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How To Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better – Cleaning Steps And Tips

How To Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better

Whether you already own or want to get one of these, you’ll need this guide on how to make air hockey table slide better at some point. You will get the most enjoyment out of every game you play if you make sure the table’s surface is as smooth as it can be.

For a lot of people, this is a typical issue. Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to improve the way your table slides. This article will go over some tips for improving your air hockey table’s sliding motion. If you keep the parts in perfect shape, you’ll have more fun playing.

How To Make Air Hockey Table Slide Better - Maintenance Tips

Simply put, if your air hockey table is not blowing air anymore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. We will get you through all the top maintenance tips. If you have a mini air hockey table, the procedure will be the same.

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1. Use The Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning the surface of your table should be one of your first steps when attempting to solve this issue. Simply use a soft cloth and a mild mixture of warm water and dish soap to properly clean your table. Wipe the table’s entire playing surface with this solution to remove any leftover grime.

Be careful not to pour too much water onto the table at once, since this could result in problems if it leaks into the air openings of the fans below.

2. Don’t Overspray

Don’t Overspray Lubricant

Getting a silicone lubricant and spraying it on the table is a fantastic idea after the table has been cleaned properly. For air hockey tables, the spray versions work best because you can quickly cover a sizable area with them. You don’t want to use too much spray, so you should apply only a small amount in the center and at either end.

3. Keep The Dust Off

Wiping the table down should still be the first thing you should do, even if there don’t seem to be any signs of dust on it. There is probably dust on your table if you don’t clean it frequently, at least once or twice every week. The puck may not go smoothly across the table if there is even a small amount of dust present.

4. Clean The Air Holes

You must be sure to look for any dead spots on the table after you have cleaned and oiled it. These spots can develop when the holes get filled up with surface dust or lubricant that you have applied too much of. You should clean each hole with toothpicks, cotton swabs or something similar. Be careful not to fill the hole with more dirt.

Make sure the fan is still on while doing this! As you’re cleaning the air holes, the fans will be blowing out the dirt.

5. Keep The Fan Clean

Many people frequently overlook the fans. The main reason for this is that they are hidden. Simply unplug the table and remove the fan screws from the table’s base. The blades can then be cleaned using a wet cloth to remove any dust, grime or debris that may have formed on them. Then, prior to reinstalling the fans, you must dry the fan blades. This procedure needs to be carried out at least once every month.

6. Cleaning Schedule

The most crucial factor of maintaining your air hockey table’s cleanliness is being consistent. If you play on the table on a moderately frequent basis, you should clean it at least once a week. You might want to clean it every other day if you use it frequently. By doing this, you can be confident that everything is in top condition and will continue to function properly for many years to come.

7. Use Lubricants

Use Lubricants

To make the air hockey table slide better, just lubricate it. A lubricant is a material that aids in decreasing surface friction. On an air hockey table, lubricant can be used to make the puck slide more easily. The players will have more fun playing the air hockey game if the table slides better. Choose a lubricant that best meets your needs from the wide variety of products offered.

8. Get A Lighter Puck

There’s a possibility that the puck you’re using is too heavy if you’ve just replaced it. The blowers on cheaper tables frequently are unable to withstand the heavier pucks you’d see in arcade games. Fortunately, light replacement pucks are far less expensive than heavy ones, allowing you to purchase a large quantity just in case they get broken.

9. Sand Your Puck

Sand Your Puck

Surprisingly, the issue may not always be to do with the table. The pucks can suffer some wear and tear over time. Once you start using them, they will soon start to show some minor signs of damage as a result. Fortunately, you can utilize extremely fine sanding paper which will allow you to remedy this. To get the puck back to being really smooth, all you have to do is gently sand it.

Mallets, like pucks, are subject to deterioration and can sustain abrasions.

10. Apply Wax

You can always add a little wax to the table if it doesn’t slide well. That will enable you to grease it effectively and reduce wear. To wax your air hockey table, you should purchase a wax that was specially made for air hockey tables and spread a thin layer of it over the entire surface.

11. Cover Your Air Hockey Table

No matter how big your home air hockey table is, you should cover the table while you are not using it. When the dust gets into those little holes, your puck won’t glide properly.

12. Check Your Warranty

If none of these techniques work when trying to make your table slide better, this could be a sign that your blower may be broken. Check the warranty of the table you already own before opting to spend money on a new one. Call the manufacturer and check if they’re able to repair the blower.

13. Last Resort – Get A New Air Hockey Table

In the worst-case scenario, a new table is always an option. Even though it’s not an easy decision to make, buying a new product might be for the best, especially if the table you had was an entry-level one. You should maintain the new table in a proper manner to ensure your investment will last for a very long time.

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Reasons Why Puck Doesn’t Slide Better

Reasons Why Puck Doesn’t Slide Better

Your puck is not moving as smoothly as it once did for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you’re experiencing problems with some of the following parts.

Blocks Or Bank Shots

If the puck is not moving forward directly, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. It can be because of an issue with the puck itself, the surface, the air holes or the fans. Each of these problems can be fixed in a different way. Thankfully, it’s not that challenging to deal with either of these issues.


An air hockey table surface is designed to be as slippery as possible. However, utilizing the strikers and pucks and touching the surface will cause a buildup of residue over time. The table might not slide properly as a result of this.

Air Holes

The top of the table has a lot of small air holes. Over time, the tiny air holes that allow the strikers and puck to float around the surface can clog up.


Dust and debris adhering to the fan blades can cause it to slow down if the fans are not cleaned regularly.


The puck that was once smooth may begin to develop dents and scratches after extensive play, which can impair its ability to slide across the table smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

To increase the air flow on an air hockey table, you need to clean the holes on top of the table as well as the fan or fans underneath, which can be dirty and dusty. These two actions will increase the amount of air passing through the table and improve how well it functions.

To make an air hockey table slippery use silicon-based lubricants. Using enormous amounts of lubricant will enable you to enjoy the frenetic, fast-paced game you want. Spray the silicone-based lubricant onto a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth, then use the cloth to buff the table. There is no need to repeat the procedure often because the lubricant persists for some time.

To clean and polish an air hockey table use an oil soap. Although you can clean an air hockey table with pretty much any polish or shine, oil soap is the finest option. Because it doesn’t include ammonia, this solution won’t harm your table and will clean and add shine to the top of your table far better than other cleansers.


A good air hockey table should have a level, smooth and clean surface. The table should also have a strong fan to maintain a constant airflow throughout the playing surface. Now that you know how to make air hockey table slide better, you can clean it properly. You will be able to effortlessly maintain your table’s cleanliness and smoothness by using the cleaning instructions we provided in this post.

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