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Donald Duck's Dunking Pool
Help! Donald’s headed for the dunking pool unless you can rescue him! Spell these three-letter words correctly and he stays safe and dry. If you select the wrong letter, his feathers will be ruffled -- and soaking wet!
Monsters, Inc: Boo's Hide 'n Scream
Boo’s on a hunt to find those sneaky monsters. When you spy one of the crew, quickly click on the character before he disappears, and watch your points multiply!
Minnie's Cookie Kitchen
Miss Minnie is baking delicious cookies in her cozy kitchen -- stop by and lend a hand. Help her find all the stuff she needs to make her goodies and she will be one grateful chef!
Pooh's Hunnyful Dream
What’s a Pooh bear dream about when sleep takes over? Why, honey, of course! Read along as Pooh’s dream leads him on a quest for his favorite snack -- he won’t be successful without your help!
Goofy's Puzzle It
Silly Goofy is all mixed up -- can you solve these puzzles and unscramble him? You’ll find several brain-busting activities, from flip strips to jigsaw puzzles. The puzzabilities are endless!
Lilo and Stitch Pod Squad
Help Lilo and Stitch catch falling pods before the hit the water and hatch. Be quick!