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Online Interactive Estimation Games Appropriate for Kids

estimation games

Estimation is a difficult concept to understand for kids but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible to learn it even at a young age. Our free estimation games will take the guesswork out of teaching this complex math skill and bring in loads of fun and laughter along the way.

Estimating is all about calculating, judging, or figuring out a value, number, or total of things or objects – depending on what’s involved. It can be amount of money, length of journey to a place, span of time spent for cooking or sleeping – anything that requires an educated guess to have a better understanding of what you’re going to deal with – it’s all about estimation!

Understand estimation concepts, learn to make estimation the fun and easy way, and master estimation skill towards a stronger grasp of math! Try out our interactive cool estimation games and activities so you don’t have to feel afraid or bored learning about estimating stuff!

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