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Online games based on the Captain Underpants Series written by Dave Pilkey
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Choose letters to complete the Mystery Phrase, but be careful! Each wrong letter brings you closer to Doom!
Dav Pilkey's Super Sliders and Silly Switchies
Sliders or Switchies--you make the call!  Put the Captain Underpants book covers back together!
Big Dog and Little Dog: Picture Match Game
Help Big Dog and Little Dog solve their picture puzzles. 
Click on the boxes to match up the pictures!
Dav Pilkey's Puzzle o' Plenty
It's a jigsaw puzzle extravaganza!
Put the Captain Underpants book covers back together!
Matchinator 4000
Find the matching Captain Underpants characters and you win!  Concentrate!
The Adventures of Captain Underpants Quiz
Take this quiz to test your knowledge of your favorite superhero!