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Thrilling Games and Adventures You Can Have With Dora

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Dora the Explorer is a cute, adventurous girl that is of a Latin American descent. She is known for travelling the world and having marvelous adventures with her monkey friend Boots. Along with the quirky, song-loving Map and Backpack, she can overcome any struggle along her journeys. Dora the Explorer first aired in August 2000 in Nickelodeon and nearly two decades later, she is still a crowd-favorite among little kids.

Experience thrilling escapades and learning with these adventure-packed activities with Dora the Explorer including Dora In The City games! Click on any of the links below and learn new songs, words, and get to know all the other characters right here on this website.

Exciting Interactive Dora the Explorer Games and Activities

Dora the Explorer is an American kids TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes and Eric Weiner. It was aired in the early 2000s in Nickelodeon and still remains to be a favorite among young viewers today. The show focuses on the adventures of Dora, a seven-year old girl with a love for travelling and accomplishing quests. She is not alone throughout her journey as she is accompanied by her friends, Boots the monkey, Backpack, and Map. She has lots of other friends though the audience only sees them in various episodes.

Join Dora and the rest of her friends and embark on an adventurous quest through our games and activities right here in this page! We’ve got Dora the Explored Find Floatie, too!

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