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20+ Best Board Games Storage Ideas & Tips For Saving Space

Board Game Storage Ideas

Have you been struggling to find storage space for your board games? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you some excellent and unique board game storage ideas you should implement in your home and what the best way to store games is. This list has everything for any kind of person in all house conditions, so you’re surely going to find an answer that suits you. We’ll also give you some board game storage tips and a list of various benefits of having family game nights. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

This is the list of our best unique board game storage ideas.

Rolling Game Table

Adding rollers to a table is a simple and handy idea that can make your game nights more enjoyable. You just need to find the right table to turn into a rolling game table, such as a table with:

  • Multiple levels (to store as many games as possible)
  • Rounded edges

Having a rolling game table is a great way to fit many types of board games in one spot and have them ready for use at any time.

Ziploc Bags And Baskets

If you’re tight on board game storage space, using Ziploc bags and baskets is the way to go. Packaging your game boards, cards and pieces in Ziploc bags will:

  • Save space
  • Protect from dust
  • Simplify game organization

Baskets perform the duty of adding space, and if you put these two together, the increase of free space can be significant.

If you’re buying Ziploc bags and baskets specifically for board game storage, it can cost you more than expected. Instead, you can find cheap Ziploc bags and storage bins at your local dollar store.

Repurposed Ladder Shelf

Repurposed Ladder Shelf

If you have an old ladder you have no use for, you should get busy with the nearly no-cost DIY project of converting it into a shelf.

If you have a few wooden boards lying around, repurposing your ladder into shelving units becomes all the easier.

You can easily organize board games on it, and if you work on polishing it, it can look like a really nice and rustic piece of furniture to hold your games on.

Hanging Closet Organizer

Surprisingly, hanging closet organizers are perfect for board game storage. Since hanging closet organizers can only store lightweight things, board games are definitely a great choice.

Reasons why you should consider using hanging closet organizers to store your board games:

  • Cheap
  • Light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Take up little closet space

You can find the perfect hanging closet organizers for board game storage in many places such as IKEA, Amazon, Walmart etc.

Game Cabinet Reorganization

Sometimes, a simple reorganization of the game cabinet can help you find space you’ve never had before.

If you have a nice enough cabinet and shift its focus to storing board games, you’d be surprised how many games you can fit in a single game cabinet.

Make sure to take advantage of as much space as possible. Flip a board game vertically if it means taking up space from the roof to the ceiling.

Gaming Tower Swivel Organizer

Another great DIY project, a gaming tower swivel organizer is meant to save a lot of space and look cool while doing it.

By hanging storage bins on the side and the back of the tower, you can access these things by a simple swivel instead of getting another shelf or cabinet.

Other than the entertainment of rotating to get your board games, your kids can easily see the games and access them. Since most games for children are on the smaller end or card games, it’s easier to store them on the tower.

DIY Board Game Storage Organizer

Definitely one of the most creative board game storage ideas, building your own board game storage organizers instead of opting for board game boxes is a great way to save lots of space while looking good and trendy as well.

If you have some wood panels and glue, you can easily do this:

  • Shape the wood panels, so they’re slightly bigger than game boards.
  • Glue the game boards to the wooden panels.
  • Hang the game boards in your room while keeping the board game pieces in Ziploc bags.

Adjustable Board Game Storage

Adjustable board game storage can help keep your board games organized without taking up any unnecessary space.

If there aren’t any cabinets with adjustable shelves available that are to your liking, you can build one yourself.

The benefits of having adjustable shelving units are simple:

  • Extremely convenient
  • Takes up space efficiently
  • Looks great

Board Games Wall Shelf

One of the simplest ways to save floor space is wall shelves. There are so many advantages to having board game wall shelves:

  • Saves room on the floor
  • Easy to make or purchase
  • Relatively cheap
  • Looks good
  • Can be done in custom sizes and shapes (takes up space efficiently)

If you’re not already using a wall shelf to store games, you should probably begin doing so in order to save space.

Board Game Storage Shelves

Board Game Storage Shelves

Using a compartment shelving unit to store games can look well-organized while saving enough space at the same time.

If you have plenty of smaller board game boxes that can fit together in a single storage space, having board game storage would look great for such an occasion.

If you have original game boxes that can’t fit in the storage shelves, try moving them to plastic or cardboard boxes which fit the dimensions.

Storage Cupboard

Board game boxes nowadays come in such varying sizes that a storage cupboard has become a necessity in some game rooms. If your board games differ in size greatly, having a storage cupboard is the way to go.

You can group game boxes that are bigger on the wider side of the cupboard and the smaller games on the smaller end of the cupboard, giving them a clean look and easy accessibility.

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Storage Units

Constructing a custom board game storage unit, with dimensions perfectly measured to hold your favorite classic board games with maximum efficiency, really is the best option if you live in a small space that benefits from any advantage.

Building storage units for board games is easy, and since board games don’t require heavy or high-grade materials to hold something as light as board games, it’s quite inexpensive as well.

Storage Bookcase

Storage Bookcase

If you have a cool board game collection you want to show off, putting your favorite board games on semi-floating shelves is a good way to present them that looks cool and efficient.

Using a storage bookcase for board games enables easy access anytime you want to play board games.

Storage Board Game Cabinet

If you want to perfectly store all your board games, having a storage board game cabinet is a must.

There are plenty out there you could purchase, but having it custom-made or doing it yourself yields the best results.

You should also make sure each game box is well placed because board game clutter makes it harder to access your board games and can cost you precious space for more of them.

Vertical Board Game Storage In A Closet

Having vertical board game storage in a closet is great if you want to be able to play and store games in confined spaces.

Vertical board game storage is a great idea since taking up more vertical space is always better than taking up horizontal space. Still, if you get vertical board game storage that you can fit in a closet, you’ll save even more space than expected.

This storage idea is surprisingly inexpensive, and you can always make one to fit your style or closet for a low price or have it custom-made if there’s a specific preference.

Plastic Drawers

Very cheap and abundant, plastic storage drawers are a great place for board games.

Plastic drawers are far from fancy or luxurious, but there is little to no effort required to install them. Also, they are so inexpensive that they make a fantastic storage option for those on a budget.

Of course, if you’re a self-conscious person who cares about the plastic in our oceans, we don’t recommend feeding into the market of cheap plastic items.

If you get drawers of plastic that are see-through, you can also have an easier time searching for the game boards you want.

Under Bed Storage

This is one of the ideas that usually fly over people’s heads. If you have those convenient under-bed storage compartments, you ought to put those to good use, such as board game storage.

If you don’t have them, don’t fret, as you can choose to purchase drawers that go under your bed, or just put your games under the bed if you have plastic boxes, index card boxes or any other kind of storage box.

The advantage of using under-bed storage to store games is simple. When you’re using under-bed storage, you’re using the space that’s already occupied by something else, saving you a ton of space since you won’t need extra shelves or a game closet.

Storage Bench

A classic storage idea that’s lasted centuries – the storage bench. If you’re looking to buy furniture as well as storage, then why not both?

There are plenty of storage benches out there that would be great for board game storage, ranging from simple and affordable to expensive and luxurious.

This idea is unfortunately overlooked when it comes to board game storage ideas, but it could be the type of storage for you.

There are great storage seats and chairs that both look cool and are extremely effective at board game storage, to the point where you can fit more than a single board game box in each chair.

Storage Coffee Table

A storage coffee table is a great idea to leave a clean aesthetic while keeping your board game collections nearby.

The advantages of storage coffee tables:

  • You can put your favorite game under the table for fast and easy access.
  • They’re affordable when compared to buying a coffee table and storage separately.
  • You can fit a board game collection under the table, depending on what type you get.

If you’re planning on playing on a coffee table but you’re playing one of the larger games, there are tables that come with extendable tops. Not to mention that you can use a drawer as a Monopoly bank, for example, or store pieces during family game nights.

Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes

Using shoe boxes for storage is also a popular idea, but not so much when it comes to games and game boards.

Shoe boxes are usually used for collectible card games, and they do a really good job at it. A single shoe box can fit multiple games oriented around cards, making it excellent card game storage.

If you have one of those educational card games with a lot of cards, having a shoe box is noticeably handy.

See here for our list of best educational games.

Wire Shelving Unit

Wire Shelving Unit

Wire shelving units are very thin and minimalistic in design, and can thus fit many areas perfectly.

Depending on the size of the wire shelving unit and your board game boxes, there’s plenty of space for any board game you can imagine.

The benefits of a wire shelving unit are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Look good
  • Thin, which leads to more space being saved
  • Can have wheels, letting you easily move it

So if you’re looking for something to store all your board games, a wire shelving unit is a great idea.

Due to wide gaps where small items can easily fall through, wire shelving units are not great for card game storage. Unless you get a solid cover over the grid, we recommend storing card games elsewhere.

Combine Boxes

If there’s a group of games you use in tandem often or have a collection that you often use in tandem, combined boxes can ease the use of such and be an excellent game organization solution.

If you have a large collection of games that share themes, organizing them in combined boxes is the right choice since you won’t mistake them for some other games.

Dollar Store Cheese Container

While not the biggest space-saver, dollar-store cheese containers are one of the easiest, safest and most affordable ways to store your card games.

When it comes to card games or board game pieces, all your games can fit into the cheese containers with ease.

You can also use the bigger dollar-store cheese containers to store board game pieces and dice.

Packing your card games into dollar-store cheese storage containers comes with some good advantages:

  • Durable
  • Protects your cards from getting bent
  • Lessens the chance of missing pieces or cards
  • Helps you organize games with same-sized plastic storage containers

How Can I Organize My Board Games Without A Box?

There are many ways you can organize your board games without a box:
DIY Board Game Storage Organizer: If you have a small mesh/plastic pouch or box, you can store the pieces there and turn the board into a hangable decoration, in your own style.

  • Hanging Closet Organizer: If you have an empty slot in your hanging closet organizer, we suggest you put it to good use.
  • Plastic Storage Containers/Drawers: You can easily pull the drawer or get the container out when it’s game time.
  • Laptop Pouches: On top of the convenience and sturdiness, you can easily carry the board game around.
  • And Many More

Top Tips For Board Game Storage

Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to board game storage.

Keep Game Pieces Together

Never separate the game pieces. If the board game pieces can’t fit in a single place, find a bigger place to store them.

Get Rid Of Unused Games

If you have board games you don’t use that are taking up space, try to sell them or hand them to someone.

Use Containers When Filling Board Game Shelves

Containers are a great way to gain additional vertical space and keep game pieces in a safer space.

The Benefits Of Having A Family Game Night

The benefits of having a family game night are:

  • Reduces Stress And Anxiety: Playing games with your family and friends eases the tension and relaxes.
    Build Teamwork: There are a lot of teamwork-oriented games which improve communication between people with shared goals.
  • Bolsters The Competitive Spirit: Having a competitive spirit can lead to great achievements due to risk-taking and willingness to never give up and try hard.
  • Learn New Things: There are plenty of games that are educational, especially to younger family members.
  • Practice Good Sportsmanship: In order to play together, people improve their attitudes and avoid cheating while having fun.

Check out our blog posts for some adults game night ideas and check out or favorite game night snacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

You store a lot of board games by acquiring a game cabinet. If you lack the space for a game cabinet, you can use:

  • Storage coffee table
  • Rolling game table
  • Storage bench
  • Under bed storage
  • Board game storage shelves
  • Storage bookcase
  • DIY board game storage organizer
  • Hanging closet organizer

If you have little space, you should store your board games with:

  • Storage bench
  • Storage coffee table
  • Under bed storage
  • Board game storage shelves
  • Storage bookcase
  • DIY board game storage organizer
  • Rolling game table
  • Hanging closet organizer
  • Vertical board game storage in a closet
  • Board game wall shelf
  • Combine boxes

People usually store their board games on gaming shelves, game cabinets and wire shelving units. Other types of board game storage people often use include:

  • Plastic drawers
  • Storage containers
  • Ziploc bags
  • Board game Baskets
  • Board game storage cupboard
  • Under-bed board game storage
  • Old shoe boxes
  • Old Amazon boxes

You can store board games without a box by using:

  • Storage containers
  • Plastic drawers
  • Ziploc bags
  • Dollar store cheese containers
  • Old shoe boxes
  • Large freezer bags
  • Old Amazon boxes
  • Board game baskets
  • Laptop pouches
  • Scrapbook paper containers
  • Shallow fabric bins
  • Hanging closet organizers
  • Small tool/hardware boxes
  • Large expanding envelopes

Vertically is the better way to store board games. That doesn’t mean horizontal is not better in some conditions, but if you’re putting your board games on a shelf or cabinet in full display, vertical is better. Vertical board game sorting allows you to see and access them more quickly and looks more aesthetically pleasing in most cases.


You now know a lot of new board game storage ideas that you can start implementing to keep your games well-organized. If you’ve implemented some of these ideas at home and now have more board game storage than board games, you can go through our blog since we have plenty of recommendations.

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