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Online Interactive Games About Blue’s Clues and the Gang

blues clues slippery soap bubble making

With her mysterious little paw prints and blue fur, there’s no wonder why Blue is the coolest puppy in town! Blue’s Clues was a popular kids’ show created by Nick Jr. back in the 2000s. It has been revamped since then, returning with a brand new host, Joshua Dela Cruz who goes by Josh in the show. Blue’s Clues still remains to be a favorite among preschool kids, thanks to its quirky songs and fun characters all wrapped in a cute yet educational TV show. And who can forget the Blues Clues Slippery Soap Bubble Making figure that is a must-have for children’s parties and family events?

You’ll never be bored as long as Blue’s around! With the help of the Handy Dandy Notebook and her paw prints, you can figure out what fun activity Blue wants to do! Sing songs, sketch drawings, and have fun with friends as you navigate Blue’s world through our games and activities!

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