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Where's Backpack?
Play tag with Dora and Backpack.  Click on Backpack to tag her.  You will have to be fast.  She is quick! Two levels to choose from.
Spooky Forest
Go on a trip through the spooky forest with Dora and Boots.  Click on Swiper whenever you see him.
Dora's 3-D Soccer
Play soccer with Dora and Boots.  Run to each number that Dora tells you to.
Find Boots
Play hide and seek with Dora a Boots.  You are on Dora's team.  Click on Boots when you see him.
Dora's Pyramid Adventure
The key is at the top of the number pyramid.  Can you swing, hop, and jump to help Dora reach the key?
Tico's Acorn Game
Help Dora and Tico catch acorns as they drop from the treess.  Three levels to choose from.