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25 Days Of Fun & Easy Christmas STEM Activities For Kids

Christmas STEM Activities

If you’re looking to make this holiday season unforgettable and educational for your kids, then you’ve come to the right place! STEM activities can stimulate children’s interest in learning and improve children’s skills significantly. If you follow our list, you will find some of the best Christmas STEM activities to teach children the fundamentals of science and math and your children are sure to have a lot of fun too. The Christmas STEM activities we’re about to show you will also help improve your children’s creativity, competitiveness and teamwork and tighten the parent-child bond. We’ve compiled a list so extensive, you can do one of these each day until Christmas! So without further ado, let’s dive into the Christmas STEM activities to do with your kids this holiday season.

Christmas STEM Activities For Kids

These are the best Christmas STEM activities for kids.

If you’re wondering what STEM is and what STEM toys are, you can read more on our blog. You can also learn about the importance of STEM here.

1. Gingerbread Cookie Christmas STEM

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas STEM

The first on our list of Christmas STEM challenges, Gingerbread Cookie STEM, is a fun activity where you use gingerbread cookies to engineer a balanced structure. You will only need a dozen gingerbread cookies for each player.

To win, kids have to build a gingerbread structure that’s taller than those of their friends and siblings.

You can give your kids a ruler to compare heights and make this activity even more educational.

2. Edible Stained Glass Candy

Edible Stained Glass Candy

This activity is far more dynamic and challenging than the previous fun Christmas STEM activity. This is a fun science experiment where children make different shapes using pretzel sticks or different kinds of crispy foods.

You can buy Jolly Ranchers and melt them down to get glass candy or make it yourself.

The mixture gets extremely hot, so use caution when pouring the liquid and filling the shape kids created using pretzel sticks.

3. I-Spy Bottle

I-Spy Bottle

Creating an I-Spy Bottle is an easy STEM activity that encourages learning and creativity, making it one of the perfect Christmas STEM activities for kids. You’ll need a bottle or a jar and plenty of small trinkets to fill it up.

After kids fill the jars, they can exchange the jars and give challenges to one another, such as finding a specific trinket amongst others in the jar or organizing the jar by shaking and moving it with precision.

4. DIY Snow Globe

DIY Snow Globe

Helping kids build a snow globe is a great bonding activity that incorporates a lot of thought and effort. It helps kids learn to plan and make things with their hands and is so much fun.

Artificial snowflakes are the main ingredient for building a DIY Snow Globe but you can also use styrofoam.

You can use DIY snow globes your kids made as DIY Christmas ornaments.

5. Bath Bomb Christmas Ornaments

Bath Bomb Christmas Ornaments

Making Bath Bombs that are also Christmas ornaments will teach kids how chemical reactions work and how much fine motor skills have an impact on the execution of ideas.

You will need a lot of things for this activity, including spherical bath bomb molds, baking soda and fragrance. You mix these ingredients and then put them into the spherical bath bomb molds.

You can let kids pick fragrances for the bath bombs, which will make this a unique experience for them.

6. Dissolving Candy Canes

Dissolving Candy Canes

The Dissolving Candy Canes is one of the Christmas STEM projects that teaches kids about the inductive-deductive method. The Dissolving Candy Canes activity will teach children the following:

  • How to conduct a proper experiment.
  • How to spot changes.
  • How to examine differences.
  • How to write down results.
  • How to compare results.

While these are great advantages, pay attention that kids don’t get bored during the Dissolving Candy Canes experiment, as some might do.

7. Christmas Tinker Tray

Christmas Tinker Tray

A Christmas Tinker Tray is a fun way for children to improve their creativity.

A Christmas Tinker Tray is a plate filled with small items reminiscent of Christmas ornaments. The goal is for the children to create something, say a Christmas tree or a snowflake using the things they have.

You can make it a fun challenge by having children make and compare the decorations and sizes of their Christmas trees or other decorations for the holiday season.

8. Make 2-Ingredient Snow

Make 2-Ingredient Snow

Very much a winter STEM activity, 2-Ingredient Snow is an easy way to make fake snow that never melts. Your kids learn chemistry and how to treat chemical compounds carefully.

You’ll only need baking soda and a white hair conditioner. All children need to do is add one, then the other ingredient and mix them until the mixture resembles snow.

This activity provides a lot of room for creativity for kids. For example, they can create a beautiful landscape using artificial snow and a little plastic reindeer and Santa for example.

9. Magnetic Ornaments

Magnetic Ornaments

Magnetic Ornaments are super fun and could really put children’s engineering skills to the test. Children will need to apply their fine motor skills when working with magnets.

Magnetic ornaments teach children all about how magnets work and what magnets attract.

If you can’t afford magnetic toys for kids, you can use simple craft supplies to make DIY Magnetic Ornaments. This is a fantastic classroom activity for students if you’re a teacher.

10. Simple Catapult For Kids

Simple Catapult For Kids

Simple Catapult is a fun way to make this Christmas season extra fun for kids. There are so many ways to create a functioning catapult. You can make a simple catapult out of everything from cardboard to LEGO, so fear not if you think you don’t have the craft sticks.

Kids will learn all about angles, other math concepts and physics from making a simple and fun catapult.

Simple Catapult is also a great spring STEM activity which you can read more about on our blog.

11. Christmas Light Circuit Science

Christmas Light Circuit Science

This can offer children a quick lesson in electrical engineering. When you turn the Christmas lights on, you can open the bulb of one of the lights and see many other lights mysteriously turn off just because you unscrewed that one light.

The reason why the lights turn off is that Christmas lights are connected in a series circuit.

If it were a parallel series connection, the result would have been drastically different, with just one light going out.

12. Snow Storm In A Jar

Snow Storm In A Jar

Snow Storm In A Jar is one of those Christmas STEM ideas that will have kids staring at this process for hours, just watching the endless chemical reaction taking place.

The following four things are only required for this Christmas science experiment:

  • Cup or jar
  • Baby or vegetable oil
  • Any type of white and/or blue paint
  • Alka Seltzer tablet

Kids put oil and paint in their jars, then add Alka Tabs and watch the bubbling and constant motion taking place in a jar.

You can also add food coloring to create a colorful storm.

13. Glowing Milk Magic

Glowing Milk Magic

If you have food coloring, dish soap and milk, Glowing Milk Magic is the experiment kids will want to do over and over again.

Glowing Milk Magic teaches kids a lot about science and how different chemicals interact with one another. At the same time, this is a great art project for kids.

If you don’t explain the Glowing Milk Magic process to kids, they won’t understand it, so make sure you learn exactly what the chemical reaction is and how it works before doing this experiment.

14. Christmas Bauble Painting

Christmas Bauble Painting

If you have some old baubles, this is a great way to stimulate kids’ creativity while decorating your Christmas tree.

All you need is plain baubles, washable kid paint, a tray and a room where kids can paint freely.

Younger kids will want to roll the baubles in paint while older kids will use brushes and paint with care, so Christmas Bauble Painting is great for everyone.

15. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

Science, technology, engineering, this experiment has it all! Growing Your Own Christmas Tree is one of those Christmas tree STEM activities for kids in which children make a small Christmas tree using the following:

  • Cardboard
  • Ammonia
  • Laundry Bluing
  • Table Salt
  • Food Coloring

With some chemistry and a lot of patience and creativity, kids can have their own small crystalized Christmas tree. This one is great for science class!

Growing Your Own Christmas Tree experiment requires strong chemicals so constant adult presence is required.

16. Building Igloos With Marshmallows

Building Igloos With Marshmallows

This one demands some fundamental engineering skills. What igloos out of marshmallows require in the resource department is relatively minimal. With some simple materials like toothpicks and mini marshmallows, children are ready to go.

They can use toothpicks and marshmallows to form a structure around which they can build an igloo.

When building igloos with marshmallows, you don’t have to build houses; you can build anything you like.

17. Lego Parachute

Lego Parachute

While not exactly a Christmas STEM activity, the Lego Parachute is an undeniably fun and physics oriented experiment.

Kids need to make a parachute for their Lego toys and drop them from a specific height, then measure how quickly they fall. Lego Parachute is an activity that younger kids in schools commonly do because:

  • It teaches kids about the experimentation process.
  • It teaches kids to track progress and upgrade constantly.
  • Children compare and learn from the results.
  • Children learn physics.

You can check our best STEM toys for 4 year olds reviews if you have younger children.

18. Building A Snowman

Building A Snowman

Building A Snowman is an activity that you can only do during winter break. While building a snowman, a child will learn the following:

  • Hands-on engineering.
  • Careful planning and execution.
  • Fixing and upgrading.
  • Working in uncomfortable conditions (unless your kids love the cold).

So if there’s a lot of snow this December, put it to good use!

19. Hot Chocolate Science

Hot Chocolate Science

Despite the simplicity of the premise, Hot Chocolate Science is very educational and can bring many benefits to children, apart from tasty holiday drinks. Using the same amount of marshmallows, milk and cocoa powder for each mug and then heating them at different temperatures can help kids study changes and compare scientific results.

Kids will have to measure the same values of milk, cocoa powder and marshmallows and pour them into individual mugs. After filling each mug, kids warm each mug at different temperatures in the microwave and then write down the results. It is an excellent example of the analytic-synthetic method that is simple enough for children to understand.

In this experiment, children can eat too much sugar, so make sure not to let them go overboard.

20. Christmas Coding Game

Christmas Coding Game

The Christmas Coding Game is probably one of the most kid-friendly introductions to coding. For the Christmas Coding Game, you will need to use a special sheet you can easily download and print. Drawing a Christmas tree based on an algorithm helps children learn problem solving within confined areas.

You can click here to see more STEM activities with paper.

21. Engineering Santa’s Sleigh Christmas STEM

Engineering Santa's Sleigh Christmas STEM

Using the materials available at home, the kids design and engineer their own little sleigh for Santa.

Since Engineering Santa’s Sleigh is quite a complex project, you can make it a collaborative game, as your kids can use anything they can find around the house to build the perfect sleigh.

Engineering Santa’s Sleigh is a fun activity for older kids as well and you can easily use the results of this activity as beautiful ornaments.

22. Play Dough Reindeer

Play Dough Reindeer

A simple activity to do at home or in class, creating Play Dough Reindeer is a lot of fun and fosters kids’ creativity and skills development.

There are nice reindeer playdough packs that come with brown play dough, googly eyes and tiny antlers. So getting these types of supplies and materials is easier than expected, especially during Christmas time!

Playing with play dough doesn’t require much hand holding; just make sure children don’t try to eat it.

23. Make Reindeer Fly Christmas STEM Activity

Make Reindeer Fly

The Make Reindeer Fly STEM activity is great for exploring physics for the holidays. It focuses on how far your reindeer can fly with the use of a straw and blowing force.

All you need for this activity is the following:

  • A straw (paper or plastic)
  • A plastic transfer pipette
  • A glue stick
  • Some scissors
  • A measuring tape

You can compete with your children on whose reindeer flies the farthest, which is a lot of fun.

24. Draw Santa A Treasure Map

Draw Santa A Treasure Map

Drawing Santa A Treasure Map often provides the most rewarding and amazing learning experience for kids if you do it right, but it requires a lot of prep work.

In the Draw Santa A Treasure Map game, you give a map and riddles to children so they can solve all the clues and find all the prizes themselves.

You don’t have to do the entire thing in one day; you can follow the advent calendar and solve a new riddle each day.

25. Christmas!

Christmas Day

It’s December 25th! As you look at your children’s homemade ornaments while watching them open their presents, you can invoke the memories you made with them when doing all the fun STEM activities during the Christmas season. We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a Merry Christmas!

The Benefits Of STEM Activities

The Benefits Of STEM Activities

The benefits of STEM activities are numerous. STEM activities:

  • Help Improve Both Creativity And Ingenuity: This especially holds true for STEAM activities which include art as another key point.
  • Encourage Experimentation: Testing, comparing and improving STEM activities encourage the use of the scientific method.
  • Improve Problem-Solving Skills: STEM activities usually involve simple problems that need solving.
  • Encourage Competition And Teamwork: Tough STEM projects can’t be done alone.
  • Increase Critical Thinking: Finding solutions is one of the key aspects of some STEM activities.
  • Improve Media Literacy: Books and online research are essential for STEM projects.
  • Boost Cognitive Skills: Finalizing a STEM project demands a lot of care and precision.

FREE Printable Holiday Countdown For Kids

View and download a FREE Printable Holiday Countdown of Christmas STEM Activities For Kids here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can do many things with Christmas STEMs for kids at home or in the classroom. There are many Christmas STEM activities to choose from, such as:

  • Gingerbread Cookie Christmas STEM
  • Dissolving Candy Canes
  • Make 2-Ingredient Snow
  • Christmas Coding Game
  • Building Igloos With Marshmallows
  • Glowing Milk Magic

See here for the best STEM toys for five year old kids.

Some examples of STEM projects include:

  • Drawing A Cat With An Algorithm
  • DIY Noodle Robots
  • Egg Drop Project
  • Rubber Band Helicopter
  • Fun Math Game Of Watermelon Seed Splitting

If your child is a preschooler, try some easier STEM projects like:

  • Egg Shell Gardens
  • Apple Life Cycle Hats
  • Grow Seeds In A Jar.

Some fun STEM activities for high school students are:

  • Crystal Egg Geodes
  • Homemade Archery Bow
  • Soda Mentos Rocket
  • Edible DNA Model
  • Multi-Colored Fire
  • Dry Ice Experiments
  • Dragon Paper Airplanes
  • Regrowing Kitchen Scraps
  • DIY Composting Bin
  • Aquaponics Project

There are many other fun STEM activities for high schoolers and these are just some great examples.

STEM activities are focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math while STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. STEM and STEAM activities are used to stimulate children’s minds and further their development within these fields. The best STEM and STEAM activities incorporate all these subjects and encourage children to investigate and solve challenges.


We hope you enjoyed our list of these fabulous Christmas STEM activities and we hope you use some of our ideas to have an unforgettable Christmas time with your family or students. If you’re looking for some other great STEM projects and toys, we have plenty of choices on our blog. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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