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How Do You Play Around The World In Basketball? Rules And Variations

How Do You Play Around The World In Basketball

Around the World is one of the most entertaining basketball games you can play with your friends. It focuses on shooting from multiple locations with the goal of completing every shot from each designated spot on the court.

The game is a shooting drill designed to test who the best shooter on the court is. Let’s take a look at how you can play this entertaining game.

Setting Up The Court

Before you start playing Around the World, be sure to have a court with enough visible spots. A court with enough distinct line markings and an in-ground basketball hoop is ideal, but you can also play on any flat surface with a portable hoop.

Who Shoots First?

Who Shoots First

You can then set up a plan for who will shoot in what order. In the Around the World game you can have as many people as you wish, but they must shoot in a designated order. Everyone should agree on the order before the game starts.

One way to determine who shoots in what order is to have everyone shoot the ball at a specified spot. Whoever misses last will go first, while the first player to miss will go last. If you don’t have a ball or need a new one, check out our best basketball reviews.

Set Up The Shooting Spots

You can prepare the suitable shooting spots on the court after getting the court and hoop ready. An average Around the World game can include ten to fifteen spots, but you can use whatever number you prefer.

The shooting spots should go in an assortment of spaces around the court, including:

  • Layup shots a few feet to the left of the basket
  • Corner shots to the left or right of the basket
  • Wing shots at a 45-degree angle from the basket
  • Free-throw shots on the free-throw line
  • Elbow shots where the vertical lane and the free throw-line meet
  • You can also add some three-point shots if you wish

Prepare an equal number of shots from the left and right sides of the court. Around the World is about seeing how well a player can shoot a basketball from various spots.

Be sure to plan a sensible order for what shots players will complete. Start with the easiest shots first, eventually moving to the harder ones. The three-point shots can go at the end.

How Does The Shooting Happen?

How Does The Shooting Happen

You can start playing Around the World when you have the shooting spots set up and a proper order for who will shoot. You can use a few rules for shooting:

  • The first player will shoot from the first designated spot. A layup is typically the first shot one will complete.
  • The first player will continue shooting from the specified spots until they miss a shot.
  • The next person in line will start shooting from the beginning. Their turn also ends after missing a shot.
  • When one person who missed a shot gets back on the court, they must shoot from the last place where they missed.
  • The game is over when one person completes all of the designated shots on the court. The first person to go around the world is the winner.

Fun Variations To Enjoy

You can also enjoy many variations of Around the World. Here’s a short guide on how to play some of these games:

  • After completing all the shots, a player can go around the world in reverse. After finishing the last shot, the player must complete the shots once again in reverse order.
  • An all-or-nothing version of Around the World involves a player having the opportunity to retake a missed shot from the same spot. The player will move to the next spot if the second try is successful. The player will go back to the beginning if they miss the second attempt. The person can also choose not to take a second try, staying in the same spot until their turn comes again.
  • A redemption-style game is for when one player is in the zone and completes enough shots in a row to go around the world. Other players can force a playoff by completing the same cycle in the same number of attempts. Anyone who can complete this will enter a playoff where the players have to shoot from a specific spot.

A Final Note

Around the World is a fun basketball game that gives players many opportunities to shoot. It is competitive and can work in many forms. You will enjoy honing your shooting skills with this game.

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