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Pogo Stick Games For Backyard Fun

Pogo Stick Games

A pogo stick is a toy that all active kids will love! It is a great way to get kids moving, and is sure to improve their balance and coordination. But once they have mastered jumping without falling, they might get bored of just hopping around. That’s where pogo stick games come in!

There are so many simple activities you probably already know, that gain a whole new dimension when you play them with a pogo stick. This humble toy and a few simple ideas can turn any summer afternoon into a day of family bonding.

Note that most pogos have a weight limit, so make sure to search for one with a wide range if you want your kids to be able to play as they grow, or you want the whole family to be able to join.

What’s so great about pogo sticks?

Why Get A Pogo Stick

They Are Safe

If your kids love jumping, but you don’t have the space or budget for a trampoline, this is a great alternative. Jumping on a pogo is safer than most trampolines, because it is closer to the ground and the jumper has more control.

They Are Fun

Pogo sticks are great for balance and motor skills, and they are tons of fun! If you have active kids, they will soon be jumping all over the yard. Try some pogo stick games for a great family bonding experience.

Games To Try On Your Pogo Stick

If your kids have become experts at hopping without falling, why not teach them some pogo stick games?

Games To Try On Your Pogo Stick

Set Up An Obstacle Course

An obstacle course always makes for a fun challenge. It can be as simple as a couple of cones in the yard that your kids have to jump around. As they gain proficiency, you can add hula hoops, more objects or draw a course with chalk.

Just make sure they don’t bounce on top of anything other than the ground!

Simon Says

We all know the game of Simon Says – one person gives instructions, and the other person follows them, but must only do what “Simon says”.

What can make this game even better? Pogo sticks of course! If Simon says hop 3 times, hop 3 times. But if Simon didn’t say so, you’re out!


Hopscotch is another classic game that is enhanced with pogo sticks. Draw your hopscotch grid on the driveway or sidewalk, and number the squares. Toss a beanbag or pebble onto the grid – whichever square it lands on has to be hopped over.

Copy Cat

Copy cat is a simple two-person game. One person does a trick, and the other person must copy them. If they get it right, it’s their turn to do a trick.

The idea is to start off easy and then try progressively harder feats. The first person to make a mistake loses!

Jump Rope Songs

Kids love jump rope songs, and they work just as great with a pogo stick. Whoever is not jumping sings the song, and the jumper must try and jump in rhythm and get to the end without falling.

Tips & Tricks On A Pogo Stick

Tips And Tricks On A Pogo Stick

Some kids may be intimidated when they try to bounce and find themselves falling. Teach your kids these tips and encourage them to keep practicing – they will soon be bouncing around with ease!

  • Start with just one bounce, and add more when you feel confident with that
  • If you start to tip, don’t fight it – jump in that direction
  • Keep the stick tight against your legs, pulling the handlebars towards your body

Do not lean away from the stick!

  • To jump in a particular direction, simply lean the stick that way and bounce!
  • Don’t attempt advanced tricks until you have mastered the basics

Frequently Asked Questions

A pogo stick is a pole with a footrest and handlebars, and a spring which allows the user to bounce. It is a popular toy for kids, and can also be used for exercise or even extreme sports. It was invented by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall (see the first syllables of their surnames?) in 1920 in Germany. Playing pogo stick games is a great way to liven up family bonding time!

You can play many games on your pogo stick. Some fun ones to try are Simon Says, Hopscotch and Copy Cat. You could also set up an obstacle course or try to hop along with jump rope songs. As long as you stick to some safety rules, the limits are only as small as your imagination!

You can do lots of tricks on your pogo stick. For example, try to jump backwards, with only one foot or with no hands. As you gain experience, you can try even more advanced feats, such as bouncing down stairs! Remember to start with the basics, and build up to it.

You should get a pogo stick that is the right size for your kids. When you search for a new stick, make sure to check the age or weight range in the product specifications. Flybar makes great products, and their Foam Maverick pogo stick comes in a version for ages 5-9 (40-80lbs), while the Foam Master is for ages 9+ (80-160lbs).


Who knew such a simple toy could be so versatile? There are so many pogo stick games you can play, from Simon Says to Hopscotch to jump rope songs. We hope this post has given you some ideas, but you don’t have to stop there! Almost any game can be modified to be even better with one of these bouncing sticks. You are only limited by your imagination!

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