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How Much Height Do Basketball Shoes Add: The Importance Of Extra Inches

How Much Height Do Basketball Shoes Add

When it comes to the player’s height, a couple of inches make a significant difference in ability and performance. This is especially true for competitive sports such as basketball. For example, players are able to reach higher into the air for blocking shots. Almost every player wants to know how much height a good pair of kicks can add. The answer may surprise you.

Basketball shoes add anywhere from 0.5 inches to 2 inches of height. Even if this doesn’t seem like much, every inch is important when playing a competitive sport. This height is from the shoe’s thick sole. The purpose of the ultra-thick sole on basketball shoes is to absorb impact and shock. Anyone who has played basketball will tell you a good shoe is essential to the game. If you need the best basketball shoes to elevate your performance, you won’t want to miss our list. Let’s take a closer look at why that seemingly “insignificant” inch or two is so important for players.

The Importance Of An Extra Few Inches In Basketball

Importance Of An Extra Few Inches

When playing competitive sports, all points matter, all teammates matter and, you guessed it – all inches matter. For this reason, adding a few extra inches with the right pair of shoes can bring you a competitive edge. The most obvious benefit is an extended reach. This means it will be easier to score your shot, even with an opponent attempting to block it. Another practical benefit of added height are longer strides. This proves to be very important when racing back and forth on the court. Lastly, you won’t have to work as hard to propel yourself forward when dunking the ball. As we know, those extra couple inches on your shoes can mean you are that much closer to the hoop when neck and neck with an opponent.

It’s interesting to explore how basketball leagues such as the NBA quantify the player’s height. In fact, prior to 2019, the height of players was not universally measured the same way. In other words, some players’ heights were recorded with shoes on and others with shoes off. This disproportion was “evened out” in 2019 when they created a standard. This standard means the player’s height is recorded without basketball shoes on – barefoot.

Players Height

Of the many advantages basketball shoes provide, jumping height is one of them. The boost in height allows players to jump higher. Some people argue that jumping while wearing shoes limits the height you can jump due to all the padding. However, shoe manufacturers today factor this in and create footwear to boost and encourage jumping height.

When it comes to composition, basketball shoes are made of a few different materials. Most of them have a rubber sole. This rubber sole is responsible for providing good traction on the court. The rubber also acts as a shock absorber. It allows players to land more comfortably and enables them to play long games with ease.

As companies become more modernized, they are coming up with new ways to enhance their shoes. This means adding foam and other materials to boost the player’s jumping capability. Performance is important and consistent upgrades to shoes help players stay at the top of their game.

Choosing The Right Shoe For Added Height

Choosing The Right Shoe

There are many companies to purchase shoes from. However, maybe even more important than the company itself is the shoe’s composition. What is the shoe made of? The material of the shoe plays a major role in comfort, performance and functionality. Players need a comfortable shoe whether they are in practice or in a championship game. 

The best materials are foam, mesh and rubber. Foam is essential for comfort, support and rebound. Mesh is a lightweight material, allowing your feet to breathe. Rubber is needed for traction on the court. Some companies have even begun patenting their shoes with a proprietary rubber sole. That signifies just how important the sole of a basketball shoe is.

The Final Word

Whether you want to add an inch or two to your stature or you wonder why your performance improves when wearing basketball shoes, the fact of the matter is that extra inches mean better performance – every time.

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