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Air Hockey Table Not Blowing Air – Troubleshooting Guide

Air Hockey Table Not Blowing Air

An air hockey table is a great addition to any game room. That’s why it is incredibly frustrating when something gets in the way of your game! If you notice that you have an issue with your air hockey table not blowing air properly or if your puck is simply not gliding smoothly, it often simply means that your table needs cleaning. This article will tell you how to clean your table thoroughly and then go through a troubleshooting list so you can find out what is causing your issue. Then you’ll know exactly how to fix it so you can play your game without a hitch once more!

How To Make Your Air Hockey Table Blow More Air

If your air hockey table is not blowing air, it may be because the air holes are clogged. Follow these steps every few months for a clean and well-maintained table.

Step 1: Turn The Fan/Blowers On

Turn the air blower on while cleaning – this will remove dust particles and debris as you go and help dry any liquids you use for cleaning. Of course, if you are here, it probably means your fans are not blowing as much air as they should be. Keep them on if some air is coming out, but if not, you can still clean the table without them.

Step 2: Vacuum The Air Hockey Table

Whether or not the blower system is working, the next step is to vacuum your playing surface to remove dust and cobwebs. Use the smallest vacuum nozzle you have and hold it slightly off the table’s face. In addition to the table top itself, vacuum the repair area and around the air holes to remove as much dust as you can.

Air hockey table surfaces are quite fragile and may be dented by the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Scrub The Table

Scrub The Table

Once you’re done vacuuming, it’s time to scrub the table to remove stubborn stains. You can use any rubbing alcohol-based cleaner or dishwashing liquid for this, but window cleaner works best. Apply some detergent to a soft cotton cloth – not directly to the table surface. Use a very small amount of liquid so that it evaporates quickly. Scrub the table until all the visible dirt is removed, but do so as gently as possible.

Step 4: Clean The Air Holes

Once you’ve completed the above steps, check the air holes to see if there are any stubborn dirt particles still blocking them. If so, you can use drill bits, toothpicks or pipe cleaners to clean them. Insert the drill bit/toothpick/pipe cleaner into each hole one by one. Slowly and cautiously raise the dirt up and out of the air hole.

Remember to keep the fan on to help you get the dirt out of the holes.

Step 5: Polish The Air Hockey Table

A polished surface will allow your puck to glide smoothly so you can play a fast-paced game. You can use tabletop polish designed specifically for air hockey tables, but furniture wax works too. Either way, apply a thin even coat over the entire surface. When the polish dries, gently wipe the table with a dry microfiber cloth and polish for a shiny finish.

Step 6: Sand The Pucks And Mallets

Sand The Pucks And Mallets

If gameplay on your air hockey table is slow, the problem could be that the pucks and mallets have developed slight imperfections over time. To maintain your puck and mallet, you can sand them. Make sure to use ultra-fine sandpaper as a rough grained one will simply make the problem worse.

Step 7: Keep Your Air Hockey Table Covered When Not In Use

While cleaning air hockey tables is a crucial part of their maintenance, it’s also important to keep your table covered while it’s not in use. This will prevent unnecessary dust buildup which can block the holes.

Step 8: Replace The Non-Functional Fans

If cleaning your air hockey table has not solved the problem, it’s possible that some of your fans are broken. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new table – you can simply replace the non-functional fans. However, before you jump to do so, make sure to perform the troubleshooting described below to rule out simple fixes first.

Troubleshooting Guide For An Air Hockey Table – Common Issues And Fixes

Troubleshooting Guide For An Air Hockey Table

1. Look For Issue

If your fans have stopped blowing, it could be for any number of reasons. It’s important to find the root cause so you can decide on the best course of action.

2. Worn Out Puck

Your problem may be caused by wear and tear on the puck itself. If there are small imperfections, try sanding your puck with fine sandpaper.

3. Broken Outlet

It’s also possible that the problem stems from a faulty plug. Try connecting your table to a different outlet.

4. Dirt-Free Table

As mentioned above, the issue could simply be a dirty table. Follow the steps described to give your table a good cleaning.

5. Clogged Holes

Air Hockey Table - Clogged Holes

Clogged holes are one of the key causes of blower system issues. Clean your air holes thoroughly and check the air flow again.

6. Worn Out/Dirty Motor

Your motor may have worn out or simply become dusty. You can clean your motor by spraying it with an air compressor and wiping it.

7. Check The Belt

If your table has belts, remove the motor and check whether they are broken. Belts are often unique to the unit, so you’ll probably need to contact the manufacturer for a new one. Learn more about how an air hockey table works here.

8. Engine Power Testing

Some air hockey tables are battery powered, while others connect to the power supply. Either way, you can take your table to the engine parts store and ask them to run a voltage test.

9. Scoreboard Replacement

Scoreboard Replacement

If your scoreboard is not working correctly, check the wiring and the battery to assess whether something needs replacement.

10. Water Damage

If your table has been exposed to water, this may have caused it to warp.

If the table’s surface feels uneven to the touch, it is probably too uneven to play on.

11. Resurfacing The Table

If the issue is a dented surface, you can fill these using epoxy. If the issue is not fixable, you may need to resurface your table or buy a new playing surface.

12. Warranty And Renovation

If you have tried all of the above and still have not solved the problem, it’s time to check your warranty. If it is still valid, contact customer service and let them handle the issue. If not, why not try making your own table from scratch? Learn more here.

13. Replace Your Table

If the warranty has expired and you can’t find a way to fix your table, it may be time to shop for a new air hockey table. If you have limited space, you can find the best mini air hockey tables here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You unclog an air hockey table by cleaning the air holes. Using a drill bit, pipe cleaner or toothpick and cotton swab, carefully clean the dirt out of each hole. If you use a drill bit, make sure it is 1/32″ (0.79 mm) or smaller so that it doesn’t change the shape of the holes.

You can replace the fan on an air hockey table. However, air hockey tables usually come with a specialized fan system that may be hard to come by online. For that reason, it’s best to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Do not attempt to install a new fan unless a professional has verified that it is suitable.

You fix an air hockey fan by either cleaning it or addressing an electrical issue. If your fan is not working, it could simply have overheated due to dust. Remove the fan, clean it and reinsert it. If it is still not working, it could be an electrical issue, in which case you should contact a professional.


There could be a myriad of reasons for your air hockey table not blowing air. Make sure you rule out everything fixable first before you rush to buy a new air hockey table. Once you’ve got the air blowing perfectly again, don’t forget to keep up a regular deep cleaning schedule and maintain your table properly.

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