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Top 135 Fun Family Road Trip Questions

Family Road Trip Questions

Nothing beats the thrill of a family road trip. These journeys provide families with an opportunity to reconnect and even learn new things about one another. However, no matter how appealing the prospect of family spending time together might appear, excitement tends to fade during a long journey. We have some great family road trip questions that will help you start conversations and keep your trip fun.

Although there are many other exciting things to do on a road trip, these journeys are more enjoyable when you interact with the people around you. The road trip questions in this article are suitable for everyone in the family.

Best Family Road Trip Questions

We have grouped these family road trip questions into different categories to make them easier to browse.

Family Conversation Starters For A Road Trip

You can draw everyone into the conversation and get everyone interacting by asking the following general questions:

  1. If you could choose another name, what would it be?
  2. What brings you joy and why?
  3. What one word describes you best?
  4. What irritates you the most?
  5. Who’s your most admired athlete of all time?
  6. What’s the funniest sound you can make?
  7. What’s the funniest joke you have ever heard?
  8. Who is your favorite singer and can you sing one of their songs?
  9. What would you name a professional sports team if you owned one?
  10. What’s one thing you can never get tired of doing?
  11. What three things are you most grateful for in life?
  12. What would the name of your hypothetical nation be and which laws would you implement?
  13. If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, which character would you be?
  14. What’s the best dream that you’ve ever had?

Tip: Use age appropriate conversation starters to suit all family members traveling with you.

Funny Road Trip Questions

Funny Road Trip Questions For Family

These funny road trip questions will keep you and your family laughing throughout the journey.

  1. If you had to spend a day as an animal, which one would you choose?
  2. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or breathe underwater?
  3. Which era would you visit if you could go back in time just once?
  4. Who would win a fight, Optimus Prime or Iron Man?
  5. What’s the worst food you’ve ever tasted?
  6. Would you rather crawl or walk backward for the rest of your life?
  7. What’s the funniest dream you’ve had recently?
  8. Which would be worse: public burping or public farting?
  9. What is the strangest or most bizarre fact you know?
  10. What’s the funniest WiFi name you’ve ever seen?
  11. Where would you hide if a Zombie Apocalypse started next week?

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Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Ask your kids the following “would you rather” questions and listen to their funny responses.

  1. Would you rather eat a bug or a worm?
  2. Would you rather have magical powers or superpowers?
  3. Would you rather travel through time or stop time?
  4. Would you rather choose a human-sized robot or a jetpack?
  5. Would you rather meet a famous person or become a movie star?
  6. Would you rather have the ability to communicate with animals or read minds?
  7. Would you rather have the ability to control fire or water?
  8. Would you rather turn into mum or dad for a day?
  9. Would you rather attend the Summer or Winter Olympics?
  10. Would you rather explore space or the deepest part of the ocean?
  11. Would you rather be alone in the desert or the jungle?
  12. Would you rather have five good friends or one best friend?
  13. Would you rather be the worst performer on a winning team or the best performer on a losing one?
  14. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

If you’re into tabletop gaming, see some of the best travel board games to make the most of your next adventure.

Family Road Trip Questions About Animals

Family Road Trip Questions About Animals

Everyone loves to talk about animals, kids included. Ask the following animal-related questions to keep the conversation going during a road trip with your family.

  1. If two lions went up against a grizzly bear, who do you think would win?
  2. If you could be a sea animal, which one would you be?
  3. What is the most adorable animal you’ve ever seen?
  4. If your parents were animals, which animals would they be?

Tip: When going on a road trip with family, choose questions that will put everyone in a cheerful mood and keep everyone engaged.

  1. If you were allowed to have any kind of pet, which animal would you choose?
  2. Which animal do you spend the most time looking at when visiting the zoo?
  3. Which characteristics do you find most admirable in animals?
  4. Which national park would you like to visit?
  5. Would you rather fight a pigeon-sized lion or a lion-sized pigeon?
  6. What is the best animal-related film you’ve seen?
  7. What’s your spirit animal?

Family Road Trip Questions About Vacations

Family Road Trip Questions About Vacations

Take advantage of this road trip to share your previous vacation experiences.

  1. Which country have you never been to and want to visit?
  2. What’s your best vacation experience?
  3. What’s your favorite activity to do while you’re on vacation?
  4. What do you enjoy the most about going on a vacation with your family?
  5. Would you rather spend a day at the zoo or the beach?
  6. What is your best family vacation memory?
  7. What’s one thing that you must carry along when traveling?
  8. Where would you like to go on your next family road trip?
  9. What is your preferred length of vacation?
  10. Do you prefer flying or traveling by car when going on a vacation?
  11. Do you prefer to go to the beach or the mountains?
  12. Which five countries would you like to visit the most?

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Family Road Trip Questions About Friends And Family

Family Road Trip Questions About Friends And Family

Explore relationships by asking everyone questions about their favorite people – family and friends.

  1. Who’s the nicest person you know and why do you consider them nice?
  2. Who is the funniest person you know?
  3. If you could be friends with any movie character, who would you like to be friends with?
  4. If you could impose one rule that everyone in the family had to follow, what would it be?
  5. Who is your best friend and what makes them your best friend?
  6. What’s your favorite family tradition?
  7. Who in the family are you most like?
  8. Who in the family do you get along with most?
  9. What advice would you give your parents if you could be a parent for a day?
  10. What family activities do you enjoy the most?
  11. Which of your close friends do you consider family?
  12. Who would you first ask for help if you had a problem?

Tip: To prevent the conversation from turning into an interrogation, share your responses to each question or make comments.

Family Road Trip Questions About Feelings

Family Road Trip Questions About Feelings

Use these trip questions for the family to encourage everyone to express their emotions. A road trip is an excellent opportunity for the entire family to discuss how they feel about various situations.

  1. What’s the most interesting thing you have learned this week?
  2. What would you prevent your past self from doing if you could?
  3. What’s one thing you don’t think you can live without?
  4. What skill would you like to improve?
  5. What one aspect of the world would you change if you had the ability?
  6. What advice would you give your younger self?
  7. What has been the most positive development in your life this year?
  8. Which of your recent experiences has been the worst?
  9. How would you describe this family in one word?
  10. What makes you feel nervous and how do you calm your nerves?

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What If? Family Road Trip Questions

What If? Family Road Trip Questions

We have also compiled some “what if” questions that will get you thinking outside the box.

  1. What if you came across a wallet containing $20,000?
  2. What if you could get a pet today? What pet would you get?
  3. What if dragons were real? Would you be happy or scared?
  4. What if you could have your own spacecraft?
  5. What if you could not sleep for the rest of your life? What would you do with all the extra time?
  6. What if you awoke to find out you were the only person on the planet?
  7. What if you could only wear one color for the rest of your life?
  8. What if you had to give up your ability to see or hear?
  9. What if you could read other people’s minds?
  10. What if money started growing on a tree in your backyard?

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Hierarchy Questions

Hierarchy Questions

These fun road trip questions can get your family talking about their preferences.

  1. What are your top three favorite ice cream flavors?
  2. What are the top two presents you have ever received?
  3. What are your top five favorite songs of all time?
  4. What are your three least favorite chores?
  5. What are your top three favorite destinations for road trips?

Tip: Spend more time talking about things everyone is interested in.

  1. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?
  2. Which dog breeds are your top three favorites?
  3. What are your top five favorite snacks?
  4. What are the top five books you’ve ever read?
  5. What’s the best national park you have visited?
  6. Who do you think are the three most interesting people who ever lived?
  7. What are your top three breakfast sandwiches?
  8. What are your top six smells or scents?
  9. What are the top three places you’ve ever visited?

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Random Road Trip Questions

Random Road Trip Questions For Family

We have some random road trip questions that can spark family conversations and give you an opportunity to learn new things about your family members.

  1. What’s one gift that you think almost anyone would love?
  2. If you had three wishes granted by a genie, what would you ask for?
  3. Do you prefer early mornings or late nights?
  4. Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather?
  5. What is your most magical childhood memory?
  6. What school project are you most proud of?
  7. What would be the color of your dream house?
  8. What actor or actress would you like to play you in a movie?
  9. Who would you miss the most if they moved away?
  10. Which sense (touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing) would you sacrifice if you had to?
  11. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  12. Which five individuals (fictional or real) would you pick to accompany you if you were in a life-or-death situation?

Riddles For A Road Trip With Kids

Riddles For A Road Trip With Kids

Riddles are so much fun. They force you to think hard to come up with answers and they can also help you engage the kids in a conversation. You can ask these incredible riddles on a long car ride.

1. What comes down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain

2. What has hands but can’t clap?

Answer: A clock

3. Mary’s parents have three children. One is called Lara and the other is called Lora. What’s the name of the third child?

Answer: Mary

4. How can you touch the ocean without touching the water?

Answer: By touching it on a map

5. What word gets shorter when two letters are added at the end?

Answer: Short

6. What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A bottle

7. What can you catch but not throw?

Answer: A cold

8. If you don’t keep me, I’ll break. What am I?

Answer: A promise

Tip: Reward kids for answering questions correctly to keep them interested.

Trivia Road Trip Questions For Kids

Trivia Road Trip Questions For Kids

Trivia questions are great for people of all ages and they also help sharpen the kids’ brains. Here are some excellent trivia car ride questions for kids:

1. What is the capital of Italy?

Answer: Rome

2. What is the biggest country in South America?

Answer: Brazil

3. Which company built the first modern vehicle?

Answer: Mercedes Benz

4. What are the names of the seven dwarves in Snow White?

Answer: Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy and Grumpy

5. What’s the name of the world’s highest mountain?

Answer: Mount Everest

6. What is the fairy’s name in the Peter Pan books and movies?

Answer: Tinkerbell

7. What is the residence of the President of the United States?

Answer: The White House

Things You Can Do To Make Your Road Trip Fun

Things You Can Do To Make Your Road Trip Fun

You don’t have to ask questions all through the journey. You can also try out other activities.

Play Games

You can play games on the way. Allow children to bring along portable games they can play on the long ride. See the best travel games for kids next.

Sing Songs

Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs. The entire family will be compelled to sing along with the music. You can play some great songs that others on the road trip may not be familiar with but that you think they will enjoy.


Consider playing audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks together on the ride will keep everyone entertained and may even initiate conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can talk about different things in a car with your family. During long rides or road trips with your family, engage everyone in conversation by talking about things they find interesting. You can ask a series of random questions that will prompt family discussions. You can also catch up on what has been going on in the lives of your children and spouse.

You can talk about anything that will keep everyone engaged during a car trip. Ask random, interesting questions and as each person responds, the conversation will become long. You can also talk about previous car trips and vacations. Anyone who travels frequently will have interesting stories to tell about their previous journeys.

To survive a road trip with your family, you must be adequately prepared for the journey. Bring along everything you need, including things that can keep you and the kids engaged. You can engage the children in the discussion by playing question games with them. You can also play your favorite songs so that everyone can sing along.

You survive a 12-hour car ride with kids by making sure they have something to keep them entertained. Bring along toys and games for the kids to play with if they get bored on the ride. You can also get them to talk to you by asking them random, open-ended questions.

You can make a family road trip fun by engaging everyone in interesting conversations during the journey. Take the time to talk about things that you believe your kids, your spouse and everyone present will be interested in. You can also play songs that everyone in the family loves, so you can all sing along.


Traveling by car with your family for an extended period of time is enjoyable, but it can quickly become tedious when you run out of topics to discuss. With these family road trip questions, you can keep the conversation going for as long as you want. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will make your journey more convenient.

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