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Top Foosball Tips, Strategies & Techniques

Foosball Tips

Looking for some useful foosball tips to help you defeat your buddies? We’ve got you covered. Foosball or ‘table soccer’ as some know it as, has become very popular in the last few decades. Like air hockey and other similar sports, it has some definite tactics to enable you to become king – or queen – of the table.

After finishing this article, you should have learnt a trick or two that will help improve your game. Whether you need help playing defense after accidentally scoring an own goal (we’ve been there) or you’re a long-time player looking to boost your skills further, let’s look at some top tips for both beginners and intermediate players to become a champion foosball player.

Foosball Tips For Beginners And Intermediate Players

Our first section contains the key tips and tricks every prospective player should know.

Foosball Defense Tips

Foosball Defense Tips

There are numerous defense styles players use in foosball. To become more proficient in the game, you should learn a few things about playing defense. Here are some basic foosball defense tips to help you:

  • Be ready to defend – Whenever you are not attacking, always take an active role in defending your goal.
  • Avoid ricochets – Remember to tilt your men backward when shots head toward the wall, to avoid potentially bouncing the ball sideways then ricocheting into your own goal.
  • Use two rods together – You should set up your defensive rod and midfield as a unit; using the two rods in this way helps create a strong foosball defense against your opponent’s shots giving you an almost impenetrable wall.
  • Change patterns – If you play using only one pattern all the time, the more experienced players will quickly start to read your game.

Foosball Shooting Tips

Foosball Shooting Tips

At the very beginning, most players tend to grip the handle too hard, limiting their movement and speed. Instead, learn to keep a loose grip on the handle as it is not a baseball bat or a tennis racket – you don’t have to swing it!

Advanced players use different shooting techniques during the game, so if you want to keep up, you need to master them too. One of the best methods is the single-shot technique that should guarantee you at least one goal per game.

Foosball Goalie Tips

You should practice controlling the goalkeeper with one hand while the other controls the ball outfield simultaneously. This may be tough initially, but you will master it after some time and it will become more natural to you.

If you cannot pass your opponent, learn how to dribble with your goalkeeper and the two-man defense rod. This way, you can wait for the line to open up, then pass the ball forward.

Foosball Serving Tips

Foosball Serving Tips

If you are unfamiliar with all the rules, you should at least know that serving yourself the ball on the drop is legal. To get the best out of it, you should learn how to spin the ball and pass it to your men on the five bar. Before serving the ball, remember to use your left hand to block the hole on the other side of the table until your ball is inside.

Click here to read more about foosball rules.

Remember! Any contact with the game table that intends to impact the ball’s path directly is illegal.

25 Best Foosball Tips And Tricks

Best Foosball Tips And Tricks

Here are the best 25 foosball shooting tips and other tricks for both beginners and advanced players.

1. Be Unpredictable

A little creativity and unpredictability are important trick shots. Your opponents won’t see it coming and you will be surprised by the results.

2. Don’t Spin

It is good to know that spinning rods is illegal. In addition, when you spin, you lose control over players, have less accurate shots and your pass becomes a lottery effort to block the rival’s shots. It can also damage the foosball table and warp the rods. So remember – no spinning!

3. Always Be Moving

You should keep looking at what your opponent is doing and keep your eye on their strategy during playtime. Every player has their foosball strategy, so try to find your own.

4. Keep Your Grip Relaxed

Keep Your Grip Relaxed

New players tend to hold the foosball handle very tight, but one of the most important tactics you should learn when you start playing is to have a relaxed grip and maintain space between your fingers, palm and handle. With a loose grip, you will adapt to various shots and have better ball control.

5. Defense Is The Key To Make A Pass

You need to block the opponent’s shots by using the defense rod – but you should also be aware that the ball can be passed quickly by using the defense. So, don’t just let it pass freely – make a calculated move and keep complete control over the ball.

6. Serving Cup Method

If the foosball coffee table you play on has a serving cup, you should use this method after a goal gets scored. The serving cup should be on the top left edge – you need to release the ball from here slowly so it spirals just down the cup.

7. Open Your Stance

Many beginners tend to stand stiff. You should maintain at least a 45-degree angle between your body and the table for the best results. Open your stance a bit and you will be able to get more power to your foosball men.

8. Master Your Serve

Master Your Serve

It is very important to master your serve shot and not just drop the ball and create a chance for your opponent to get it easily. Learn how to spin it and control the angle of the serve.

9. Watch Your Opponent

One small but very important foosball tip: do not focus only on your side of the table. Instead, try to keep an eye on your opponent’s movement and tactics. By doing so, you stand more of a chance of spotting a gap in their game and being able to score a goal.

10. Use An Open Hand Shot

Mastering an open-handed shot will let you increase the speed of the ball. Twist the foosball handle by moving your wrist to make high-speed shots.

11. Back-Spin Serving Method

The back-spin serving method will lead you to become a master of the table. You have to place a thumb on the ball’s left side and push it down to the table as if you’re pushing it on the right end through the hole. Once you master this method, the ball will stop and roll back toward the five rods on your side.

12. Pin The Ball

Pin The Ball

Angle your player a bit before the ball comes to the rod. Catch it beneath the player and think about your next move. This way, you’ll be able to make a more strategic pass.

13. Eyes On The Prize

Keep your eyes on the prize if you want to win. If you’re playing the tournament, getting overwhelmed and distracted from time to time is normal. Try to concentrate on the ball and movements around the table.

14. Learn 2 Rods With 1 Hand

Learning to play two rods with one hand is tricky but will boost your game. You need to practice using your thumb and pinkie finger on your left hand to control both of your defensive rods, which can significantly increase your control over the foosball table.

15. Master The Wall Pass

Learn how to master this move to hide your intention and easily reach your opponent’s goal. In order to do it effectively, you should control the ball by any player of the 5-man rod passing it to any player of the 3-man rod placed against the wall.

Leaving a little space between your hand’s index finger allows you to get better speed while shooting.

16. The “Five Balls” Rule

The goal on the foosball tables is the width of five balls, however you needn’t cover the entire goal. If you spread the defensive players to defend 50% of each of the ‘five balls’, then the goal is covered and scoring is nearly impossible.

Disclaimer! Spray shots and bank shots may come in at angles which exploit this way of defending.

17. Be Creative

Be Creative

Like our first foosball tip, this one also entails thinking wisely and never letting your rival know your next move. Be sure to have the right winning and creative mindset – mix the strategies and action so they become distracted by your game.

18. Redirect Passes

Surprise your rival by simply switching the ball’s direction. You can shift your direction fast by using the outside edge and quickly reaching the 5-man rod in the middle. From here, you can find the gap to pass the ball to the 3-man offense rod.

19. Change Your Angles

You need to be dynamic to win the game when you play foosball. If you always have the same strategy, you will become very predictable to your rival. So, once you see that they’re able to predict and block your move, try passing the ball from a different angle.

20. Rotate Your Wrists

You should practice rotating your wrist fast at 180 degrees, allowing the ball speed and movement when it gets hit by your player.

21. Learn To Dribble

Like in soccer, you need to learn to dribble when your rival has a strong defense. Pass the ball back and forth between the defense and goalie to get some space. It’ll open the lane to pass the ball quickly to your 5-man rod.

22. Master Push & Pull Shots

Practice push and pull shots and when you become a master, find a single shot tactic that works the best for you. When you have just one shot to score, do not waste your time arranging a line; finish the action quickly with your one-shot technique.

23. Lubricate Your Rods

Lubricate Your Rods

Keep your table and rods clean. Remove dust and other residues often and lubricate the rods to have a smooth and fast performance.

24. Take A Breath

We know this game can be very addictive and you can lose track of time in the game room, but remember to breathe. Pace your breathing, allowing your body to work properly and enhance the chance of winning.

25. Always Have Fun

Remember that foosball is a fun game. Do not let yourself lose this feeling and excitement of playing one of your favorite games. Enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

You always win at foosball by learning some of the most important techniques. The first foosball tip you should remember is never to spin the rod. You need to have control over the ball and use your goalkeepers wisely. You should also avoid shooting with your goalie – otherwise you will be vulnerable and your opponent will have a lot of time to react.

A good technique for playing foosball is learning to catch. Catching allows the player to maximize the amount of possessions and ball control. It is also good to remember that timing can be everything because you cannot race all your shots to the goal, no matter how fast or precise your straight shot is.

You hit hard in foosball by ensuring your equipment is up to par. Your foosball table, balls and wraps must be in good condition. In addition, you must practice different stances as your whole body matters. Using an open stance is a good way to be prepared. Learning to hold the handle properly and do the wrist flick are also great tips.

You can improve your foosball table skills by trying different defenses depending on who you’re playing against. You can also learn some famous shots, like the pool shot or the dink. The second one is to be very unpredictable, which will help you surprise your opponents and help you score plenty of goals.

You play good defense by always defending your goal. Remember that a great defending team always wins a match so you should be playing defense every time your opponent has a ball. This way, you effectively take away all the possibilities for the opponent to score, automatically making winning much easier.


You don’t need to master all of our foosball tips overnight. Instead, you’ll find what works best for you with a bit of practice. There are a lot of things to learn about this sport, but one thing you should remember is that you need to have fun – that’s all that matters. So, get a coin, call a side – heads or tails and start your game with the official coin toss.

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