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Foosball Table Set Up – DIY Assembly Instructions

Foosball Table Set Up

Foosball is a fun way to enjoy time with loved ones – perhaps beers and competition with friends on a Friday night or a family tournament on a Sunday spent indoors. Purchasing the foosball table is a big step – but what about assembly? We want your foosball table set up to be nice and simple, so we have prepared a step by step guide to help you put your table together.

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need. You should ask someone to help you out during the assembly. The work will go quickly if there’s someone who’ll lend you a hand by passing tools, holding parts in place – and testing it when you are done!

Foosball Table Set Up Instructions

Your foosball table has finally arrived and now all you need is to figure out how to assemble it. Putting together foosball tables can be a bit challenging if you haven’t done it before, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before you begin.

What You’ll Need

Foosball Table Assembly Tools

For foosball table assembly, you’ll need the right tools:

  • Screwdrivers
  • A level
  • A hammer
  • An Allen key

You can start setting up your table when you have all the necessary equipment. Before you begin, lay out all the parts to ensure they are all there. You should do this in the area or room you want to keep the assembled soccer table.

1. Study The Manufacturer’s Manual

Study The Manufacturer’s Manual

The best foosball tables come with a manufacturer’s manual. Make sure you read through it prior to organizing parts into the foosball table configuration. If you haven’t got the manual, you can Google it – you’ll probably find a copy online, which will help you during the assembly along with this article.

Read the foosball table setup manual or watch a video online to complete the foosball table assembly correctly the first time round.

2. Attach The Table Base To The Bottom/Legs

Attach The Table Base To The Bottom

Once you have the foosball table layout organized, the manual read and all the pieces sorted in front of you, it is time to start getting the table assembled. The first step is attaching the legs to the table base. Flip it upside down and place four legs in all four corners of the table. Usually, each leg has to be secured with a bolt that goes through the base then through the leg with a nut at the other side. Once finished, flip the table back over so it stands upright.

3. Attach The Playing Surface To The Table’s Top

Attach The Playing Surface To The Table's Top

The next step is attaching the playing surface to the top of the table. Remember that the playing surface is delicate, so you should place it and secure it carefully. Avoid any scratches, as they’ll affect the game later.

Three materials are usually used for the playing surface: wood, plastic or tempered glass.

4. Attach The Table’s Sides And Rods To The Table

Attach The Table's Sides And Rods To The Table

When you finish attaching the surface, it’s time to attach the sides. Some tables have specific assembly instructions to follow, so check the manual before starting this step.

5. Secure The Sides With Corner Pieces

Slide the corner pieces over the corner carefully and screw them in place to secure them so that they don’t shift during the foosball match.

You can also try making a DIY foosball table.

6. Attach Leg Levelers And Straighteners To The Table

After completing the previous steps and ensuring you’ve fastened everything tightly, it is time to level and straighten the table. Once again, flip it upside down and attach one of the levers to each leg. When you finish it, tighten the straighteners and legs. Make sure you do this step properly, otherwise your table will wobble and shift while you play. Then flip the table back over.

7. Insert The Rods Into The Table And Attach The Players To The Rods

Insert The Rods Into The Table

Insert the rods and then attach the stoppers to the end. In this step, you also connect the players to the rod. Keep in mind that attaching players to the rod differs from table to table: some require pushing them in place and others require sliding them through and adding stoppers at the end.

There are two options for the goalie position assembly.

Foosball Player Layout

The foosball player layout is the most significant difference in the foosball table setup. There are two configurations: either with one or three goalies, better known as European and American styles respectively.

Foosball One Goalie (European Style)

European-style foosball tables include only one goalie. In this style, you use only one man on the last rod because the game is mainly based on skill and precision.

Foosball Three Goalie (American Style)

American-style tables today have a three man goalie system as this style is for more active, faster players and those that focus more on scoring the goal.

There is an official foosball table setup used in tournaments. However, tables for playing foosball as a hobby or tables for kids may be different.

8. Add The Handles And The Stoppers To The Rods

Add The Handles And The Stoppers To The Rods

The next step in foosball table setup is adding handles and stoppers to the rods. When your rods are in place, add the handles to the end.

9. Attach The Goals, Scoreboards And Serving Holes To The Table

In the final step, you need to attach goals to the end of each playing area and add scoreboards above the goals. You will also have to fit serving holes on either side for the ball.

10. Use The Lubricant

Use The Lubricant

Once all the pieces are in their places, use a decent lubricant and add it to all the rods. This way, you will keep them smooth for better play and increase their lifespan.

Optional Single Step Assembly: Order Professional Help!

Order Professional Help

To some it may appear easy, but not everyone is comfortable doing the foosball table assembly alone or even with a friend. If you are not feeling confident, you can always call a professional to do it for you!

You can also learn how to make a foosball table out of cardboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

A foosball table should be set up by following the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual. Read the instructions carefully, ensure you have all the parts and get the tools in front of you before you start the foosball table setup. Details of the typical process will vary but generally involve: attaching all the parts; setting the rods into their place; placing players; and using lubricant to keep everything smooth and increase the lifespan of the table.

To put a foosball table top together, you must keep the base in perfect condition. Any dents or scratches can cause problems when you play the game, as the ball won’t travel straight. Before attaching the top, you must turn the table upside down to attach the legs. Every step is important and you should always follow the instructions carefully.

A foosball table goes from left to right. The foosball table setup is made this way because players use both hands to play the game and most people have one hand stronger than the other. Usually, the right hand is stronger, so naturally, the idea is to use the dominant hand more often.

It takes around 3 hours to put together a foosball table. If you follow the instructions carefully and someone lends you a hand, it shouldn’t take more than three hours to finish the foosball table setup. Some more complex tables can take longer; it all depends on the foosball table layout and the skill of the people who attempt to assemble it.

To install a foosball rod, you slot it through one end and then through the other end of the table. Next, you need to add stoppers to the rods. While doing this, you also attach the players. Make sure you start attaching them from the goalkeepers and place them so they are facing each other.

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Foosball table set up shouldn’t be too hard. Almost all tables come with the manufacturer’s manual, which you should read before starting foosball table setup. Having all the parts laid out and friends to help can get the job done quickly. After about three hours, your table will be ready and you can start enjoying the game – have a ball!

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