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Best Women’s Basketball Shoes Reviewed – Most Popular & Top Rated Sneakers For Girls

Best Womens Basketball Shoes

Women’s basketball has existed pretty much since the game was invented. Every year at the WNBA, female basketball players prove that they are just as skilled as their male counterparts! However, when it comes to finding a good basketball shoe, there aren’t as many options for women’s basketball shoes as men’s. While there are some great basketball shoes for women out there, they can be hard to find. But wearing the right shoe is crucial to help you play your best. That’s why we have put together this list of the best womens basketball shoes. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can find the best basketball shoe for you here!

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Best Women’s Basketball Shoes Comparison Table

#1 Editor’s Choice

Adidas Pro Bounce Parker Shoe – Women’s Basketball
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Nike Jordan Womens WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid
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Nike Precision 6
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Adidas Women’s Hoops 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe
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Nike PG 6
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Under Armour Curry 8
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PUMA Court Rider
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WILTENA Unisex Lifestyle Basketball Shoes
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1. Adidas Pro Bounce Parker Shoe – Women’s Basketball

Adidas Pro Bounce Parker Shoe - Women's Basketball

Editor’s Choice #1: The amazing balance between flexibility, cushioning and support is what gets the Adidas Pro Bounce Parker the top spot. Breathable, lightweight and fantastically responsive, these allow you to weave, cut, pivot and shoot at the best of your ability. They may just be the best basketball shoes for women you can buy!

“Right, Left, Breathe”

That’s Candace Parker’s motto and it’s printed all over the translucent rubber outsole of these Pro Bounce basketball shoes for women. And with a fully mesh upper for maximum breathability, the motto describes these perfectly! They are super lightweight and provide all the bounce you would expect from a Pro Bounce shoe. For those speedy weavers who don’t want anything impeding them on the court, these are ideal!

Great Cushioning And Support

Like all Adidas Pro Bounce shoes, these have excellent Flexible Bounce cushioning in the midsole so you can jump higher than ever. And although they are designed primarily for speed and flexibility, they still ensure stability through the structured shoe laces and strategically placed leather. For versatile players looking for flexibility, support, speed and bounce, these women’s basketball shoes have it all. And they have a stylish design to boot!



2. Nike Jordan Womens WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid

Nike Jordan Womens WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid
Editor’s Choice #2: The Nike Air Jordan 1 women’s basketball shoes are ideal for the style conscious who still want to kill it on the court. With fantastic traction, comfort and decent cushioning and support, these perform excellently for casual play. Plus, they come in a wide range of ultra fresh designs!

Great On And Off Court

Whether you’re shooting hoops or out and about in the city, these mid-top shoes will serve you well. The new berry pink design is stunning, but the Womens’ Air Jordan 1 comes in so many different awesome colors. It’s not really a performance shoe, but if you’re a casual player, you shouldn’t have any problems – these are durable shoes with good cushioning and support.

Fantastic Fit And Traction

Thanks to their strategically grooved rubber sole, these are some of the best basketball shoes for women when it comes to traction. They also provide a great balance between comfort and support, with an encased Air-Sole component to brace the heel and a strategically grooved rubber sole that supports the wearer’s natural movement and foot composition. Plus, customers consistently say that these shoes fit to size, which is a bonus.



3. Nike Precision 6

Nike Precision 6 Shoes

Built For Speed And Quick Cuts

The Nike Precision 6 is another men’s basketball shoe that can work great for women too. Despite being a budget shoe, the Precision 6 offers excellent performance, particularly if you’re looking for speed and agility. Their best quality is probably their traction which allows you to turn on a dime! Made from classic materials including mesh upper and rubber sole, these have a very low-cut design that allows maximum speed and responsiveness.

Comfortable And Lightweight

At 337 g (11 oz) in a size 10, these Nike shoes are incredibly lightweight. In general, these are almost identical to the Precision 5, but the one clear improvement is the comfort level. The new version has a buttery soft textile lining and padded collar and tongue doesn’t feel synthetic at all. The only downside is the lack of cushioning for shock absorption, but all in all these are some of the best basketball shoes out there!



4. Adidas Women’s Hoops 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Women's Hoops 3.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Classic Design And Comfort

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? These Adidas Hoops 3.0 basketball shoes have a classic retro look, making them very popular women’s basketball shoes. These are another affordable option that work great for casual players who want something they can wear in their everyday lives and while playing basketball. Your feet will thank you! Note that they run a little large, so you may want to go for a half size smaller than usual.

Durable And Supportive

For a budget basketball shoe, these offer very good durability, with a synthetic leather upper and rubber outsole. The padded collar also enhances both comfort and ankle support. These shoes are slightly lower in the back than they are in the front, making them a great choice if you’re looking for a balance between agility and protection. With decent traction and cushioning, these hit all the boxes.



5. Nike PG 6

Nike PG 6 Shoes

Fantastic Traction And Support

You may be wondering why we have included these Nike shoes, as they are not women’s basketball shoes. However, because the fit is relatively narrow, they actually make great basketball shoes for women. Like the PG 5, the Nike PG 6 offers maximum grip even if you’re playing basketball on a dusty court. Thanks to the lace enclosure and rubber outsole construction, they also offer good arch support and a generally secure feel.

Incredibly Light And Breathable

The Nike PG 6 are wonderfully lightweight and breathable shoes. They are very comfortable, though they feel stiff at first and as such require a break in period. The biggest change from the previous model is the switch to a React Foam midsole, which provides excellent cushioning and impact protection. The only downside to this shoe is that the materials are not the most durable, though they are some of the best basketball shoes in terms of performance.



6. Under Armour Curry 8

Under Armour Curry 8

Great Traction And Support

The best thing about the Under Armour Curry 8 is its traction, thanks to its all foam, completely rubberless outsole. These shoes are insanely grippy and the foam provides excellent cushioning too. Curry shoes are also known for their support and these do not disappoint, making them an awesome choice if you have ankle issues. The bootie construction and high stretch collar provide both ankle and heel protection.

Breathable And Lightweight

This basketball shoe is ideal for guards who require support and responsiveness for quick movements. Because of their mesh upper and foam outsole, they are lightweight and breathable. However, we should note that customers who have used these shoes outdoors have found durability issues. They also fit a little wide and as they are not women’s shoes, they won’t work for ladies with smaller or narrow feet.



7. PUMA Court Rider

PUMA Court Rider Shoes

Great For Outdoor Use

The Puma Court Rider is a men’s shoe, but due to its snug fit these shoes work well for women too. It also offers extra grip on an outdoor court, though unfortunately it does not perform very well on an indoor court. For a budget shoe, the rubber sole and synthetic material upper are pretty durable. It also has a low to the ground feel and decent responsiveness.

Comfortable And Supportive

What customers like best about these basketball shoes is their support. They provide great arch support as well as layering on the lateral sides of the shoe for added support. One downside with these basketball sneakers is that apart from a padded heel, they offer little in the way of cushioning. But if you add your own specialized insoles, these are very comfortable.



8. WILTENA Unisex Lifestyle Basketball Shoes

WILTENA Unisex Lifestyle Basketball Shoes

Great Value For Money

These Lifestyle basketball shoes are unisex, meaning they come in a very wide range of sizes. They also come in a wide range of unique and fun designs. If you’re a casual player looking for an affordable shoe that you can wear off the court as well, these are a good option. Despite their low price, they are durable, with decent breathability and cushioning thanks to the EVA midsole. 

Good Traction And Support

These anti-slip basketball shoes offer good traction so that you won’t find yourself slipping and sliding when you try to pivot. They also offer impressive ankle protection for a budget shoe, though this can be a downside as some found them too stiff. Some customers also found them uncomfortable, though others found that they were very comfortable and fit perfectly.



Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

How To Choose The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes?

For beginner basketball players, it can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing shoes – here are some factors to keep in mind.

Cushioning And Support

Cushioning is what gives the shoe its bounce and impact protection. Having sufficient cushioning is important for preventing joint damage, particularly if you like to jump. Support is also important to prevent injuries. Even if you lean toward agility, you need enough arch support to prevent cramps and fatigue.

Traction And Stability

To assess the traction of a shoe, first check the tread pattern – a more intricate tread pattern usually means more traction. When you try the shoes on, make sure they have a good squeak when you make explosive movements and check that you feel stable when doing intricate moves.


For most people, cost is always a factor when choosing basketball shoes. Before you start looking, it’s a good idea to set a price range that you’re comfortable with. That way, you can quickly discount shoes that are out of your range. At the same time, remember that cheaper shoes usually need to be replaced sooner.


The weight of your shoe should be a big consideration. If you’re a fast player, you’ll want lightweight basketball shoes as heavier shoes will weigh you down. In contrast, power players need sturdier, stable shoes which tend to be a little heavier.

The more lightweight your shoe is, the more agility and flexibility you will have on the court.

Shoe Height – High Top, Mid Top Or Low Top?

High tops, mid tops and low tops all have pros and cons. High top basketball shoes have an ankle collar, which provides support but also adds weight. Low tops allow for maximum speed and agility, but provide little support. If you’re not sure which to get, it’s best to start with mid top shoes. If you are looking for shoes with maximum ankle support, see here.

Game Position

You should definitely consider your position when looking for the best basketball shoes. For example, guards make lots of rapid movements, so they usually favor low top shoes. In contrast, forwards need to have power when shooting a basketball, so they need added support.

Basketball players who pivot frequently between positions are best supported by mid tops.

Design & Style

Gone are the days when women’s basketball shoes only came in one style. Today, you can choose between a wide range of colors and designs to fit your personality. Wearing kicks that make you feel good can improve your game, whether you’re playing in a packed stadium or in your driveway!

Playing Style

If you play more aggressively but don’t move around too much, a high top shoe is probably best for you. But if you trade on agility, a low top shoe may be ideal. If you need a hoop and basketball to go with your new shoes, see here for the best portable basketball hoop and here for the best basketball reviews.

Tips For Finding The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

Tips For Finding The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes

No matter what your play style or position, you should always look out for these features.

Lightweight Material

Even if you’re a power player, nobody wants extra weight as this will only hamper your ability to perform. That’s why it is crucial to buy basketball shoes made of a lightweight material. This is all the more important if you’re buying high tops as these naturally have more weight due to the added material. A textile upper is great as it is both breathable and lightweight, but synthetic perforated leather can be very lightweight too.

Style Preference

If you’re a casual player, you probably don’t want to shell out too much on shoes to only wear on the basketball court – you want to rock your kicks off court too! In order to get the most out of your basketball shoes, it’s important to choose ones that fit your sense of style and personal preference.


If your basketball shoes aren’t comfortable, this will most definitely affect your ability to play well. Your shoes should be the right size and shape for your foot, so for example if you have wide feet, you’ll need wide basketball shoes. They should also provide adequate support and have a decent cushioning layer.

It is important to check that the shoes feel comfortable when you try them on and to assess their cushioning and support so that problems with foot strain don’t show up later.

Easy To Clean

It’s easy to forget to consider ease of cleaning as a factor, but hard to clean materials can be a real headache. A leather upper is the easiest to clean as you can usually just wipe them down. Just make sure not to expose them to too much moisture or sunlight as this can cause them to crack. White basketball shoes may seem harder to clean, but if you follow this guide you can get them looking new again.

Why You Should Invest In Quality Women’s Basketball Shoes

Whether you play professionally or casually, it’s important to invest in quality basketball shoes for women – here’s why.

Health Issues

Wearing an ill-fitting or low quality shoe can cause damage to your body over time. This is because alignment begins with your feet and moves up to influence the rest of your body. Not only can bad shoes lead to foot and ankle problems, but leg, hip and back pain as well. Over time, the stress put on certain joints and bones can lead to a fatigue injury which may even prevent you from playing the sport you love.

Performance Impairment

The difference between a low quality basketball shoe and a high quality basketball shoe can mean the difference between losing or winning. That’s because a good shoe can allow you to run faster, jump higher and pivot more smoothly. If you are buying poor quality shoes, you are essentially preventing yourself from achieving your personal best.

Feet Protection

As noted above, good shoes can protect your feet from injury. To keep your feet as safe as possible, you need both support and cushioning for impact protection. Support is essential for everyone, but is especially important if you are a power forward. Cushioning is also most important for forwards, but basketball is a high-impact sport no matter what your position is. That’s why a good bounce is important for everyone.

Should You Consider Men’s Basketball Shoes?

Men’s and women’s feet are shaped slightly differently on average, so basketball shoes for women and men are designed accordingly. For the same foot length, a woman’s foot tends to have a higher arch, a smaller instep, a shallower height for the first toe and a shorter foot ball. However, these differences represent an average rather than a universal fact. So if you are struggling to find shoes that work for you in the women’s section, you can absolutely consider men’s basketball shoes. If you’re interested, read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some popular good basketball shoes for girls include the Under Armour Grade School Curry 8 and the Adidas Own the Game 2.0. The Grade School Curry 8 is the same as the original Curry 8, but in smaller sizes. The Adidas Own the Game 2.0 is designed for kids to be able to play all day. If your daughter is already wearing adult sizes, all the options above are great basketball shoes for women and girls.

There are a few different materials that make for a good basketball shoe. However, they all have their pros and cons. For example, shoes with a textile upper are the most breathable, while a leather or synthetic leather upper is the easiest to clean and tends to be the most durable. If you go for a leather upper, make sure it is perforated leather.

There is a difference between men’s and women’s basketball shoes, due to the differences in men’s and women’s foot shape. In general, women’s feet have high arches, smaller insteps, a shallower height for the first toe and a shorter foot ball. However, the differences are subtle and not universal. Therefore, some women find that men’s basketball shoes suit them better.

You should look for comfort and a good fit when buying basketball shoes for girls. This can be a little trickier when buying for kids due to their growing feet. You need shoes that are comfortable now, but also offer room for growth so that you don’t have to buy new ones next month. Support and cushioning are also important as they allow girls to play at their best and prevent injuries.


After extensive research, the best womens basketball shoes we could find were the Adidas Pro Bounce Parker Shoe as these offer the best balance of speed, flexibility, support and bounce. But if you’re looking for something with more support or for more casual play, there are several fantastic options so you can find the best basketball shoes for you.  

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