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How To Win At Air Hockey – Top Tips And Strategies

How To Win At Air Hockey

Have you ever played air hockey but kept losing for whatever reason? Despite your best efforts, it seems like nothing can help you win. We’ll cover all you need to know about playing air hockey and how to win at air hockey games.

No matter what age you are, this game is a source of fun both for young and elderly people in arcades, man caves and game rooms. It requires speed, skill, lightning-fast reactions and a lot of patience. You must learn all facets of the game and develop defensive air hockey skills equal to your offensive prowess if you want to become a winner at air hockey.

How To Win At Air Hockey - Air Hockey Strategy

Air hockey is a simple game basically. Pushing the puck into your opponent’s goal while keeping it out of your own goal is how you win a game of hockey. Nevertheless, knowing a few air hockey tips and tricks will help you win at this game. If you want to read more about the air hockey rules, click here.

One of the most important elements of winning a game is having a solid defense. You must adopt the right defensive posture in order to both catch missed shots and block incoming ones. To do this, put your right leg in front with the knee bent and your left leg slightly back. You should be standing on the balls of your feet with your knee lightly resting against the table. At the same time, your torso should be perpendicular to the floor or at a right angle rather than leaning across the table. Finally, you should have your hands resting on the table’s side rails.

Use the right defensive stance and practice trick shots, especially when facing more skilled opponents. To defend the goal, pay close attention to rebounding to avoid scoring on yourself.

There are numerous methods for striking the puck, but only a handful for defending your own goal. The objective of the game is, obviously, to score as frequently as you can and in order to accomplish that aim, you will need to develop your own unpredictable moves. After all, you can’t easily block the shot if your opponent always knows what is coming. Let’s now examine some of the top offensive and defensive tactics in this game.

How To Hold The Mallet Like A Pro

How To Hold The Mallet Like A Pro
Placing the mallet in front of the goal is a common mistake. Furthermore, the puck may ricochet off your mallet and into your goal as a result of this, slowing down not only your reaction time but also scoring. To avoid this, keep your mallet six to twelve inches (15 – 30 cm) away from your aim. Additionally, by bringing your mallet closer to the center, you tend to reduce your opponent’s scoring angle. You also have a quicker reaction time at this distance.

How To Play Offense

How To Play Offense

You need a strong offense if you want to succeed at air hockey. If you can’t put the puck in your opponent’s goal, you’re in big danger because the game is decided by points scored. By mastering some of these fundamental offensive techniques and more complex ones, you can start creating a game that is exclusively yours.

Now that you know how to score against your opponents, it’s time to research air hockey strategies. Learning how to play the best you can is essential, because these offense techniques will confuse your opponents for sure.

What Is Drifting And Why Is It Important?

Drifting is simply dragging the puck gently in a single direction. It is important because, as the puck continues to slide, you fire in the opposite direction in an effort to score a goal before your opponent can react. Your opponent will have to use their mallet in a different way to prevent straight shots if you drift the puck to the right. You have a limited window to smash it into the goal before they readjust and return to the center.

If you want to learn more about what you can do if your table stops sliding like it used to, read more in our article.

Types Of Shots

Types Of Shots

We made a list of the most common types of shots that can help you win at an air hockey match.

1. Straight Shot

The straight shot requires you to shoot the puck directly from the back in the desired direction, whether you are shooting at the net or to the side for bank shots.

2. Bank Shot

With a bank shot, you try to bank the puck into the net of your opponent by aiming for the wall. Bank shots are the best shots you can take because it can be difficult for the opponent to follow the puck.

3. One-Two Shot

With a one-two shot it will look like the puck is out of control. You must rapidly strike it back toward your opponent’s goal as it reels back toward you at a high rate of speed.

4. Casting Cut Shot

With a casting cut shot, you begin by playing slowly and hitting the puck to one corner of the table on your rival’s side. Then, as it’s traveling in that way, you rapidly strike it in the opposite direction.

5. Trick Shot

Being deceptive and not giving away your attack are key components of trick shots. To throw your opponent off balance, you might purposefully knock the puck against their back wall and slam the rebound back at them.

6. Moving Puck Shot

You want to bank this shot twice into one of your opponent’s corners, turn it back to face you, bank it twice into your own corners and finally strike it toward the goal.

How To Maintain Puck Possession

How To Maintain Puck Possession

Bracing your mallet while pushing it back slightly to “catch it” is essential for getting into position. It’s a motion that is far harder to explain than something that each player must discover for themselves. Maintaining puck possession is a skill that requires a lot of practice. So, if you can, spend money on a small model table so you can practice at home. For the greatest mini models, see here.

Air Hockey Defense Tips And Strategies

Air Hockey Defense Tips And Strategies

A strong defense is one of the strongest attacking strategies. You can still survive in the game with a strong defense even if you haven’t mastered some of the more complex shots. Here are our air hockey tips.

Defend The Goal

Beginners frequently employ the technique of holding the mallet directly in front of the target. Instead of keeping it near, concentrate on holding your mallet 6 to 12 inches (15 – 30 cm) away from your target.

Keep Your Eyes On The Puck

Keep your hands steady and follow the movement of the puck with your eyes if your eyes are quicker than your hands. Only move when necessary.

The "Triangle Strategy"

The triangle defense is a technique for stopping pretty much any kind of shot. This entails positioning your striker slightly in front of the goal. By doing this, you can easily block your opponent’s shots from reaching your net by creating a triangle of safety behind your paddle.

It also provides you with the mobility you need to maneuver in order to block any type of shot from reaching your goal.

Other General Offense And Defense Tips

  • Be Aware Of The Rebounds – If you do not hit the puck properly, your shots will ricochet against the wall at this point. That can be one of the most embarrassing outcomes.
  • Try Not To Complicate Your Shots – When practicing, concentrate on the undercut, overcut and bank shots that are used by the best players.
  • Perfect Your Trick Shots – After mastering the necessary shots, it’s time to work on your trick shots. You can employ air hockey tricks as a terrific strategy to gain the upper hand on your rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can win at air hockey every time by holding the mallet like a pro. With three fingers resting on the ridge, you can operate the mallet without using your hand to grasp the knob. Instead, your fingers are positioned in the striker’s ridge. You gain a little bit more dexterity to strike and defend as a result.

To beat someone at air hockey keep in mind the basics. Learn to strike the puck properly as described in the article, starting with a strong defense. You can then experiment and practice with several styles of tactical bank shots. Don’t forget to follow the rules. Rules make the game enjoyable and impartial.

You need to score 7 points to win in an air hockey game. The best player after seven rounds wins. You’ll earn a point by slamming the puck into the goal of your opponent. Be aware that your opponent receives a point if you unintentionally shoot the puck into your own net.

The goal of air hockey is to outscore your opponent. Players try to move a plastic puck into their opponent’s goal by pushing it across a smooth surface with a mallet. Each time they succeed, they receive a point. Although playing “doubles” can be a lot of fun, the game is most enjoyable when played one-on-one.

You can play air hockey like a pro if you hold a mallet like a pro. You should maintain control of the puck and utilize the defense strategy. Try to slow the puck down by using its momentum to get control of it. You must switch into defense mode when you don’t have possession of the puck.


Everything is easier when you learn a couple of air hockey tricks. That way, you will know how to win at air hockey anytime you play a match. Experiment to see what suits you best. You will eventually crush the opposition, one goal at a time. To improve your game, it is up to you to practice and focus on your air hockey strategies.

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