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How To Set Up Spikeball

How To Set Up Spikeball

Spikeball is a fun sport that has become hugely popular in the United States and many other countries. You may have noticed people playing this game at the beach or in a park and thought it was interesting. If you want to join in on the fun, keep reading to learn how to set up Spikeball and play this entertaining game.

Setting up a Spikeball game is not as complicated as it appears. Of course, you must first get the Spikeball set, which contains the necessary equipment for the sport. This guide is for you if you already have the Spikeball set but are having trouble putting it together.

How To Set Up Spikeball - Assembly Guide

This guide will explain how you can assemble your Spikeball set.

What's In The Box

What's In The Box

We’ll briefly go over the contents of the box and explain how you can assemble them.


The ball should be ready for use right out of the box. Spikeball balls are yellow, made of rubber and measure about 12 inches (30.4 cm) in diameter. The ball is usually air-filled, which makes it light and easy to play with.


You’ll also find multiple rim segments, which include the rim legs and leg floats.


The Spikeball set comes with a net that you must attach to the rim before you can play.

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1. Find The Right Location

Find The Right Location

You have to find the perfect location to set up Spikeball. Spikeball doesn’t have to be played on special courts like football or volleyball, but you have to search for the right spot that is suitable for both teams and that won’t affect gameplay.

Playing on an uneven field makes the game more difficult and puts players at risk of injuries. Find a level playing field without any obstructions. This will allow players to run and play without fear of tripping. You can set up your Spikeball set on the ground in your backyard or at the beach. Some people even play the game in the pool.

2. Build Rim

Build Rim

After finding the right spot, it’s time to set up the game. You’ll start by building the rim. The Spikeball set comes with five legs, five leg floats, five rim pieces and an anchor bag. Follow these steps to put them together.

  • Slide each Spikeball leg into a leg float. Ensure that the Spikeball logo on the leg float faces outward while the straps face inwards.

Note: The leg float has two sides. You can use the top side for standard Spikeball legs and the underside for pro legs.

  • Fill the anchor bag about a quarter of the way with sand, smooth stones or any other material that weighs 3 lbs (1.3 kg).
  • Close the bag and attach it to the leg floats by clipping the five leg floats into the bag’s carabiner.

Although some players don’t use the anchor bag, the extra weight makes the rim more stable, keeping it from moving when you set it on the ground or in water.

3. Attach Your Net

Attach Your Net

After putting the rim together, proceed to attach the net. You can attach the net to the rim by connecting its sides to a hook on each rim so it forms a circle.

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4. Tension Your Net

Go around the rim and attach the rest of the net to cover all the gaps on the rim. Check that all the net holes are square-shaped. If they’re shaped like a diamond, it means you’ve pulled the net too tightly. This will cause the ball to bounce excessively during play.

You can also carry out a bounce test to check the tension around the net. Drop the ball from eye level into the center of the net. If it bounces above your waist, you don’t have to do anything else.

If the ball bounces below your waist level, make the net tighter.

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5. Ensure Proper Inflation Of Balls

Ensure Proper Inflation Of Balls

Since the balls are air-filled, they may deflate when stored after play sessions. Check that the ball is fully inflated before every Spikeball game. The ball should be about 90% inflated. Avoid fully inflating it because it will bounce more and become more difficult to control.

Most new Spikeball sets come with the balls properly inflated. If you’re unsure about the level of inflation, measure the diameter of the ball. It should be 12 inches (30.4 cm).

Note: The Spikeball Pro set comes with a needle that you can use to inflate the ball.

6. Get Spiking

Get Spiking

Once everything is set, you’re ready to play. Invite friends to join you in playing Spikeball.

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How To Play Spikeball

How To Play The Game Of Spikeball

Now that you’re done setting up the Spikeball set, let’s briefly explain how to play the game.


Spikeball is a team sport, so you need several people to play. Also, ensure that there is enough space for the free movement of the players.


Spikeball Gameplay

One team kicks off the game by tossing the ball up and “spiking” it down on the net, so it bounces toward the other team. The receiving team will jump and try to spike the ball back onto the net toward their opponents. However, they only have three hits to do so. The play goes on like this, with both teams hitting the ball back and forth.

Learn Spikeball rules so you can play like a pro.


You need two teams to play Spikeball. Each team may have between two and four players. However, only two players from each team can play at the same time.


You can toss a coin to decide which team starts the game. The team starting the game (also known as the attacking team) will select a player to serve the ball toward the opposing team.

Note: Ensure your serve is within reach of the opposing team’s receiver. If it’s not, you’ll have to serve again.


Spikeball Game Scoring

Your team scores a point if the opposing team cannot smash the ball into the net within three hits after you have played it toward them. The first team to score 21 points wins the game.

Note: The winning team must win by a minimum of two points.


If the serving team wins a point, the server must switch places with their partner before serving again. This ensures that the server is serving to both opponents. The server will continue serving and rotating with their partner.

Final thoughts: Players can agree to include rest breaks if they get tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Spikeball net should be tight enough to allow the ball to bounce high when you smash it. To check whether you have tightened the net properly, drop the ball from eye level toward the center of the net. The ball should bounce above your waist level. If the ball does not reach your waist level, tighten the net even more.

You should pump a Spikeball to about 90% inflation before you play. Avoid fully inflating the ball as it won’t bounce correctly and players will find it difficult to control. If you have inflated the ball correctly, it should be 12 inches (30.4 cm) in diameter. Inspect the ball before the game to ensure it hasn’t lost air.

You tighten a Spikeball by attaching the net to the rim correctly. Attach the ends of the net to each hook on the Spikeball rims. Pull the rest of the net toward the rim, ensuring that the holes in the net are shaped like squares. If the holes are diamond-shaped, the net is too tight and you must adjust it before you play.


If you’ve gotten this far in the guide, you should know how to set up Spikeball. Now that we’ve covered that, it’s time for you to start playing Spikeball with your friends and family. Once you get the Spikeball set, you can play the game in your backyard, at the beach or even in the pool.

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