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Dora's Fairytale Adventure
Join Dora and Boots for a fiesta at the castle in Fairytale Land.  Read along with Dora and this interactive book.  Watch out for the witch!
Dora's Space Adventure
Dora and Boots are helping the space creatures return to the purple planet.  Read along with Dora and Boots.
Where's Swiper?
Do you want to play tag with Dora a Swiper?  Click on Swiper when you see him.
Find Floatie
Go to the Beach with Dora and Boots.  Find Swiper and click on him before he takes Boots' Floatie!
Color with Dora
Pick a picture to color with Dora.  Color online and print it out!
Swiper's Spelling Book
Practice spelling words with Dora.   Watch out for Swiper!  He tries to steal all the words!