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How To Play Drunk Jenga – Funniest Game Block Ideas

How To Play Drunk Jenga

Jenga is an exciting game that you can play to keep yourself and your friends entertained or to pass the time. However, few people realize that you can turn this childhood favorite into a drinking game to add some fun to your parties and hangouts. This article will teach you how to play Drunk Jenga, an adult version of Jenga.

Drunk Jenga, also known as Drinking Jenga, should be one of your top picks if you’re looking for fun drinking games. This adult game adds a twist to classic Jenga by incorporating booze into the game, making it more entertaining and spicy.

How To Play Drunk Jenga - Rules

Drunk Jenga is quite easy to play and pretty straightforward for anyone who already knows the rules of the regular Jenga game. It integrates Kings Cup rules with those of classic Jenga. All a Jenga drinking game requires is a Jenga set, a couple of permanent markers and some beer or any other drink of your choice. Let’s go over the rules of Drunk Jenga.

  • The game starts with a player building the tower. If you build the tower, you get to play first. The player on your left goes next and it goes on in this manner for the rest of the game.
  • Like a classic game of Jenga, the objective of Drinking Jenga is for players to remove blocks from the lower stories of the tower and place them at the top.

Tip: Pull the targeted block out gently to prevent the tower from falling.

  • When it’s your turn, you must remove a block below the highest completed layer and stack it on top of the tower.
  • You must finish stacking a three-block layer before creating a new story on the tower.
  • Players cannot stack more than one block per turn unless you tweak the Drunk Jenga rules.
  • You can use only one hand when removing a block piece from the tower; however, you may switch hands at any point.
  • Until the tower falls, players must continue removing and stacking blocks.

Game Play

As you can see, the Jenga drinking game has the same rules as a regular Jenga game. The only difference is that every block is labeled with a phrase or image instructing the player(s) to carry out an action. For example, if you pull out a block that says “nose goes”, everyone must touch their nose. The last person to do so must drink. You’ll then place the block on the top of the tower and the game goes on.

Warning: Even though it’s a drinking game, drink with caution. Avoid excessive drinking that may be harmful.

How To Set Up Drunk Jenga

How To Set Up Drunk Jenga

Now that you know all the Drunk Jenga rules, we’ll explain how to set up the drinking game.

Option 1 – You need to come up with some hilarious rules and challenging actions that players will carry out whenever they pull out the blocks. Write the task inside the block, so players can’t see it until they’ve taken the block out of the tower.

Option 2 – Instead of writing the actions on the blocks, you can write the numbers 1 to 54 on the blocks and the tasks in a book. When a player pulls out a number, read out the corresponding task. For example, if a player pulls out block 34, read out task number 34 from the book.

Each block in the Jenga set must contain a different action, challenge or funny twist. To assemble the Jenga drinking game, get all 54 blocks together. We’ll provide a list of tasks and challenges you can write on the Jenga blocks later in this article.

Tip: If you want to increase the likelihood of a player selecting a particular action, write it more than once.

70+ Drunk Jenga Ideas For Blocks

Drunk Jenga Ideas For Blocks

Here, we’ll review some entertaining and challenging ideas for the Jenga blocks.

All Together

If a player pulls out a block that says “all together”, all players drink.


If the block reads “anti-social”, no one must drink or talk for the next three minutes.

Arm Wrestle

Play a quick game of arm wrestling with the player on your left. The loser drinks.

Arm Wrestle

Bestie Left

You and the player to your left must take one swig of the drink.

Bestie Right

You and the player to your right must take one swig of the beer.


You must insult the person to your left and compliment the person to your right.

Broken Bone Story

Share a story about a time that you broke a bone. You must drink if you have never broken one.

Bust A Rhyme

Say a word and each player must say another word that rhymes with it. Anyone who is unable to answer with a rhyming word within three seconds or repeats an answer must drink.

Cat People Or Dog People

Cat people or dog people must drink.

Dog People


Pick a category, for example, types of beer or breeds of dogs. Go around the circle starting from your left. Each player must say something that falls into the category. Any player that repeats another person’s answer or doesn’t answer within three seconds must drink.


All ladies drink.


Tell your best joke. If no one laughs, you must drink.

Tip: To make the “comedian” challenge more difficult, tell the first player who laughs at your joke to drink.

Déjà Vu

After you turn, the players to your right and left must play again.

Drink One

Take a swig of your drink.

Drink One

Drink Two

Take two swigs of your drink.

Drink Three

Take three swigs of your drink.


All the guys must drink.


All players must drink.

Excuse Me, Barkeep

You must act as the bartender for the group for the rest of the game or until the tower collapses. You must attend to the drinking needs of every player and they will refer to you as “barkeep”. If another player calls you by your real name, the task becomes their responsibility.

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Eye For An Eye

Every time you give someone a drink, you must also take one.

Give One

Give a drink to any player of your choice.

Give One

Give Two

Give two drinks to two players of your choice.

Give Three

Give three drinks to three players of your choice.

Group Selfie

All the players must come together for a selfie. The player that drew the block takes the selfie.

Hey, You

You must not call people by their real names for the rest of the game. You must drink if you accidentally call someone by their name.


Take another turn. After setting the block at the top of the tower, you must remove another block from the lower parts of the tower.


The players to your left and right must drink.



Everyone must drink with their left hand for the rest of the game. If you forget, you have to drink double the portion.


Since lobsters usually choose a mate for life, you must pick one player to be your partner for the rest of the game. If you drink, the player must also drink and vice versa.


Lose your next turn.

Make A Rule

You must create a rule that all players must follow whenever they pull this block. If anyone breaks the rule, they must drink.

Make A Toast

You must make a toast.

Make A Toast

Marco Polo

The player who draws this block must immediately yell, “Marco”. The last player to say “Polo” drinks.


Pick a player to be your mate for the rest of the game. Whenever they drink, so do you and vice versa.

Mr. President

Until it is your turn again, everyone must put two fingers to their ears as if they are part of the President’s security team before speaking.


The players to your left and right must drink.

Never Have I Ever

You make a “never have I ever” statement and the loser drinks. For example, if you say, “never have I ever been arrested”, then anyone who had been arrested at some point must drink.

Never Have I Ever


You must give everyone nicknames and address them by these nicknames until the Jenga tower falls. Any time you forget, you must drink.

No Pointing

No one is allowed to point until the tower falls. Any player that points at someone or something must drink.

Nose Goes

All players must touch their noses. The last person to do so drinks.

Oh Darling

All players must talk in a posh British accent until the tower collapses. Players drink if they forget.

Oh Darling

One Hand

You can only use one hand for the rest of the game.


Every player must say “over” after finishing a sentence until it’s your turn again.

Potty Mouth

Until the tower falls, no one can swear. Any player that swears must drink.


All players must try to say “pterodactyl” without showing teeth. Any player that shows their teeth must drink.

Tip: If you don’t want to use “pterodactyl”, you can choose any other word that is difficult to pronounce.

Question Master

You become the question master of the Jenga drinking game until the tower collapses. Ask random questions and players must ignore them. Anyone that answers must drink.

Question Master

Rainbow Warrior

Choose a color. Everyone must drink once for every piece of clothing they have on that contains that color.

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Real Slim Shady

You must stand up for the rest of the game.

Real Slim Shady


Change the direction of play. The game continues with the player on your right and goes on in that manner.

Rhyme Time

You say a word and everyone has to say another word that rhymes. Whoever can’t come up with one must drink.


The next player must take their turn sitting on your lap.



Everyone must pretend to have an invisible seatbelt for the next three rounds. You must take it off and put it back on when you get out of your seat.


Take a group selfie with all the players.


Shared Cup

All the players must pour some of their drinks into a shared cup and drink from it.


You’re not allowed to talk until you finish the drink in your cup.

Silicon Valley

For the next three rounds, you must start all sentences with “www” and end them with “dot com”. Drink anytime you forget to do so.

Singles Drink

All singles must drink.


Skip the next player’s turn for this round.

Sobriety Test

You must attempt to walk in a straight line. If you succeed, you need to drink more.

Stand Master

You can stand up at any time and the other players must also stand. The last player to stand up drinks. Do this as many times as you want until the tower collapses.

Staring Contest

Pick a player and both of you must compete in a staring contest. The loser must drink.

Staring Contest

Take A Shot

You must take a shot.

Tall Tale

The tallest person drinks.

Talk Dirty

You must talk dirty to your cup before drinking until it’s your turn again. Anytime you forget, you drink double the portion.

Talk With An Accent

Talk with a different accent. If you can’t, you must drink.

Talk With An Accent


Players must take turns saying “fish stew” without showing teeth. Anyone that shows their teeth must drink.

The Floor Is Lava

The last player to stand on their chair drinks.

Thumb Master
Subtly place your thumb on the table at any time. Other players must place their thumbs in that position as well. The last player to realize must drink.

Note: You can repeat the “thumb master” challenge as many times as you want until the tower falls.

Touch The Wall

Everybody has to touch the wall. The last person to do so must drink.

T-Rex Arms

Until the tower falls, you must drink with your elbows close to your sides as if you have T-Rex arms. If you forget, you drink double the portion.

Truth Or Dare

You choose either truth or dare and someone else asks you a question or gives you a dare.

Truth Or Dare

Two Truths And A Lie

Tell the group two truths and a lie. Players guess which one is the lie. If they guess right, you drink. If they guess wrong, they drink.


Y​​ou start drinking and everyone must also drink. You can stop drinking whenever you want, which allows the person to your right also to stop drinking if they choose to. When that person stops drinking, the person to their right can also stop. It goes on like this until everyone stops drinking.

Word Ban

Until the tower collapses, no one can say “what”. Anyone who says it must drink.

How To Make Your Own DIY Jenga Drinking Game

How To Make Your Own DIY Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga is one of the easiest drinking games to create. If you can’t find a Jenga set, you can make one. To make a Jenga drinking game, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Wood pieces
  • Saw
  • Electric sander
  • Marker

All you have to do is cut the wood into appropriate pieces, sand them and write the drinking rules on them.

Tip: Use a measuring tape to ensure that the wood blocks are all the same size.

For the larger outdoor version of the game, ensure that each wood block is 8.5 inches long x 1.5 inches tall x 2.6 inches wide (21.5 cm long x 3.8 cm tall x 6.6 cm wide).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rules of drunk Jenga are quite similar to those of a standard Jenga game. Players take turns attempting to remove a block from the lower part of the tower and stack it on top. The only difference is that before stacking a block on top, you must carry out any task written on the Jenga block.

What you write on Drunk Jenga blocks depends on the players involved in the game. You can write various challenging tasks that players must complete whenever they pull the blocks. Depending on the preferences of the participants in the drinking game, you can make the tasks spicy or plain tricky.

A rainbow in Drunk Jenga means that the drawer must pick a color and all the players must remove all pieces of clothing they have on that contain that color. For example, if the drawer selects the color red, you must remove any piece of clothing you have on that contains red.

A Santa in Drunk Jenga means that the next player must take their turn sitting on your lap. If you pull a block that says “Santa”, the player to your left must sit on your lap while removing and setting their Jenga block. This idea comes from kids sitting on Santa’s lap.

Copy Dog in Jenga means that the player must mimic a dog’s actions. After pulling out the block, the player must go on to bark and move on all fours for a minute or until the end of that round. Instead of completing the challenge, the player can decide to drink.


We hope that this guide has taught you how to play Drunk Jenga and answered any questions that you may have about the game. Even when having a good time, remember to drink responsibly. You can even have a few blocks that tell players to drink water so no one gets too drunk.

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