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How To Win Jenga

How To Win Jenga

Jenga is a game of skill and strategy suitable for adults and kids. Players take turns moving one block piece at a time, hoping the tower doesn’t collapse. As simple as it appears, winning a Jenga game can be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner competing against pros. This guide will help you put an end to your losing streak as we discuss how to win Jenga.

There are many helpful tips that you can use to become a better Jenga player. These tips will give you an edge over your opponents and increase your odds of winning. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning strategies that can help you win when playing Jenga.

How To Win Jenga – Tips And Hacks

We’ve put together several Jenga tips and tricks to help you win games.

1. Take Your Time

According to the Jenga rules, there is no time limit in a game of Jenga. Therefore, you can take some time to relax if your hands are shaky or you feel nervous.

2. Pay Attention To Size And Weight

At the start of the game, the thinner wooden blocks will be looser and easier to slide off. So, move them first.

3. Be Dexterous

Be Dexterous

One of the ways to successfully pull out Jenga blocks without the tower collapsing is by switching hands. Switch to your other hand if it is better positioned to remove the block.

Note: You can’t use both hands simultaneously when removing or replacing blocks in the Jenga tower.

4. Push, Don’t Pull

When removing a brick, it’s best to push it lightly until it falls out. Pulling a brick out may cause the initially stable tower to fall.

5. Remove The Center Blocks First

Remove the center blocks first, so your opponent is forced to remove blocks from the side and possibly crash the tower.

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6. Shift Side Blocks To The Center

Shift Side Blocks To The Center

If your opponent manages to slide the side block off, don’t panic. You can still win. The plan is now to move the side blocks to the center and remove one of them.

7. Identify The Loose Blocks

Loose blocks are easy to remove, so try to identify and push them out first before proceeding to other pieces.

8. From Left To Right And Vice Versa

When you take a block from the left side, place it at the top of the tower to the right and vice versa.

9. Remove Thinner Blocks First

The thinner blocks will be easier to slide out, so remove them before moving the thicker ones.

10. Focus On Just One Move At A Time

Focus On Just One Move At A Time

Don’t think too far ahead. You may be forced to rethink your strategy and that’s fine.

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11. Go Slow, Take Your Time

Take your time when finding the most suitable blocks to remove.

12. Do Not Plan For Multiple Moves

You cannot plan your next move or predict your opponent’s. Therefore, you must be prepared for any unexpected move your opponent makes.

13. Use Strategy Whenever Possible

Try out various strategies to overcome your opponent. You can even distract them by making them laugh.

14. Always Test The Tower

Always Test The Tower

Always test the tower before deciding which block to remove. Gently tap each block with your fingers to see which one is loose.

15. Do Not Try To Build The Tallest Tower

Don’t try to build the tallest Jenga tower. Focus on the tower stability instead.

16. Use Your Forearm

You can use your forearm to support the tower when taking out pieces in Jenga.

17. Take Blocks Closer To The Top

Take Blocks Closer To The Top
Take out blocks closer to the top so the tower remains stable.

Note: You are not allowed to remove blocks from the top two rows of the tower.

18. Utilize The “Door” Method

Use the “door” method when removing a tight block. This involves “swinging” the block open and then “closing” it again to loosen it up.

19. Utilize The “Index Finger And Nail Support” Method

You can remove stubborn blocks by holding them with your thumb and ring finger while using your index finger and nail for support.

20. Develop Your Hand-Eye Coordination

You need to develop your hand-eye coordination to become a great Jenga player.

Tip: You can improve your hand-eye coordination by practicing. Try throwing a tennis ball against the wall and catching it with one hand.

21. Use Your Non-Dominant Hand Too

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand Too

Don’t rely on your dominant hand alone. Use your non-dominant hand to remove the block if it is in a better position.

22. Practice

The more you play Jenga, the better you will become at it. Spend some time practicing, so you can get better.

23. Stay Calm

Your opponent may try to distract you when you’re taking blocks from the tower. Ensure that you stay calm.

24. Think Moves Ahead

Think Moves Ahead

The game Jenga is a game of strategy and planning. Think about the impact of your moves on the game before making them.

25. Watch Pros Playing Jenga

Another way to get better at Jenga is by learning from the pros. Watch pros playing Jenga to see how they decide on their next move.

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26. Use A Light Touch

Touch the blocks lightly, as any rapid and rushed movement can make the tower fall.

27. Psychological Warfare

Your opponents will try out different strategies to distract you. You must stay focused and make sure your hands aren’t tremulous when removing or placing a block.

28. Golden Tip

You should aim to create a stable tower. Maintain the stability of the tower by carefully removing and placing each block.

Jenga Strategy

Jenga Game Strategy

Here are some effective strategies to help you win your next game of Jenga.

Try To Stay In The Game Longer Rather Than Win

Winning Jenga is all about playing safe. Instead of trying to win, look for ways to stay in the game longer as other players get eliminated.

Remove The Easiest Blocks First

Focus on moving the easier blocks first before proceeding to the more difficult blocks.

Tip: Side blocks are generally easier to remove than those in the middle of the tower.

Think About Maintaining The Stability Of The Tower

Your goal is to build a stable tower, not the tallest one. Therefore, don’t move blocks that may cause the tower to topple.

Push Blocks Instead Of Pulling Blocks From The Tower

When removing blocks, push them instead of pulling them out. Pulling blocks can undermine the stability of the tower.

Can I Take Blocks From The Top Of The Tower In Jenga?

No, you can’t take blocks from the top of the tower in Jenga. When it’s your turn, take one block from any level of the tower except the top two levels. Place the block you have removed at the top of the Jenga tower while ensuring that the tower doesn’t collapse.

Tip: Getting good at removing blocks without the tower falling requires practice. So take some time to practice alone.

When Does The Jenga Game End?

The Jenga game ends with the tower falling or when a block falls out of the tower. If the tower falls while you’re taking a block out of it or within 10 seconds of finishing your move, you lose. The last player that finishes their turn before the tower collapses wins the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a winner in Jenga. The last player to successfully remove and stack a block before another player makes the tower collapse wins the game. The person that made the tower collapse is the loser and must set up the next game of Jenga. Players can also be eliminated if they touch the tower with both hands simultaneously.

The goal of Jenga is to maintain the balance of the tower and keep it from crashing down. Players must take turns removing a single block from the lower part of the tower to create a new story. The last player to successfully remove and stack a block before another player makes the tower collapse wins.

You get people to lose in Jenga by forcing them to remove unstable blocks. You can accomplish this by moving center blocks in the lower part of the tower, forcing your opponents to move blocks from the tower’s sides. You can also try to distract your opponents by making them laugh.


There you have it! If you have read our guide to this point, you should now know how to win Jenga games. It’s important to remember that you’ll not learn it all in a day. Like in board games, you will have to play Jenga several times to become great at it.

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