What is your school  district's web page policy? | What should an educational website include? | What factors should I take into consideration before I begin?
 What are principles of good web design? | How can a website support teacher-facilitated learning? | How can a website support student-centered learning?
 How can a website support inquiry-based learning? | Where can I find examples of teacher-created websites? | How can I create a storyboard for my website?
 Where can I find online resources to help build my webpage? | Where can I find tutorials for using web editors?



Where can I find examples of teacher-created websites?

  • Explore other classroom websites

    • http://www.emints.org/info/southeast/teachers.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/bootheel/tspage_files/tspage.htm

    • http://www.emints.org/info/west/classrooms.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/area2/schools.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/southcentral/classroom.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/south/schools.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/northeast/classrooms.html

    • http://www.emints.org/info/central/mckenzie/teacherpages.htm