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Thrilling Games and Activities About Algebraic Inequalities

Algebraic Inequalities

Inequalities is another lesson derived from Algebra. It is a mathematical sentence that is formed by relating two expressions to each other. When the two expressions are deemed inequal, it is represented or indicated by the symbols > (greater than sign), < (less than sign) , ≤ (less than or equal to) or ≥ (greater than or equal to). However, when both sentences are equal, it is denoted by an equal sign and is called an Algebraic equation. But that’s a lesson for another time!

In this page, we’ll help you overcome any fear of studying math or Algebra! With our fun and uncomplicated Inequalities games and activities, you will keep playing them again and again! Impress your teachers and classmates with your newfound Algebraic knowledge by clicking on any of the links below!

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