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How To Pogo Stick

How To Pogo Stick

Pogo sticks are one of the oldest toys on the market and have been around for more than a century. It can be fun to jump on them and do tricks with them but pogo sticks also help with balance, coordination skills and confidence. It can be difficult to use a pogo at first, but once you learn how to pogo stick, you’ll enjoy it every time.

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to use a pogo stick and you’ll be taking your first few hops in no time. If you are a beginner, by the time you finish this article, you’ll be a pro.

How To Pogo Stick For Beginners

A beginner should not rush into performing stunts on a pogo stick without first learning the basics of using a pogo stick.

Pogo Stick Safety, Warnings And Recommended Pogo Gear

For the sake of your safety, especially if you are a beginner, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid riding your pogo after a rainy day or on a wet surface because you can easily fall on the slippery surface.
  • Always wear recommended gear.
  • Be patient while practicing. It may look simple, but you will need some time until you are ready to bounce more times in a row or perform some tricks.
  • Check your stick before you start using it and secure everything before a ride.
  • Keep the weight limit under control, which is around 143 pounds (64 kg).
  • Choose the size of a pogo stick based on your age and height.

You should always wear the safety equipment, such as helmets, knee pads and elbow bands. Additionally, wear lace-up shoes with rubber soles to eliminate any possibility of slipping or losing balance.

How To Ride A Pogo Stick

How To Ride A Pogo Stick

1. Learn how to balance on a pogo stick. You can learn it both on and off the pogo stick on a balance board.
2. After you’ve mastered the art of staying balanced on a pogo stick, place it vertically on an even surface, place one foot on the foot rest, hold the handle and then place your other foot on the pogo stick as well.
3. Start jumping as soon as you get on the pogo stick.

Be careful not to put all of your weight on one foot, as this may cause you to fall.

4. If you jump too high or keep the pogo stick too far away, you will lose control and fall.

5. If your pogo stick begins to tip, lean forward in the opposite direction of the tipping motion.

Do not perform stunts unless you are ready and comfortable with attempting them.

How To Get On The Pogo Stick

After you put on the safety equipment, you’re ready for pogo stick games.

  • Put the pogo stick close to you in a straight line.
  • Keep your hands on the handlebars.
  • Position one foot on the footrest.
  • Put your second foot on the other footrest and pull the stick toward you, trying to balance your weight equally on both footrests.
  • Maintain balance for as long as you can.

If you’re having trouble getting on the pogo stick, try doing it next to a wall so you can steady yourself with a hand on the wall while getting your other foot on.

How To Make Your First Jump And Move Around

After placing one foot on the footrest first, press the footrest downwards before quickly placing your other foot on the opposite footrest. The stick will begin to propel you into the air. When it lands again on the ground, jump off and land on your feet.

How To Bounce More Than Once

As you make your first move, get ready to continue bouncing. Before your stick touches the ground, keep your legs bent and then, as soon as the stick touches the ground, push down with both of your legs. After that, quickly pull the handlebars upwards and stand up straight.

How To Care Of The Pogo Stick

How To Care Of The Pogo Stick
  • Keep it away from rain or snow because it could result in the pogo stick being covered with rust or it could cause other issues.
  • Besides regular checks, take a good look at each part and component of your stick once in a while to avoid harming yourself as a result of using a broken stick.
  • Do not try to pull unreliable tricks and do not attempt to go up or down the stairs, even if you are experienced.

Practice Tips

Practice your balance away from the stick if you still have trouble staying balanced.

  • Stand with your feet at either end of the board.
  • Place one foot in front of the other on the board and rock back and forth by switching your weight from one foot to the other.
  • Stand with your feet together and tilt the board by alternating your weight from one foot to the other.

Pogo Stick Tricks For Beginners And Pros

Pogo Stick Tricks For Beginners And Pros

Now that you know all about jumping, it’s time to learn some tricks.

5 Basic Tricks

  1. One Handers: maintain balance with one hand.
  2. No Hander: squeezing the tube with the knees.
  3. One Footer: one foot in the air.
  4. No Footer: both feet in the air.
  5. B-Spence: no footer and no hander.

180 Barspins

For this one, you need to spin the barspin 180 degrees in the direction you want.

While spinning the handlebars, keep your feet above the pegs.

Tweaks & Tucks

You can use tweaks to jump over obstacles or pull the stick as high as possible and you can use tucks to maintain balance while moving.

Peg Grab

Grab the peg on the side of your foot and underneath.

You’ll need Peg Grab for other tricks later on.

Pogo Parkour 1

Draw squares on the ground and try to jump into each of them: straight, left and right. Keep your height as low as possible.

One Foot Peg Grab & Judo

Kick your foot forward in front of the stick, then squat down and grab the pegs while pulling the stick up into a tuck.


Practice slowly for this one because it means you need to jump with no hands and no legs.

Pogo Parkour 2

It is similar to Pogo Parkour 1, but this time you need to jump into each box twice before moving on to the next.

Jumping Really High

Jumping Really High

Once the pogo stick tip touches the ground, use your weight to push it down. While jumping, pull up on the handlebars as the pogo stick ascends.

Switch Cheese

This trick is a one-foot peg grab that involves grabbing the foot that remains on the pegs.

Timing is everything, so you must kick while stooping to grab the pegs.


Place one of your hands in the opposite way from the other.

Can Can

To kick your foot through the gap between the cylinder and your legs, you first pull the pogo stick to the side.

No Hand Peg Grab

Start letting go of the handlebars once you’ve mastered the tweak move.

To prevent dropping the stick, make sure to hold the tube with your knees.

Pogo Parkour 3

Combine everything you learned from Parkour 1 and 2 and while in the air. Turn your handlebars, shoulders and hips in the desired direction.

Alternate Jumping Styles

  • Candybar: put one of your legs on the handlebar.
  • Tilt: jump on one leg; left leg on the right side and right leg on the left.
  • Reverse: jump in front of the pogo stick and get back.

360 Barspin

Skip the first handlebar, spin it and place your catching hand in the path of the second handlebar.

Under The Leg Barspin

While jumping, kick your right foot forward, cross over the stick, grab it with your other hand and land on the ground. Practice ULBS on the ground before doing this in the air.


This move involves jumping over the handlebars and landing on the pogo stick on the other side.

180 Wrap

It is ULBS but backward. Start with the pogo stick on the outside of your body and move inward.


  • Squeeze the tube between your knees as you pull the stick straight up.
  • Hold your knees and stand at a medium height to start.
  • Reach down as you feel more comfortable.
  • Grab the pegs with both hands from the ground.


Pull the handlebar while kicking the stick with your foot. Use your right hand to pull yourself up if you kick with your left foot. Use your left hand to pull yourself up if you kick with your right foot.

Your objective is to get the pogo stick parallel to the ground.


With this one, first pull your legs up and slam your feet together and then do a huge no footer and push the stick down.

Backflip Dismount

Backflip Dismount

Before this trick, you need to be extremely proficient at performing flips on a trampoline or on the ground because this is exactly it.


With the pogo stick wrapped around your body, you perform a 540-degree barspin known as a wraparound.


Keep your chest high and tuck your knees up tightly as you begin to flip. To keep your feet on the pegs, you must pull on the bars throughout the trick.


Grab the tube above the breather holes. Kick your feet backward while pushing the stick in front of you. To put everything back together, simply perform the opposite motion.

Stick Flip

  • Pull the handlebar sharply toward your chin.
  • Whip the handlebars and quickly draw a D shape with your right hand.
  • When the pogo stick has rotated 270 degrees and is out to the side, reach down and grab the handlebar with your left hand to complete the rotation.
  • Pull the bars to your hips and put your feet back onto the pegs as soon as you get your left hand on the handlebar.


Allow the handlebar to spin freely in your hand as you pull the pogo stick out to the side. The goal is to flatten out the pogo stick. Pass the pogo stick to your other hand and immediately place your foot on the peg.

Fun Pogo Stick Records

If you have become a professional jumper by now, it will be useful for you to know that there are people who have broken records in different categories of pogo stick jumping. Check out some of today’s world pogo stick records in the table below. Who is the pogo world champion? Click the link to find out.

Pogo Stick Record
Jumps In One Minute
266 jumps
July 27, 2013
Most Consecutive Jumps
88,047 bounces
July 2, 2015
Highest Jump
11 feet and 2.5 inch
August 20, 2021
Fastest Mile
7 minutes 40 seconds
June 24, 2017

If you want to be the next champion, buying the best quality pogo stick is a good way to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

You control a pogo stick by using one foot at a time. Place one foot on the foot rest and press down to activate the spring and then place your other foot on the opposite side. Hold the main tube with your knees and keep your hands on the handlebar all the time.

It is easy to pogo stick after some practice. Jumping on a pogo stick is different from riding a bike or skateboard. It can be difficult at the beginning, but after a few tries, you will be able to use it with ease and even learn some of the best pogo stick tricks.

To jump forward on a pogo stick, just lean your upper body slightly forward. You can practice this until you get used to it. Simply stop leaning to stop your forward movement. You can start doing some basic tricks once you’re comfortable jumping up and down and moving around with the pogo stick.

The appropriate age for a pogo stick is from 3 years old until you reach the pogo stick’s weight limit. A larger pogo stick has a weight limit of 180 lbs to 250 lbs (81 – 113 kg), so adults weighing more than this should not use a pogo stick. Wide base sticks are safer for children.

Yes, you should wear a helmet on a pogo stick every time you start jumping. You should never get on a Vurtego pogo stick or any other without it. This is the first rule. While you can suffer some minor injuries, hitting your head is always a possibility and it only takes one fall.


At the very least, we hope you learned how to pogo stick. These are the fundamental steps if you want to achieve personal flight on your pogo stick. Our main goal was to revive some of the childhood joy that we experienced as kids. In this article, we provided tricks and tips to put a smile on customers’ faces as they learn the basics of the pogo stick jumping as well as some cool stunts. Make sure to follow these guidelines to have a good time. But, no matter how good you are or how long you play, make sure you always wear protective gear.

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