swells and warps when exposed to moisture. As a result, these tables are the least suitable for outside conditions.

Slate Bed Tables

Slate bed tables have a playing surface made of slate rock, which is resistant to humidity. However, other parts of these tables are made from wood, which is not impervious to moisture.

Note: Slate bed tables are heavy and difficult to move.

The Difference Between An Indoor Pool Table And An Outdoor Pool Table

Difference Between An Indoor Pool Table And An Outdoor Pool Table

There are a few key differences between outdoor pool tables and indoor units. You should be aware of these differences if you want to make your table more suitable for use outside.

Playing Surface

An indoor pool table’s playing surface is made of slate and covered with soft felt. On the other hand, outdoor tables have a rougher and more durable felt.


Traditional indoor tables have wooden frames, which warp when exposed to moisture. Outdoor pool tables have stronger frames made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Extras And Protection

Indoor pool tables come with a dust cover only, whereas outdoor pool tables come with better protective materials because they will be outside all the time. Some protective materials and accessories for an outdoor table include UV and water-resistant covers, sprays and cleaners.

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Tips For Converting A Regular Pool Table To An Outdoor Pool Table

Tips For Converting A Regular Pool Table To An Outdoor Pool Table

If you already have an indoor pool table and want to convert it to an outdoor unit, follow these steps.

Change The Felt

Indoor pool tables have a surface that is covered with soft felt. To make the table suitable for use outside, you must change the felt and use a more durable fabric.

Note: Felt materials with tighter weaves are more water-resistant, making them better for outdoor tables.

Measure Up The Area

One of the reasons you might want to move your game table outside is that it takes up a lot of space indoors. Therefore, you must measure your outdoor space to ensure that it is large enough to accommodate it.

Use A Durable Cover

Purchase a waterproof and UV-resistant cover to protect the table, billiard balls and cue sticks whenever you’re not playing.

Update The Wood

You can change the wood on the pool table to something more appropriate for the outdoors. Depending on your skill level, consider coating the surface with epoxy glue to cover any holes where moisture could get through.

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Consider The Weather

Consider The Weather

The weather has a significant impact on your table’s durability outside, so keep this in mind before deciding to put your table outside.


In bad weather, you might not be able to play pool as often because humidity and the heat of the sun in the summer can make it challenging to shoot pool effectively.


Frequent temperature changes can cause the table bumpers to become brittle. Damaged bumpers can affect your games, so you’ll have to replace them.


Humidity causes the table to swell and split. Excessive moisture primarily affects MDF tables, but it can also damage the frames and legs of slate bed tables.

Warning: In very humid climates, moisture may cause mold to grow on the table frame or felt.

Finding The Right Spot For Your Pool Table

Finding The Right Spot For Your Pool Table

Before moving your pool table outside, find the perfect spot for it. Picking the right spot will save you the stress of having to move the table again.

Adequate Space

First, you want to make sure there is enough space. After all, if you lack space indoors, you may need to move the table outside.

Shelter And Shade

Put the table in the shade to protect it from the elements.

Level Ground

Find a solid and level surface to place the table on to prevent it from shaking, which can make it difficult for you to play the game.

Note: If you’re putting the table on a wooden deck, check with your contractor to confirm that the ground will support the table’s weight.


Ensure that there is adequate lighting to allow you to play at any time of the day.

Taking Care Of Your Pool Table Outside

Taking Care Of Your Pool Table Outside

These are a few essential rules you should observe to keep your table in perfect condition.

Use A Dust Cover At All Times

When you’ve finished using the table, cover it with a cover to protect it from moisture and dust.

Get Special Sprays/Cleaners

In addition to the dust cover, you can use certain sprays and cleaners to protect the table’s wooden parts.

Keep It Outdoors Seasonally

If you live in an area with fine weather for most of the year, you can put your table outside when it’s nice and move it inside when it gets too cold or hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can set up a pool table outside, but most manufacturers advise against it. Setting a traditional pool table permanently outside puts it at risk of damage from the elements. If you must play pool outside, you can either convert your indoor table to an outdoor unit or purchase a ready-made outdoor pool table.

Yes, you can keep a snooker table outside. Some snooker tables are specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. However, if you have a traditional indoor snooker table, it is best to use it indoors or in a roofed structure such as a garage. You can also convert your indoor pool table into an outdoor unit.

A pool table will get ruined outside unless it’s an outdoor pool table. Only outdoor tables are built to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Moisture and temperature will affect a traditional indoor table, causing it to swell and split. If you must play pool outside, make sure that the weather is good.

Yes, cold weather will ruin a pool table. Leaving your table in the cold damages the wood and destroys the felt. If you want your table to last, keep it away from cold, heat and humidity. It is worth noting, however, that some pool tables are weather-resistant and can be used in cold weather.

Yes, an outdoor pool table can get wet but is unlikely to get damaged by water or moisture. Most outdoor pool tables are made of durable materials that can withstand inclement weather. On the other hand, an indoor pool table is not designed to withstand moisture, so you must keep it dry.


All in all, keeping your pool table outside is not a good idea unless you are certain the table was designed to be set up outdoors. If you must move your pool table outside, even for a short period of time, make sure to protect it from sunlight and moisture. You can also ensure the table’s longevity by using appropriate supplies such as dust covers, sprays and cleaners.

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