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How To Do A Backflip On A Trampoline, Steps For Beginners

How To Do A Backflip On A Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is fun, but after a while you get bored of just bouncing – you want to learn some tricks! A backflip is one of those tricks that looks impressive, but is actually pretty simple if you build up to it – with careful practice. This article will teach you how to do a backflip on a trampoline by taking you through some basic movements to prepare yourself. Then, it will outline the steps involved in performing a backflip: build up, commit, look for your landing, and – if you don’t fully complete the rotation – let yourself fall safely on your stomach or back.

The fastest way to discourage yourself from backflips is to attempt one without any buildup!

Don’t Dive Straight In! Get Used To Falling On Your Back

Do not miss this vital first step! Not only will this accustom your body to the backwards motion, but it will help your fearful mind trust that the trampoline will be there to catch you even if you cannot see the ground.

Get A Trusted Person To Help

For nailing a backflip landing primarily it is imperative to someone you trust who can be there to spot you. Ideally, this should be someone very experienced with doing backflips.

Once You Are Confident: Steps To Doing A Backflip

When you feel comfortable and confident with falling on your back, you can move to the next step!

Warm Yourself Up

Warm yourself up by jumping up and down. While jumping, maintain awareness of your center of gravity and keep your core engaged. Try to land in the same spot each time. You can also do some other practice moves, such as a seat drop, a slow somersault or a front flip.

Practice Your Backdrops

Once you are warm and limber, start practicing your backdrops. Only this time, start with bouncing, then drop onto your back and bounce back up to your feet. Once you are comfortable with that, you can practice a back drop and roll. This is where you bounce onto your back, then flip back up by taking your feet over your head in a backward somersault.

Increase Your Height at The Center

When you feel really comfortable and confident with the backward somersault, you can start the prep for the actual backflip. Move to the center of the trampoline and start with a few bounces, increasing your height with each jump. It is important to keep your core engaged as you do this, and your legs firm but not locked.

Lift And Tuck

Once you get a good bounce going, you can go in for your backflip. At the highest peak of a jump, lift and tuck your knees into your chest while throwing your arms and upper body backward. Here, it is vital to really swing yourself backwards and commit fully to the flip.

You are more likely to injure yourself by bailing early than by committing too hard on your full backflip landing!

Spot Your Landing

As soon as you jump and are moving through the air, start to look for your landing spot. The trick to achieving a full follow through is to be geared towards the moment you land right from the start. As soon as you have spotted your landing, straighten your legs so you can land on your feet after your flip.

You have just completed a full back flip!

Safety First: What You Need To Bear In Mind

The thing most people are afraid of is falling on their head and injuring their neck. Luckily, this is unlikely to happen unless you bail halfway through.

Safety First: What You Need To Bear In Mind

But even on the best trampoline in the world, there are a few other safety points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that no-one else is on the trampoline with you
  • It may be difficult at first to land in the same spot you start from – to avoid the danger of falling off the trampoline, do small back flips at first and keep a lot of space behind you
  • Keep your arms out for the first couple of attempts, so you won’t land on your head if you don’t make the full rotation
  • However, if you find yourself falling onto your stomach, the best thing to do is let yourself fall forward instead of putting out your arms to catch yourself

The main thing to overcome is your fear, and to ensure you know how to land safely on your stomach or back if your backflip doesn’t go quite as planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not easy to do a backflip on a trampoline, in the sense that it takes some preparation and courage – however, it is not difficult either, as it does not take months of practice or any complicated maneuvers! The hardest thing involved in mastering the back flip is overcoming your fear – the actual steps are not difficult to learn.

Backflips are dangerous on a trampoline if you attempt them without the proper precautions. Firstly, make sure you have a trusted person to spot you. Before jumping, ensure you have ample space behind you. If you find yourself falling, let yourself drop on your stomach or back onto the bouncy surface of the trampoline instead of breaking your fall with your hands.

Learning a backflip is not very hard overall – it is actually a simple procedure if you follow the appropriate steps. With a little courage and practice, you will soon be performing a beautiful backflip. The trick is to overcome the idea that it is impossible – if you can imagine yourself doing a backflip, you will get it in no time!

As a beginner, you do a backflip on a trampoline by building up to it: you should start by getting used to falling on your back, then by doing some backdrops and jumping into backwards somersaults. You can also bridge the gap by practicing some cartwheels, then turning these into an over the shoulder handspring and finally into a full back handspring.

You can hurt yourself doing a backflip if you do not follow proper safety precautions. For example, if you do not leave enough space behind you, you could fall off the trampoline. You can also hurt your arms by using them to break your fall. The most serious injuries could come from landing on your head and neck. However, this is unlikely to happen if you commit to the flip. Remember, it’s okay to fall on your back or stomach – the trampoline is there to catch you!


As you can see, learning how to do a backflip on a trampoline is not overly difficult – the trick is to build up to it and follow through with commitment, practicing the same thing over again. However, we do recommend that you watch lots of videos and get familiar with the preparatory moves first, and learn how to land safely even if you don’t nail the rotation. Once you have managed to flip all the way around, it’s just a matter of practice before you are performing the perfect backflip!

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